How old does a dog live? Complete info according to breed and size

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It goes without saying that when a dog comes into our life we ​​welcome it with much affection, but over the years all that affection is transformed into love. The same love that is felt by any other member of the family, because he or she is also part of our family.

If you are wondering how long a dog lives, you should know that everything depends on its size and the type of life it leads. I explain it in more detail so that, in this way, you can make the most of each day of your life.

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Index of contents

  • 1 How old do large or giant breed dogs live?
  • 2 How old do medium-sized dogs live?
  • 3 How old do small dogs live?
  • 4 How to make a dog live longer?
    • 4.1 Food, essential for a long life
    • 4.2 The vet, essential for your longevity
    • 4.3 Exercise, games and walks

How old do large or giant breed dogs live?

I must confess that large breed dogs are the ones that generally steal my heart, but unfortunately they are also the ones that, due to pure genetics, live the least years.

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A large or giant breed dog has a life expectancy of between ten and thirteen years, although with good care, food and healthy habits they can live for a few more years.

We talk about breeds such as the Great Dane, the Mastiff, Saint Bernard, Botero de Berna, German Shepherd, Doberman, Dalmatian, Alaskan Malamute, etc…. You can see all big and giant size breeds from here:

  • Large size dog breeds
  • Giant size dog breeds



How old do medium-sized dogs live?

Interestingly, the smaller a dog the greater its life expectancy, in this case, medium-sized dogs have a life expectancy of between twelve and fifteen years.

Although, as in the previous case, if we provide you with a healthy life, with a good diet and good care, it is likely that you will live for a few more years.

When we talk about medium-sized breeds, we refer for example to the Bull terrier, Pit bull, Collie, Setter, Shiba Inu, Podenco, Spanish Water Dog, Shar Pei, English Bulldog or Basque Shepherd among many. You can see all medium-sized breeds from here:

  • Medium-sized dog breeds


Shar Pei

How old do small dogs live?

Curiously, the smallest have the highest life expectancy. Small breed dogs, minis and / or toy, have a life expectancy of between fifteen and twenty years.

Neighboring hallucination, the smallest are the ones who live the most as long as they lead a healthy life and a healthy diet Surprising truth?

When we talk about small breeds, we mean the Doberman Pinscher, Shih Tzu, Andalusian winemaker, Chihuahua, Coton, Corgi, Jack Russell, Bichón Maltese or Pomerania, among many. You can see all small size breeds from here:

  • Small size dog breeds
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How to make a dog live longer?

Although genetics is practically everything, the truth is that there are known cases of dogs that live even five years longer than their life expectancy initially indicates.

There are many factors that directly influence the longevity of a dog, making him live many more years that you really are supposed to live on.

Let’s see what these factors are, so that we can all put them into practice and thus ensure that our dog has a long life.

Food, essential for a long life

Do you give your puppy the best feed on the market? You do well, since food is a fundamental pillar in the health and longevity of a dog. Although to be entirely correct, the best food you can give is not bought in the form of feed, but fresh.

Natural food based on fresh products, also known as BARF supply, it is the healthiest for dogs and therefore, the one that will best help it live longer.

The vet, essential for your longevity

All dogs get sick sometime in their life and if they are not treated correctly, their life expectancy will decrease dramatically. But not everything is diseases, periodic reviews, vaccines and the rubbing will make your dog have a longer life expectancy.

Exercise, games and walks

Depending on breed face and size, a dog will need a higher or lower dose of exercise per day. As you get older and get older, you will have to reduce your physical activity, although games and walks are recommended for all ages.

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A dog that runs every day, that plays with other dogs, that does not suffer stress, who walks at his leisure through nature, will have a much longer life that a dog that does not exercise and / or that only walks in the city, surrounded by fumes.