Nutritional needs of a dog

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There are many queries about what is the best diet for a dog and what type of feed is most recommended. The truth is that there is no correct answer for such queries since everything is variable depending on the dog, its age, its state of health and its behavior / daily physical wear.

Each dog is unique and as such, it must have a diet adapted to its physical and physiological needs. Feeding a puppy that has high demands for calcium is not the same as feeding a work / exercise dog that has high demands for protein.

That is why it is essential to know that our dog will need to modify its diet as it grows and / or modifying its life habits. A properly fed dog will live longer and have a higher quality of life. From we want to leave you some simple tips to get right with feeding your dog.

What should we value when choosing a feed for our dog?

Although most people get carried away by advertising campaigns or recommendations from friends, the truth is that the right thing is not to look for good quality feed. But to know what I think of good quality, our dog needs.

The puppies must be fed a special diet for puppies, if they are large breed we must look for a feed for large breed puppies since the size of the kibble will be larger, more adapted to their mouth and will also contain more amount of essential nutrients for a proper development. Let’s not forget that they grow very fast and need to cover all their nutritional needs.

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The same goes for small breed puppies, the nutrients and the size of the kibble will be suitable for them. A small breed dog could choke on a large breed puppy kibble, in addition to containing excess nutrients as they will not grow as large.

These examples are applicable for all cases, that is, working dogs, search, sport, etc … they have nutritional needs higher than those of a dog that only walks for an hour a day, for example.

dog doing sports

So it is of utmost importance to take all this into account when choosing a feed, we strongly recommend that you dedicate the necessary time to this topic, since it is more important than you can imagine:

  • Dog’s age: Puppy / Junior from 3 months to one year of age. Before 3 months you should feed on breast milk, never feed a dog with cow’s milk, because it doesn’t sit well with them. Adult, from one year to seven or eight years of age and Senior, who is from seven or eight years of age.
  • Dog physical activity: Especially in Adult and Senior dogs, since depending on their daily physical activity we must look for a high energy feed or a normal one, or even light in some cases.
  • Dog Health: A dog with pancreatic, digestive, or allergic problems must have a special diet. A specific feed for dogs with these health problems, since normal feed may be unsuitable for them. A healthy dog can eat almost any feed.
  • Weather: This is a factor that few people take into account, but a dog that lives in a cold zone spends more calories than a dog that lives in a temperate or quality zone, something that we should value.
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Based on these evaluations, we will know if we need a high energy feed, normal, light, special, for puppies… .. So now it only remains to choose a good feed and give it to our dog for testing. Remember that you should make the feed change progressively, to avoid digestive problems.

shorthaired pointer puppies

What is the best feed for your dog?

If you have valued all the advice previously exposed, you already know what may be the best feed for your dog. Now it only remains to look for a company that guarantees you adequate formulations for your dog’s needs and that your dog tries them 🙂

Also use common sense, if you see your dog lose weight just add a little to the daily ration. If, on the other hand, you get fat, lower it a little and do more exercise with it.

At we want to make clear the importance of a good diet, since it will not only lengthen the life of your dog and the quality of it, but will help our dog to have a strong and developed immune system, making it healthier and resistant to possible diseases.