Symptoms of boredom in dogs

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Disconsolate barking, wrecking or inattention. Are these behaviors familiar to you? Then your dog companion may have mood problems. In fact, these attitudes correspond to some of the main symptoms of boredom in dogs. Therefore, it is essential that we are able to identify them as soon as possible in order to provide them with a solution.

We are going to talk about boring dog syndrome, to understand why it occurs and to know what to do to combat it. In this way we can prevent our dog from worsening its state, developing anxiety or even some type of canine depression.

Extending the daily walks and putting into practice new stimulating games for him are some of the strategies that we can use to recover his psychic well-being.

Index of contents

  • 1 How do you know if a dog is bored?
  • 2 Ways to combat boredom in dogs

How do you know if a dog is bored?

When a dog is bored for a long time, its behavior is likely to start to change. Boredom and lack of motivation can cause him to develop a series of problematic behaviors that make coexistence difficult.

Often this is because it happens too much time alone at home, because he needs more physical and mental challenges or because he does not finish feeling integrated in the family. The most common symptoms of boredom in dogs are:

  • Has compulsive behaviors (stereotypes). That is, it repeats movements for no apparent reason. Most commonly, it chases its own tail or licks itself constantly.

  • Seems depressed. If you notice that the dog is sad, lethargic, more tired than usual or without appetite, it may be depressed. This can be due to many causes, including boredom.

  • Does not obey. Disobedience is a trait that usually occurs in those more independent breeds and in very intelligent dogs, who get bored after too repetitive training or when they need more mental stimulation.

  • Barks excessively and heartbroken. It is a way of demanding more attention. If you do it when you are alone, it may be due to a separation-related disorder.

  • Causes damage at home, biting or breaking household objects. This attitude usually occurs in dogs with a lot of energy that demand a lot of physical exercise.

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These abnormal behaviors are your way of expressing that you are not feeling well and that you need to stimulate yourself. To prevent this situation from going to extremes, we must give it our full attention and give it the care it needs to recover.

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Ways to combat boredom in dogs

To avoid these symptoms of canine boredom we can implement a series of actions that help correct the lack of stimuli and motivation in the dog. Four good ways to do this are as follows:

  1. Pay more attention to it. Our daily rhythm of life can mean that, without realizing it, we are not dedicating to our partner the time he needs. Try to share more moments together and try not to be alone. Ideally, you can relate to other dogs and people in your environment that stimulate you in a positive way.

  2. A good daily walk. This is one of the best medicines against canine boredom. It is recommended that these walks last a minimum of 30 minutes and that they are part of the dog’s routine. The exercise and stimuli that you find during these walks in the fresh air will be essential for your correct psychic development.

  3. Find fun and stimulating activities. Don’t just walk around. You can take advantage of daily walks to do activities that motivate you. A good option is to carry a ball or create a crawling trail in the park. How? Try smearing one of your favorite toys with food and hide it for him to find.

  4. Choose suitable toys that you like. So that the dog does not get bored when staying alone at home, it is important that you have at your fingertips suitable toys that help you to better spend the hours when you do not have contact with anyone. There are a wide variety of options on the market, from rubber balls to soft toys that make some kind of sound. The ideal is to try various options to know your tastes well. It is important that the toys are difficult to break, in order to avoid incidents.

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If you follow these recommendations, it is very likely that the symptoms of boredom in the dog will gradually decrease. Don’t forget that challenges are very important to prevent a dog from getting bored. In addition, to train it correctly, you must always keep in mind its physical characteristics and limitations.

Finally, it is recommended that you go to your usual vet so that he can advise you on the best options in each case, especially if you see that the abnormal behaviors do not stop disappearing.