How to care for an Andalusian winemaker

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When we adopt a puppy from Andalusian Ratonero Bodeguero breed we must be aware that it is our responsibility to take proper care of it, the puppies are very sensitive and require a lot of care.

In the same way an adult dog from Bodeguero Andaluz also requires certain care to stay healthy and strong, care that we offer below.

Index of contents

  • 1 Care for the hair of the Andalusian Ratonero Bodeguero
    • 1.1 How do I care for the hair of an Andalusian Bodeguero?
    • 1.2 How often should I bathe a Bodeguero dog?
  • 2 Care and maintenance of a Cellar Ratonero
    • 2.1 How and when to cut the nails of the Andalusian Winemaker
    • 2.2 Cleaning the ears and frequency
    • 2.3 Eye care for a Bodeguero Andaluz dog
    • 2.4 Caring for a Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz dog’s teeth
    • 2.5 The importance of taking care of your legs
    • 2.6 Dog Grooming’s Anal Glands

Care for the hair of the Andalusian Ratonero Bodeguero

The Andalusian Bodeguero breed dogs stand out for the color of their hair and for the softness of it, but they require certain care so that their hair does not become rough and coarse.

Carrying out some simple guidelines We will ensure that the shine and softness of their fur are maintained indefinitely, since these dogs shed their hair at least twice a year.

How do I care for the hair of an Andalusian Bodeguero?

We must understand that so that the hair of our Cellar Mouser remains clean you have to brush at least three times a week. With a specific brush for short-haired dogs.

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With this, we will be able to remove dirt and dead hair, leaving the new hair growth free. We should brush our dog always in the direction of the hair and gently, to avoid skin problems.

A food rich in fish oil Like salmon oil, it will give an extra shine to your hair, making it much more beautiful and attractive.

How often should I bathe a Bodeguero dog?

If our dog is not given to wallow in muddy puddles, we can bathe him once or twice a month. Always using a special shampoo for dogs, since their PH is different from ours and if we use our soap it could irritate you or produce dandruff.

If our Andalusian Bodeguero is a puppy, we must ensure that the bath water is warm and above all, we must dry it completely after bathing to prevent it from getting cold.

Puppies are extremely delicate And a simple draft can cause a very bad cold. Using one or more towels and even the help of a hair dryer is highly recommended.

Care and maintenance of a Cellar Ratonero

Although they may seem complex, these care is basic and totally necessary so that our Andalusian Winemaker Mouser enjoys a good health. If you look, they are care very similar to what we do ourselves.

It is not necessary to perform daily, but occasionally or when our dog needs it. As an example, we can perform the ear cleaning once a week and nail trimming once a month.

How and when to cut the nails of the Andalusian Winemaker

The Andalusian Bodeguero dog breed tends to have long nails that need to be cut if not wear them naturally. Dogs that play on asphalt or concrete naturally wear out their nails, but not field dogs.

We simply must cut them when they reach the ground and suppose a possible winemaker’s health problem. To cut them we must make sure where the nerve and blood vessels end, since they should never be cut flush with the leg.

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Dog’s nails contain nerves and blood vessels practically up to half its length, so we should never exceed that measurement. If we have questions, we can ask our vet to teach us how to do it.

  • Detailed information from: Steps to cut a dog’s nails

Cleaning the ears and frequency

The ears of the Andalusian Winemaker are prone to getting dirty since his ears are normally raised, this facilitates the entry of dust and dirt. That is why it is highly recommended to clean your ears once a week.

To clean them we must moisten a clean gauze in a special liquid for cleaning dogs ears, and with the help of our little finger rub the inside of your ears, the ears.

The ears of the Ratonero Bodeguero are very sensitive, we must clean them calmly and very carefully, without pressing too hard. Rubbing the gauze moistened inside will get drag the stuck dirt and leave them clean.

Eye care for a Bodeguero Andaluz dog

The Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz is a very intrepid, curious and somewhat nosy dog, so will get into the most unsuspected places to satiate your curiosity. This often has an impact on the fact that it ends up with plant remains or dirt in your eyes.

A dog’s eyes are very sensitive and we should never try to cure them on our own, as we could worsen the situation and cause a very serious infection. If we notice any of the following symptoms, we should simply go to a vet:

  • Excessive tearing
  • Wounds on his eyeballs
  • Dark or true leganes
  • Inflammation of the eyes or eyelids
  • Redness of the eyes or surroundings

Caring for a Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz dog’s teeth

There are two ways to take care of the teeth of a Bodeguero Andaluz dog, through veterinary therapies to eliminate tartar caused by feeding our dog Winemaker when necessary and through the use of natural products that clean tartar by themselves.

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Many people choose
to wait for their Bodeguero dog to accumulate some amount of tartar before taking him to the vet for cleaning, but this carries a number of risks:

  • Bad breath
  • Possibility of gum infections
  • Loss of dental pieces

Not to mention the economic cost of own tartar cleaning in a veterinary center. The healthiest option is to use natural teethers that gradually eliminate tartar, avoiding its accumulation.

Feeding our dog with meaty bones like carcasses or chicken wings, will help keep your teeth clean and free of tartar. If we do not like this option, we can always buy natural teethers.

The importance of taking care of your legs

buzzard-winemaker-Andalusian puppy

All dogs, regardless of breed, need that let’s take care of its legs, since they do not use shoes or boots like us. It is very common for a dog be spiked or metallic remains / glass on its legs.

Sometimes we will notice because they bleed or complain and limp, but other times we will not notice until an infection occurs. It is important to check the legs and pads of our Andalusian Winemaker at least once a week.

Dog Grooming’s Anal Glands

We find it very funny to see how some dogs they drag their butts on the grass or the soil after defecating. Sometimes they do it simply to clean themselves, because they think that there are remains or it is dirty.

But many other times they do it because they are itchy, caused by the appearance of internal parasites or because her anal glands are full and they need to be emptied manually.

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These types of glands usually empty automatically along with defecation, but sometimes they get clogged and the help of our vet is needed to empty them. If you see your dog dragging the bum frequently, see your vet.