How dogs drink water?

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Surely on more than one occasion you have seen your dog drink water from its drinking trough, they bring their snouts closer to the water and with the help of their tongues collect the water they want to bring to their mouths.

What you may not have seen is that their tongue acquires a spoon shape that helps them collect a greater amount of water, something they do at high speed and that we can rarely appreciate.

That is why from Dogsis we are going to show you in slow motion how dogs drink water, you will be really surprised to see it.

Index of contents

  • 1 The most curious way of drinking water
  • 2 My dog splashes all over water when he drinks
  • 3 How much water does a dog drink?
  • 4 My dog cannot drink from the fountain

The most curious way of drinking water

Humans barely use our tongue when drinking water, but dogs could not drink if they did not have a tongue, since they use it as a tool to bring water from the drinker into their mouth.

When the tongue is lowered, it hits the water while it bends slightly inward, so that it acquires a peculiar spoon shape with which the water rises. Being very little the amount that can go up, they need to perform the same exercise several times to be satisfied.

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Once a considerable amount of water is stored in your mouth, it is when you head up and swallow. Something we can see in slow motion in the following video of a dog drinking water.

My dog splashes all over water when he drinks

Surely your dog is one of those who, when drinking water, leaves the entire ground full of drops, even leaving more water on the ground than they have actually been able to drink.

You will be surprised to know that not all dogs do this, some drink water without spilling a single drop while others seem to have scattered all the water on the ground … something that can make us slip if we are not careful.

Large dogs are generally the easiest to leave everything wet, while small and medium-sized dogs are somewhat more curious and hardly messy.

This is simply due to one factor, the size of the mouth. Small dogs have a small muzzle and tend to swallow more frequently so they can drink more water. Large dogs, however, having a large, wide muzzle, often drink and drink antlers that they think are satiated.

dog drinks water

It is then when they raise the snout to swallow and when water begins to fall from all sides, splashing the floor and the wall. Something that they do with total naturalness and that we should never repress, since if we scold our dog for it, he may think that we are scolding him for drinking water.

How much water does a dog drink?

It is not easy to answer this question since each dog is a world, some dogs hardly do physical activity throughout the day while others do not stop. So you cannot calculate the ideal amount of water for a dog, because each one has his own needs.

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In addition to physical exercise, diet also plays a large role in daily water intake. Dogs fed with feed (pre-made kibbles) drink much more water than dogs fed with fresh products such as the BARF diet for dogs.

We simply must leave fresh and clean water available to our dog throughout the day, so that it is he who decides when and how much to drink. However, if you see that you dog drinks a lot of water In excess, it is advisable to consult a veterinaryn.

Since some diseases show precisely how the excessive water intake by the dog is a symptom.

My dog cannot drink from the fountain

Don’t worry, there are many dogs that do not learn to drink from a fountain because they need the water to be calm to drink, not in motion. So when you see a dog drinking from a fountain you may also see that they cough or choke afterwards, because for them it is really complicated.

The best thing we can do for our dog is fill a small bag with water from the fountain and put it on the ground so that he can drink properly, as if a small drinking fountain were.

They even sell small bottles of water that have an accessory on the tip, which acts as a base and fills with water so that dogs can drink water from there. Something very practical because it is portable.

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