Why does my dog ​​look at the wall?

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dog look at wall

Dogs never cease to amaze us, they can be active and playful or calm and relaxed depending on the day. Sometimes they sleep a lot and other times they sleep a lot more, they are adorable and that’s why we love them so much. They cannot speak but nevertheless they know how to show us when they are in pain, but what happens when a dog looks at the wall? Why do they have this behavior?

There are several reasons why a dog stares at the wall or presses its head on it, as if it were pushing it. This type of behavior requires our full attention because, as we are going to explain, it can be a serious problem.

But do not panic yet, it can also be totally normal behavior, in the way of doing it is the key. From Dogsis.com we give you the keys so you know what happens to your puppy and how you can help him.

Index of contents

  • 1 My dog ​​looks at the wall and pushes it with his head
  • 2 My dog ​​turns his back to me and stares at the wall
  • 3 My dog ​​looks at the wall or ceiling for no reason
    • 3.1 Conclusions

My dog ​​looks at the wall and pushes it with his head

We must differentiate two totally different types of behavior, the first is when a dog stares at the wall, an explanation that we will discuss later. The second is when a dog pushes the wall with its head while obviously looking at it, this behavior is very serious and we must take urgent measures.

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There is only one reason a dog presses its head against the wall, uncontrollable headache. If our dog leans his head against the wall in such a way that he seems to be pushing it (he is probably pressing on it) it is because his head hurts a lot.

dog with his head against the wall

We must go to a veterinaryn urgently and explain the behavior of our dog, the veterinaryn will carry out the relevant tests to see what is the reason for the pain. Do not be alarmed, as they can be many things, some of them not as serious as a treatable infection and others very serious as a tumor. How do you see can be a symptom of cancer in dogs and it is something to keep in mind, since the sooner it is detected, the better chances it will have to survive.

Other symptoms that your dog may experience if it has this behavior are:

  • Strange and repetitive behavior, unusual in the dog.
  • Lack of vision or hearing.
  • Apathy and lack of appetite.

My dog ​​turns his back to me and stares at the wall

This kind of behavior is also not good, in canine language it means that the dog has suffered a scolding, mistreatment or is afraid. Turning your back on us, usually sitting and looking at the wall, is your way of expressing yourself in those cases.

According to experts, when a dog turns its back on us and sits or stands, looking at the wall, they express that they are not afraid of us. Although they are scared and hurt, it is their way of saying “enough is enough.”

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It can also be the start of emotional trauma caused by abuse, excess stress, tension or panic. How you see is not a good thing, since it indicates that there is one or more serious problems that must be solved.

sad dog looking at the wall

If you look a little when you visit a kennel or shelter, surely you see more than one dog performing this behavior. Because they are confined and scared, because they don’t want to be like this.

If your dog has this behavior after a scolding or spanking (you should NEVER hit your dog) now you know why it does it. If your dog has this behavior for no reason, you should consult a canine ethologist to rule out possible trauma.

My dog ​​looks at the wall or ceiling for no reason

This type of behavior should not concern us at all, dogs have most of the senses much more developed than humans, mainly hearing and smell.

If your dog stares at the wall or ceiling, the curtain or the room in general without any sense … You may be listening to the noise of a mosquito or you may simply be looking at a fluff. When their sense of smell detects something they also lift their heads and we might think they are looking at something, when they are simply sniffing.

No one knows what is going on inside the mind of a dog or what is distracting them in such a way that it seems that they are hypnotized. However, it is not something serious that requires our attention, we should simply leave them to themselves, enjoy watching the wall.

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Depending on the type of behavior, we have seen how it can be something serious that requires a complete review by the vet or something less important. We must observe our dog and, if possible, write down the times it does this type of behavior.

If you push the wall with your head, go to the vet immediately, if you simply look at the wall we will note the times you do it, if you turn your back on us we should consult a specialist in canine behavior (ethologist).