What is the best commercial food for my dog?

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Dogs eating commercial food

It is evident that we all care about feeding our dog or puppy, he is part of the family and we will always try to find the best for him within our means. We know how commercial food to what we call feed, balanced, care, croquettes, concentrate, balls … in each country it receives a different name.

Commercial food is what is sold ready-made so that our dog can eat it directly, without having to prepare it ourselves. We simply must give him the daily ration indicated by the manufacturer and with it all his nutritional needs will be covered.

We will review which are the best brands of feed or rather, which are the best ranges of each brand. Based on the quality of its ingredients and its value for money. You are ready? Let’s go there!!

Dogs eating commercial food

Commercial Dog Food Ranking

We are going to make a summary of the 10 best dog food, or rather, commercial food. Using the quality of the ingredients as a fundamental basis to make the list, since a quality feed is essential for our dog to be in good health.

We must clarify that we are not going to be guided by the advertising of the companies, but by the quality of their products. Many commercial dog food companies invest large sums of money in advertising, but very little in the quality of their products.

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These ranges are, in our opinion, highly recommended for feeding any healthy dog, due to the high quality of its ingredients and manufacturing process. Quality comes first if we want to feed our dog well.

We would like to clarify that Dogsis is not a dog food company, moreover, we do not sell anything at all. We simply offer information based on our knowledge and experience. Each person is free to choose how to feed their dog.

dog with commercial feed licking

Top 10 Commercial Dog Foods

We are not going to say which are the 10 best brands of dog food because in reality each brand has better and worse ranges within its brand. That is why we are going to make it even easier, we are going to directly indicate which are the best ranges of commercial dog food, from our opinion.

The ranges shown below are not ordered by quality, that is, the first is not better than the last and vice versa. All of them are highly recommended for feeding a dog, so simply assess which one you like the most and which one seems more reasonable in relation to quality – price.

Sack of Orijen 6 fish

Orijen 6 fish

Everyone knows Orijen for the huge advertising campaigns he does, however not all the products in his range have the same quality in our opinion. For this reason we are going to recommend the ranges that we consider most appropriate for the commercial feeding of a dog.

Orijen 6 fish, known as Orijen 6 Fish is a commercial dog food made from different fish as the only source of animal protein. This is very positive because it is ideal for dogs that may have some type of meat or cereal intolerance.

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Orijen 6 fish uses fresh fish to make the croquettes, it has fruits and some vegetables and it is also a cereal-free food. Although the subject of dog cereal it is a fashion … it never hurts.

NFNatcane gourmet puppy sack

NFNatcane Puppy Gourmet

When it comes to feeding a puppy, we should look for specific commercial food for puppies, since being constantly growing they need a very considerable extra amount of nutrients.

NFNatcane is characterized by being a company that offers high quality products at very competitive prices. They do not invest money in huge advertising campaigns nor do they sell in stores, so there are no intermediary commissions, thus offering a very interesting price to their clients.

The Puppy Gourmet range is characterized by 40% of hydrolyzed high-quality assorted meats, including fruits, vegetables and rice as a carbohydrate source. Hydrolyzate is the most expensive process in the process of creating commercial dog food, as it offers the highest digestibility. Rice is undoubtedly the best carbohydrate for a dog to always have energy, we all know what puppies are like…. They never stop!

Acana Grassland Sack

Acana Grassland

For those who do not know the data, Acana and Orijen are the same company. Acana could be called the white or economic brand of Orijen, although even so its prices are somewhat high in our opinion.

Acana Grassland is a commercial dog food made from meat and fish, including fruits, including apple. It does not contain cereals, so they use potatoes and sweet potatoes as a carbohydrate source.

These dog kibbles are aimed at adult breed dogs, not puppies, of any breed and size. It is a good option for dogs that love lamb.

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Sack of origin tundra

Orijen Tundra

This feed contains a high variety of meats unusual in conventional commercial dog food, since among its ingredients we can see, for example, goat meat, venison or bison, rabbit and duck among many others.

Some dogs have a convention meat intolerance or allergy, and although Orijen Tundra is not a hypoallergenic feed, it can be helpful in these cases where the dog cannot eat chicken.

It does not contain cereals although in its absence legumes such as lentils and chickpeas have been incorporated. Although it is a good feed without a doubt, we would have preferred that it had rice instead of lentils for example.



The great alternative to processed kibble is dehydrated natural food, it is 100% natural food that has been dehydrated naturally so that it retains all its nutrients well.

Without going through processes that can cause them to lose their nutritional properties, it is simply that, natural food like what we would eat, but in dehydrated format for dogs.

To use it we just have to hydrate it with a little water and wait ten minutes, so it will be ready to serve our dog, who will undoubtedly love it.