Chicken rice recipe for dogs

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chicken rice

One of the most widely used natural recipes for treating sick dogs is rice with chicken and carrots, which is very simple to prepare, very economical and very healthy as well as effective. It is a recipe that we can make at home in less than an hour, from which most of the time we can do other things while cooking.

Chicken rice is ideal for dogs with diarrhea or digestive problems, it is very soft and digestible as well as nutritious. The amount that we must administer to our dog depends on its size, so we will leave you a practical example so that you can learn how much chicken rice you should give your puppy.

From we are going to explain step by step how we should prepare this simple recipe that will last us several days if we keep it in the fridge and that our dog will also love.

Index of contents

  • 1 How to make chicken rice for dogs
  • 2 How much chicken rice should I give my dog?
  • 3 What are the benefits of chicken and carrot rice for dogs?

How to make chicken rice for dogs

The recipe is super simple at the same time as practice, we will simply need a casserole and the necessary ingredients, highlighting that this food is much cheaper than any acceptable quality dog ​​food.

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chicken rice ingredients

Ingredients needed to make chicken rice for dogs:

  • Three rear chicken thighs
  • Half Carrot
  • Three and a half glasses of rice
  • Ten and a half glasses of water

To make this simple recipe the first thing we must do is remove the skin of the chicken, the skin of the chicken is pure fat and it is not good for dogs since it is excessive. Once we have removed the skin from the thighs, we will try to remove with the help of a knife any accumulation of fat that we find (the fat is white and accumulates in very specific areas).

Once the chicken is skinned, we will wash the carrot and without removing the skin, chop it into very small pieces. A grater can be a great help for this. We will add the water to the casserole and also the chopped carrot and the chicken.

cooking carrot

cooked chicken with carrot

Once the water begins to boil, we will add the three and a half glasses of rice and let it boil for a couple of minutes. Then we will lower the intensity of the fire so that it cooks little by little, stirring occasionally to avoid sticking.

adding a glass of rice

When the rice has absorbed all the water, we will turn off the heat and let everything rest until it cools down. The usual thing is that the cooking lasts between twenty and thirty minutes, although it depends a lot on the type of fire / plate that we use.

When everything is completely cold, we will remove the chicken thighs and remove the bone. We should never give our dog cooked chicken bones, they are very dangerous. We will chop the meat of the thighs and add it to the rice with carrot, mixing everything thoroughly. The cooked bones must be thrown away.

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cooked rice with chicken and carrot mix

We already have our recipe for rice with chicken and carrot for dogs, now we simply have to store it in tuppers and keep it in the refrigerator so that it keeps well for a few days, while our dog is eating it.

chicken rice in tuppers

How much chicken rice should I give my dog?

It all depends on the size of your dog, in the photo you can see where we have served rice with chicken and carrot, there is the amount that one of our thirty-five kilos dogs takes three times a day. That is, our dog takes this amount in the morning, again at noon, and again at night.

If your dog weighs fifteen kilos, put half of what you see, if it weighs seven kilos put only a quarter of what you see in the photo. The quantity is indicative, some dogs are a little plump they need less quantity, others are very thin and with this quantity or a little more it is enough.

serving of rice with chicken

What are the benefits of chicken and carrot rice for dogs?

This is an excellent recipe for feeding dogs that are sick, as it is very low in fat and sodium, as well as being one hundred percent natural. It is highly digestible and includes a good amount of highly healthy carbohydrates for dogs. We must not forget that rice is the best cereal a dog can eat.

This chicken and carrot rice recipe is especially recommended for:

  • Dogs with diarrhea.
  • Sick dogs who do not want to eat their feed.
  • Dogs with inflammatory bowel disease.
  • Dogs with sensitive digestions.
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Obviously, as long as our dog is not allergic to any of the ingredients we use, we must use common sense. This recipe is not designed to work as a complete and balanced diet, so we must apply it for a maximum of one month.


If we want to apply it for a longer time, we must add an additive that contains the missing vitamins and minerals, just as Nutribound for dogs can do. Adding also a pill of Ultralevura (for sale in pharmacies) we will very significantly improve the intestinal flora of our dog.

Natural and cooked chicken is highly digestible, an excellent source of protein for our dog. Rice is the best cereal a dog can have, a carbohydrate source that will also act as an astringent if our dog suffers from diarrhea. The carrot will provide fiber and essential vitamins of group B to our dog, if we appreciate that the feces are soft we must reduce the amount of carrot, if on the contrary they are too hard we must increase it.