My dog ​​barks all night. How to collude him?

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A dog that barks all night can become a problem. Not only will it prevent your family from getting a good night’s sleep, but it could also lead to conflicts with your neighbors. Puppies, adults and old dogs can exhibit this behavior, but reprimanding them is not the solution.

If your dog does not stop barking, you need to detect the causes to know what to do and solve the problem effectively. Discover the main reasons below!

Index of contents

  • 1 Why do dogs bark at dawn?
  • 2 How to prevent a dog from barking all night?
    • 2.1 Go to the vet
    • 2.2 Sterilization
    • 2.3 Cover your needs
    • 2.4 Safe environment
    • 2.5 Routine change
    • 2.6 Entertainment
  • 3 Why does your puppy bark all night?
  • 4 How to silence a dog that barks a lot?

Why do dogs bark at dawn?

Barking is a mechanism used by dogs of any age for communicating, especially with human beings, since on rare occasions they communicate with each other by barking. With this in mind, why does your dog bark a lot at night?

If it’s recurring behavior, here are some of the reasons:

  • Is in heat
  • Feels cold
  • You have physical pain or discomfort
  • Is bored
  • Not comfortable
  • Are you hungry or thirsty
  • Is stressed
  • Is anxious
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In the event of an occasional bark, your dog may bark if he sees an intruder or other animal in the house. Also, a dog that doesn’t rest at night will be irritable and low spirited the next day.


How to prevent a dog from barking all night?

These are some of the solutions if your adult or elderly dog ​​barks a lot during the night:

Go to the vet

As it is a sudden but constant behavior, you need to rule out that your dog suffers from an illness or is injured. Also, older dogs can start to suffer arthritis, joint pain and other discomforts that need medical attention.

On the other hand, stress and anxiety should also be diagnosed by your vet, as well as the causes and possible treatment.


A dog or dog in heat will be more restless at night, especially if it perceives a partner of the opposite sex nearby. He will bark to regret and try to get out of your house. To avoid this, it is recommended that you consult with your vet about the possibilities of castration.

Cover your needs

If your dog feels hungry, thirsty, cold or hot it will be uncomfortable and will not be able to sleep. Every night, make sure he has eaten, drunk, and that his bed is right for the time of year.

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Safe environment

On celebration dates, it is common for your dog to bark at night if he perceives strange sounds, such as Fireworks and music. Stay tuned to their behavior and ask your vet about a product to give you peace of mind such as environmental pheromones and relaxing pills.

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Routine change

If you have moved house or moved your dog’s bed (for him it is not the same to sleep in the dining room than in the garden), consider the possibility of reversing this situation or making your stay more pleasant.

Also, if before you allowed your dog to sleep with you and now you prevent access to the bedroom, also it is normal for him to bark or whine at night. In this case, you just need to wait for him to get used to the new routine.


If your dog spends all day alone at home with little access to stimuli, such as distracting toys, during the night he will be full of energy and will try to distract himself with barking. P

Give him toys, take him for a walk, and spend time sharing with him when you return home; on the contrary, boredom could turn into compulsive behaviors.


Why does your puppy bark all night?

It is normal for your newly adopted puppy to bark all night, but you should correct this behavior in time to avoid getting used to it. Puppies bark during the first days in a new house, because they miss their mother and brothers, in addition to not feeling safe in a place with unknown smells and sounds.

If your puppy barks a lot at night, it means he is trying to get your attention for company.

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How to silence a dog that barks a lot?

For a dog to feel calm and also be tired, to better fall asleep, it is advisable to follow these tips:

  • Training during the day. Taking long walks, letting him play with other dogs, or playing sports with your dog will help him spend his excess energy and sleep more peacefully.
  • Comfort. Provide her with a comfortable bed and a stuffed toy to lie on. It will make you feel more comfortable and safe.
  • Games. Before bedtime, play with your dog to tire him out, he will fall asleep faster. Walking, playing ball, or finding grocery prizes are ways to keep you active.
  • Imitate the mother. Some puppies sleep better if you put an analog clock with a ticking sound in their bed, as this reminds them of the mother’s heartbeat.
  • Early dinner. Your dog’s last meal should be 2 hours before sleep; This way, you will avoid having to go to the bathroom or experience indigestion. It is recommended to take it out to do a “last pee” before sleeping.
  • Keep firm. If every time your dog or puppy barks or cries a lot you go to his bed, he will never stop doing
    it. Try to bear this inconvenience for a few days, only then will you learn to be alone.
  • Be loving. Patience and affection are crucial during your dog’s adaptation stage, don’t yell at him or scold him for barking, help him feel safe and comfortable in his new home.