How to feed a puppy – From 0 to 12 months

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How to Feed a One-Month-Old Puppy

As we have previously explained, puppies should drink milk from their mother or special milk for dogs until they are six to eight weeks old, during which they will also continue to drink together with the special puree to make the switch to solid feeding .

Puppies with a month and a half of life can start to puree in one of their feeds, while in the others we will keep the milk. When they are this age we should feed them four times a day.

After two months of life, we can begin to mix solid foods with the puree and gradually remove the puree, until we leave only solid foods. From three months of age we can reduce their feedings to three times a day, being advisable to distribute them between breakfast, lunch and dinner.

puppy one month old

What is the best solid food for a puppy?

It can be understood how what is the best feed for puppies, since the feed is dry and hard. But in reality we are referring to a solid diet that is not breast milk, that is, semi-wet feed and meat cans are also an excellent option to feed our puppy.

We must take into account several factors to choose the best feed for our puppy, the first is the size of its breed. A feed for small breed dogs is not the same as a feed for large breed dogs. The size of the kibbles and the ingredients are focused on the size of our puppy’s mouth and its growth rate.

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Therefore we must choose between feed for puppies of small breeds or for dogs of large breeds. We can value between the best dog food and choose their version for puppies or start with a diet based on fresh products, which is called Barf Diet.

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