Recommended care for a Pitbull

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Each breed of dog has its own needs, so the care for dogs of American Pitbull breed Terriers are very different from those of other breeds.

It is not necessary to give a Master to be able to take good care of our Pitbull, but if it is necessary to have some basic notions and tips, which we will leave you with pleasure below.

Index of contents

  • 1 Care for a Pitbull Dog
    • 1.1 How should I care for the hair of an Amercian Pitbull terrier?
    • 1.2 How many times to bathe a Pitbull a month?
  • 2 Basic maintenance of an American Pitbull terrier
    • 2.1 How to clean the ears and how often
    • 2.2 How to cut a Pitbull’s nails
    • 2.3 The teeth of a Pitbull and their care
    • 2.4 The eyes of a Pitbull, extreme care
    • 2.5 How to care for my Pitbull’s paws?
  • 3 Exercise Needed for a Pitbull Dog
    • 3.1 How many walks a day does a Pit Bull need?
    • 3.2 How much exercise does an adult Pitbull need?

Care for a Pitbull Dog

We will go over all the important points one by one, to learn how to keep our dog up to date and prevent it from suffering health problems due to lack of care.

So we will start with simpler explanations, to go passing to the most complex or unknown among owners of this breed.

pitbull dog in the shower

How should I care for the hair of an Amercian Pitbull terrier?

The Pitbull has a very specific but short and rough to the touch, very abundant throughout its body except belly and english.

We should buy a special brush for dogs of large size and short hair, of medium thickness. You will be amazed to know that there are as many types of brushes as there are types of hair, and no, not all brushes work for any dog.

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Brushing our Pitbull a few times a week we will get your hair always look healthy and shiny, as we will remove traces of dead hair, dirt and possible parasites.

How many times to bathe a Pitbull a month?

It depends a lot on the area where you live, if it is mountainous and our dog usually gets very dirty with mud … obviously we must bathe him very often.

  • Practical tip: How to bathe a dog properly

However, if we live in a town or city where you cannot get so dirty on general levels, between one and two times a month is ideal.

Remember to always use a specific soap for dogs, since human soap does not work because they causes dandruff and skin problems (they have a different PH from ours).

pit bull dog being pampered

Basic maintenance of an American Pitbull terrier

It is not enough to feed him and take him for a walk, like us, our Pitbull will need some maintenance care to clean your ears, keep your nails properly sized and prevent you from having dental problems.

These are small details that we often forget but that are totally necessary. We can do them once a week or once every two weeks, depending on our dog.

How to clean the ears and how often

A Pitbull’s ears are especially sensitive because they easily pick up dirt and if not cleaned, infections will result.

It will be enough to tarnish a gauze (for sale in pharmacies, very cheap) in special ear cleaning fluid of dogs (for sale in veterinary medicine). With our little finger and the help of gauze we will gently clean the inside of our dog’s ear to remove dirt.

We cannot use swabs, nor any cloth with a little water, because we could cause an infection ourselves. The ears are very sensitive, so clean them very carefully.

Generally it is enough to do a cleaning every two to three weeks, but if we see that our Pitbull dirties its ears more frequently, we must clean them once a week.

How to cut a Pitbull’s nails

Another important aspect to take into account is your nails, these tend to be naturally torn. If our dog is used to walking on hard surfaces how sidewalks or asphalt, typical city soil, your nails will be filed automatically.

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But if you are more of a country dog, you may need a nail cut every now and then. We must be very careful when cutting your nails, because although we do not see it, there are many nerves and blood vessels under them.

If we see your nails hit the ground, we should go to the vet so that he gives us special nail scissors and teaches us how and when to cut them, especially … how, to prevent us from damaging him when we do it.

The teeth of a Pitbull and their care

Due to the Pitbull feeding who eat commercial feed, develop a lot of tartar on their teeth. The accumulation of tartar ends up forming small infections which can lead to serious health problems.

The ideal in these cases is to give our dog a chicken carcass from time to time, as it is milky bones, it will bite easily and, in the process, clean the tartar from its teeth. Another type of bone accepted for dogs, are also benefits to clean tartar.

There are even little ones special toothbrushes for dogs (note !! never use toothpaste for humans as it is very toxic to dogs). But if all this seems too much, our vet will be able to do a tartar cleaning when we consider it appropriate.

The eyes of a Pitbull, extreme care

We all know how dogs of this breed are, very active and very nosy !! If they see something moving through the bushes they will run to see what it is and possibly end up with some rubbing in their eyes due to the leaves or branches.

If we appreciate any of these symptoms In our Pitbull dog, we must go to the vet to avoid major ills:

  • Excessive tearing
  • Blood in the eyes
  • Excessive scratching for itching
  • Legañas formation

How to care for my Pitbull’s paws?

Their legs are also very important, since without them … they could not spend the excess energy they have on a daily basis.

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In summer we must make sure that the soil does not burn, to avoid your pads suffer. To do this, simply put our hand on the ground, if we can keep it for five seconds without burning, no problem.

In winter, it is advisable to dry your legs when you get home, if they are wet. In this way we will avoid the creation and proliferation of fungi and bacteria among their little fingers.

Weekly we should check all its legs, looking for small nailed objects that can cause an infection. Dogs are very rough, especially Pitbulls … and they may have a thorn and not even complain.

american pitbull terrier dog running

Exercise Needed for a Pitbull Dog

If you were looking for a carpet dog you have been confused of breed, since the Pitbull is possibly one of the most active and energetic breeds that exist.

This means that we must go for a long walk every day and also, To make some exercise with him (or at least, that he does it).

How many walks a day does a Pit Bull need?

The more the better. The usual thing in Pitbull puppies is to take them out five to six times a day so that they can socialize and learn to do your things away from home.

In adult Pitbulls the thing can be calmer, although we must remove them at least three times a day with great walks and exercise.

How much exercise does an adult Pitbull need?

A lot, but gradually and smoothly. This means that we should not force him to run constantly for an hour without stopping at full throttle … the dog must not be killed.

It is advisable to run at a quiet pace for which you spend energy but without exceeding, little by little and continuously and prolonged. There is nothing better for a dog than playing with another dog, it is the best way to spend energy.

That you accompany us to skate, go on a bike or on a route through the mountains is a great idea to make you feel happy and fulfilled.

remember that if your Pitbull does not spend its energy on a daily basis, it will start to show behavioral changes and possibly even aggressiveness.