Why does my dog ​​ride other dogs?

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Dog riding behavior can sometimes be puzzling. The truth is that when one dog rides another, it does not always have to be for a sexual purpose. But then why does my dog ​​ride on other dogs that are also male?

From Dogsis we will answer this question and explain what are, usually, the main reasons that explain this peculiar behavior. Quiet, because it is a fairly common question.

In fact, dogs don’t just ride other dogs or animals; There are dogs that ride a person’s leg or even objects such as cushions or toys. what to do in that case? We are also going to give you some tips that can help you.

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Index of contents

  • 1 Reasons why a dog rides another male dog
  • 2 What to do if my dog ​​rides other dogs

Reasons why a dog rides another male dog

Among the most common reasons that explain why a dog tries to mount another male dog, the following stand out:

  1. It is a form of dominance over other dogs. When one dog tries to mount another, it can be a way of marking the territory and showing that it is he who dominates. This behavior usually occurs especially when a new dog joins the family. In addition to riding, he may also try to steal your food or toys.
  2. To play. Dogs, especially younger ones, can play at riding each other. In this way they practice behaviors that they will carry out later, when they grow up and reach adulthood. This mount is a training that takes place from 3 or 4 months until they are one year old.
  3. To release energy when you are anxious. More active dogs, when over-excited or happy, can mount another dog to release energy or anxiety and return to a more relaxed state. This way of channel stress can be seen especially in herding dogs such as border collie, the German shepherd or the Australian sheepdog.
  4. For pleasure. Like humans, dogs also seek pleasure. This may explain why they make stuffed animals or toys, when it is clear that it cannot be for reproductive purposes. What can we do! Sometimes they also like to have their moments of enjoyment …
  5. By confusion. In some cases one dog may have difficulty identifying another’s odor neutered dog. This can lead you to confuse a male with a young female.
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Therefore, there are several reasons beyond sexual behavior that explain why a dog rides other dogs. The question now is: what do we do: leave it to yourself or try to repress this behavior?

dog rides another dog

What to do if my dog ​​rides other dogs

Often when we are faced with this scene, we do not know very well what to do. In principle, that a dog mounts other dogs in a timely manner or that it tries to do it with some object, is quite normal and that we should not worry too much.

However, when this behavior becomes annoying to other people or animals, it must be stopped. It is not only about avoiding discomforts, but also protecting the dog from fights or incidents that endanger his safety. To avoid this, we must try to correct their behavior. But how? Let’s see:

One way to tell your dog not to ride another dog is to say in a firm voice “NO” or make a noise that catches their attention. It is important that each time these circumstances occur we act in the same way so that he obeys. So that we understand each other: we cannot be permissive sometimes and sometimes not. Otherwise, it will end up not taking us seriously.

dog trying to ride

Give him a quiet environment in another room or play with him when he starts to show this behavior, to prevent him from riding other dogs or a person’s leg. Exercise, in fact, will be your great ally so that this does not continue to happen.

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Using a short leash to steer him when necessary until he learns to suppress this behavior can also be an effective method.

Finally, it is important that you never stimulate riding behavior. Sometimes it can seem funny and we encourage the dog to do this to show it to someone else. However, if you don’t want it to keep happening, you shouldn’t encourage it. If not, the training will backfire.

By following these recommendations, you will work his obedience and keep the dog away from the situations that lead him to want to ride others. If you continue obsessively with this behavior, then you should visit your regular vet so that he can rule out any medical problems.

If there are no health issues, then the next step will be to consult with an expert so they can help you figure out what the underlying cause is and what other techniques can help a dog stop riding other dogs.