13 Things you should never do with your dog

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Dogs are the best friend we can have and on many occasions, the best company. They will never judge us and will stay by our side no matter what happened, even defending ourselves if necessary.

So the least they deserve is that we take care of them and show our affection to them, just as they do to us. These are the things you should never do with your dog. Do you want to know them? Let’s go there.

Index of contents

  • 1 Humanize our dog
  • 2 Scold a past bull
  • 3 Don’t ridicule it
  • 4 Let it be nice and sociable
  • 5 Don’t give him dangerous food
  • 6 Invest in your diet
  • 7 Do veterinary reviews
  • 8 Don’t deprive him of freedom
  • 9 Don’t abandon it when I need you the most
  • 10 Never hit him
  • 11 Don’t use it as a sledge shooter
  • 12 Let him smell it all at his own pace
  • 13 Take care of the heat and cold

Humanize our dog

We think that treating it as a human or a baby will be better, because we pay more attention to it and take better care of it. However, humanizing a dog is a serious mistake since they are not comfortable with that situation.

A dog is a dog, it is not a baby or a small child. We must let him act and live like a dog, sleeping whatever he wants, playing, staining himself, making him go find the club or the ball…. But we should never dress him up, carry him, or take him as a baby.

Scold a past bull

If we see that our dog does something wrong we simply must correct their behavior at that very moment. Thus the dog will associate our wake-up call with the fact that it is doing something we do not want it to do.

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However, if we get home and our dog has thrown out the trash, eaten a piece of furniture, or made some mischief, we should not scold him. By not doing it at the moment, it will be useless to do it later (to past bull, as they say). He will not understand why we are scolding him.

Don’t ridicule it

Making him angry so that he growls, putting on a costume to laugh at him or teaching him tricks to make other people laugh are things that ridicule our dog. We are making him go through a situation that he does not like and in which he does not feel comfortable.

Dogs do not speak but can easily detect our mood, the last thing they expect is for us to laugh at them.


Let it be nice and sociable

Humans are as we are, some more open and friendly and others more shy or unfriendly. But dogs are not like that, they by nature they are very sociable and they want to say hi to everyone.

Don’t deprive your dog of that, socialize well as a puppy and let him come over to say hi to other puppies. That he plays with them and even that he happens to greet other people, that he receives caresses, etc…

Don’t give him dangerous food

There are many foods that are suitable for humans but can be very harmful to the health of a dog, even becoming dangerous. Chocolate, salt or sugar are some very simple examples.

Yes we all know that dogs are always hungry and that many times they press our eyes to give them something of what we are eating. But we are responsible for your health, so we must avoid give them toxic food.

Invest in your diet

It is very tempting to look at the cheapest feed / balanced feed, thus saving a little money. But the truth is that the health of our dog depends largely on the quality of its food.

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We must be aware that the cheapest feed is generally cheaper because its quality is very low. We can find excellent quality dog ​​food at a very affordable price, we invite you to see the best dog food.

On the other hand, if we do not want to use industrial food we can always choose the healthiest option, make our dog’s food ourselves. This type of homemade dog food is called BARF Diet and it is very simple to make.

Do veterinary reviews

Humans only go to the doctor when something hurts or we feel bad. But dogs cannot express themselves and tell us that they feel something wrong. Therefore, we should not take our dog to the vet only when it is sick or has a vaccine.

The ideal is to do at least two veterinary reviews a year to verify that you are in good health. They are simple and inexpensive reviews.


Don’t deprive him of freedom

We do not know when the image was created that a dog must live on the street or tied to a chain, with a kennel. Dogs are very sociable animals that want to be constantly with their family, that is, with us.

We should walk them and let them exercise, play, run, and socialize with other dogs and people. Having a dog always locked up or on a leash, it’s torture. A dog is neither a watchman nor an alarm, it is just another member of the family.

Don’t abandon it when I need you the most

There are people who when a dog is old, sick or just behaves improperly, decide that it is time to give up and / or abandon them. They deserve much more and they would never do something similar to you.

An old dog he needs much more love for his condition, like a sick person who will need care and medicine. A bad dog (with a bad habit) only needs a handler or ethologist to help him change his behavior. All dogs deserve to be loved, don’t abandon them when they need you the most.

Never hit him

We can correct our dog when he does something wrong so that he understands that we don’t want him to do that. But we must always do it the right way, never using, under any circumstances, physical or verbal violence.

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If we hit our dog we will be creating trauma and we will also be promoting aggressive and unsocial behavior. With time it will end up being an aggressive dog, something undesirable and that will cost us to correct.


Don’t use it as a sledge shooter

It seems fun to go on skates or on a scooter and let our do
g pull us, thanks to its leash. We may even think that it is good for him since this way he will do intense exercise.

But the truth is that with this behavior what we do is brutally wear down your joints and force your tendons, ligaments and muscles a lot. Most likely, in a short time you will have health problems. The torn ligament or dysplasias are some of the most common derived ailments.

Let him smell it all at his own pace

Taking a walk and having our dog constantly stop sniffing around can make us lose patience more often than we think. However, a dog is a dog.

Dogs have a more developed sense of smell than any other, they use it as a means of communication and data collection. Let them smell as much as they want and at the pace they want, the walk is their moment, let them enjoy and act like dogs.

Take care of the heat and cold

We think that since they have hair they are capable of supporting everything, but this is not the case. Avoid getting wet if you go for a walk on a rainy day (there are raincoats for dogs) and remember dry them very well when you get home.

On hot days, avoid wandering when the sun hits the most, even the ground could burn your little feet. You should also avoid lying in the sun for a long time if it is very intense, as they could easily suffer from heat stroke.