How to get rid of bad breath in a dog

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dog breath

Surely you have already noticed that sometimes your dog smells a little breath, something common in most dogs but that has a solution. There are people who do not mind that their dog’s mouth has a peculiar smell, but for others it is a big problem.

Since we have a different sensitivity to odors and understand that it can be annoying, we will explain how to eliminate once and for all the bad breath that dogs generally have, regardless of whether they are adults or puppies.

dog with bad breath

Why do some dogs have bad breath or too strong a breath?

The million dollar question has a very simple answer, bad breath or alitosis, is caused by bacteria that can lodge in the mouth or stomach. So that bad smell can come from the mouth, stomach or both.

The dog’s breathing, panting, and mouth echoing are its main tools, making the bad smell produced by certain bacteria easily spread and very unpleasant for humans (not so much, however, for the dogs themselves) .

Although this is the correct answer for the ninth percent of cases, bad breath can also be due to a poor diet, intake of certain medications, or can even be caused by a disease (generating alitosis as a secondary symptom).

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dog covering his mouth

My dog ​​has bad breath. How do I fix it?

If it is a disease or side effect of a medication, there is unfortunately nothing to do until the dog is cured or stops taking these medications. However, if your dog has bad breath and is not sick or taking medications, with these tricks and home remedies you can eliminate it definitively and forcefully.

Bad breath from a bad diet

We are not going to criticize anyone for the quality of the food you give your dog, each one according to his means and possibilities. However, we must make it very clear that the vast majority of dogs have strong breath simply because they eat feed.

The feed is not a dog’s natural diet, it is also made up of a lot of ingredients that have been cooked and extruded, later adding animal fats to make them more palatable to dogs.

A healthy and natural diet based on foods not industrially treated, will end your dog’s bad breath in just a few days. The BARF diet is how natural dog food is known, we invite you to inform yourself in depth about it because it is much healthier, healthier and cheaper than commercial feed: Complete BARF diet guide.

Bad breath caused by poor dental hygiene

We all know that dogs cannot brush their teeth and, as if this were not enough, they are also fed with commercial feed that produces a lot of tartar, which is also directly related to bad breath.

This causes bacteria to grow in the dog’s mouth which release a really nasty smell, causing the dog to suffer from horrible breath. Fortunately we can wash our dog’s teeth easily: How to clean my dog’s teeth.

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In addition, as a trick or home remedy to eliminate tartar from your dog, we recommend that you give him raw meaty bones or deer antlers (sold in veterinary stores). Which help a lot to remove tartar from the dog’s teeth, thus eliminating the bacteria that produce the bad smell. We recommend you read: Can I feed my dog ​​bones?

check for tartar in a dog's mouth

Home remedies to combat a dog’s bad breath

There are some completely natural foods such as parsley or carrots, which naturally work against bad breath odor. We can add a little fresh parsley once a day to our dog’s food to appreciate its effects.

We can also add a little Apple vinager Raw to your food or the water you drink, apple cider vinegar has a neutralizing effect against bad odors, so allitosis will disappear. Although some puppies do not like the taste, so just try it and if you see that it doesn’t … well, don’t use it anymore (you can use it for your salads).

Always having fresh, clean water at your disposal helps to reduce bad breath, although it does not completely eliminate it.

There are many people who recommend using dog “treats / treats” specifically designed to clean their mouths. We do not value that option because it simply does not work, but if you want to try it, you are obviously free to do so.

We hope that with these simple tips your puppy will leave bad breath in the past and you can fully enjoy it.