What is the Elizabethan necklace and how does it work?

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dog with Elizabethan collar

All the people who are fortunate enough to share our life with a puppy know how curious dogs are, they spend the day smelling this and that as well as licking their private parts, their paws, etc….

Dogs that have a wound or have had surgery for something instinctively tend to lick the wound. Something that is not always recommended since they could worsen it, infect it or remove the stitches if they have been operated … this is where the famous Elizabethan necklace comes into play.

The Elizabethan collar is none other than a plastic cone-shaped collar whose function is to prevent the dog from licking or biting certain parts of its body. It is mainly used when the dog has undergone surgery or has a wound that we do not want it to have access to.

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  • 1 How does the Elizabethan collar work on dogs?
  • 2 When should you wear an Elizabethan collar dog?
  • 3 Do dogs suffer when they wear the Elizabethan collar?

How does the Elizabethan collar work on dogs?

There are different sizes of Elizabethan collar, which are adjusted to the dog’s neck with the help of its own collar or a bandage tied as a rope. The Elizabethan collar should always remain a little loose, so that it does not hinder the dog’s normal breathing.

For general practical purposes, the Elizabethan collar adjusts to the same size as the collar that the dog usually wears. Its conical shape prevents the dog from licking its paws, genitals or the back of its body.

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In this way, if our dog has been neutered and has stitches, the Elizabethan collar will help prevent the dog from licking the wound. The same happens if you have a wound in your leg or hindquarters, the collar will not allow the dog to delve into the wound.

dog with Elizabethan collar

In the same way that it prevents the dog from fiddling with its wounds on the back, it also prevents it from scratching its head. If, for example, you have had an eye or ear problem, the collar will help prevent scratching with your feet.

The only function of the Elizabethan collar is to protect the dog from itself, its instincts to lick its wounds or its attempts to scratch if it is itchy. In this way the wounds improve quickly and the collar can be removed when the vet deems it appropriate.

When should you wear an Elizabethan collar dog?

It will be the vet who tells us when it is necessary to use an Elizabethan collar on our dog and for how long. It is normally used when the dog has undergone surgery or when he has an injury that can worsen if he scratches or licks himself.

The dog must always wear the Elizabethan collar, day and night. Dogs become very clumsy the first days when this type of protection collar collides with everything and will put eyes on us to remove it, but they must get used to it.

During meals or when we are present and under constant surveillance, we can remove the collar to rest a little. But always under surveillance, to prevent him from licking his wounds or scratching them. We must never remove the necklace and leave it unattended, it could be catastrophic.

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dog wearing Elizabethan collar

During the night, you should also wear the necklace. You will get used to sleeping with your head stretched forward so you can be comfortable. As much as he complains or puts faces on us, we should not remove the necklace so that he sleeps, since he can wake up and delve into the wound without us noticing.

Do dogs suffer when they wear the Elizabethan collar?

Yes and no, dogs physically suffer us from wearing the Elizabethan collar, it does not cause any pain. However, they will not be able to lead normal lives, so in a certain way, they will suffer. Neither will they be able to lick their wound or scratch, even if it stings them, that can also make them suffer in a certain way, but remember, it is for their own good.

In fact, it is the owners of the dogs who suffer the most, thinking that their dog is suffering or feeling an excessive pity for them. It goes without saying that the use of the Elizabethan collar is always temporary, until the wound heals and that it is for the dog’s own good.

As a precaution, it is important to prevent our dog from running or playing roughly with other dogs if he is wearing an Elizabethan collar, as he could be injured. Nothing happens to be a few days calmer while the wound heals, when the vet deems it possible we can remove the Elizabethan necklace and return to a normal life.