How much should a dog eat a day?

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In a topic as important as the nutrition of our dog, articles such as this should be a must-read where it is clearly and easily explained how many times a dog should eat a day and of course, the amount of food to use.

How many times and how much food should our dog eat each day? Everything is relative, it depends a lot on the brand of feed that you are using or the type of home feeding in its absence. Also the size of the dog influences a lot, as well as its age and daily physical activity.

Although it may seem a little difficult at first glance, you will see that it is much easier than it seems and in just a few minutes you will know how to feed your dog correctly.

Why is it not recommended to feed them only once a day?

We all know that dogs love to eat, probably due to the developed smell they have, which allows them to almost savor food that they can smell several meters away. It would be cruel to give them only once a day to eat.

On the other hand, imagine that you were given only one meal a day, surely sooner or later you would get used to it and you could live like that for a lot of years. But … why are you going to eat only once a day if you can do it several times? It is even recommended to eat five meals a day. It would be cruel to do that to our dog.

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At a medical level it is also not recommended to binge, it is much better to distribute that amount of food throughout the day, in at least two or three doses.

dog eating a bone

What happens if my dog ​​gets fat or slim?

Absolutely nothing happens, you just have to observe and analyze what may be the reason for that weight change. So we can correct the problem.

If your dog has changed its habits, for example now it goes out more to run or walk than before, or on the contrary it goes out less, it may need to increase or decrease the calories it takes per day. And with it can vary its weight.

If your dog is sick You may also lose weight significantly, although they usually recover when they heal.

If your dog on the other hand continues to have the same life as before and continues to be in good health, with the only change in feed in his diet, you should simply apply a little common sense. If you lose weight you can increase the recommended daily dose a little and if you get fat you can lower it a little.

That way you can better adjust the recommended dose to your actual nutritional needs. Dogs that are very nervous or who exercise daily will always need more food than dogs with sedentary lives.

dog running for food