I think ecological for dogs Myth or reality?

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Investing in the quality of our dog’s food is investing in the medium and long term in its health, that’s why using an ecological feed to feed our puppy is a good way to take care of it.

But … what is true in the so-called organic dog food? From Dogsis we are going to explain all the myths and realities that surround this nutritional category, you will be very surprised.

Index of contents

  • 1 How should an organic feed be?
  • 2 Does organic dog food really exist?
  • 3 So … How to feed a dog with organic products?

How should an organic feed be?

Although we can find a lot of ranges that claim to be organic, the truth is that few of them really are. Many manufacturers use this name as a marketing strategy to increase profits, without really worrying about quality.

A good dog food That it is ecological must be made with natural raw materials, which have not been subjected to chemical products:

  • The meat used must come from animals fed on natural products, in freedom and without using growth / fattening hormones or the like.
  • Cereals and plant products must have been grown under a BIO quality certificate.
  • It should not contain preservatives, artificial colors or flavorings.
  • During the production process, the integrity of the nutrients must be respected.
  • It must not contain mineral additives (vitamins, etc …)
  • Do not use transgenic ingredients.
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Does organic dog food really exist?

To be honest no, it doesn’t exist. There is no official body that ensures that all the products used come from organic farming as far as dog food is concerned.

We can simply count on the word of the manufacturer and in the best of cases with some association / organization that has produced a guide of good practices, something that in no case guarantees that the feed is completely ecological.

The simple technique of preparing dog food, called extruded, is already somewhat “anti-organic” since it completely dries all the dough made with the ingredients to turn it into kibbles.

Not to mention the additives that all dog food contains, vitamins, minerals and in the worst cases artificial antioxidants, flavorings, etc …

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So … How to feed a dog with organic products?

Just because dog food is not 100% organic does not mean that it does not contain organic materials, that is, we can look for a range that more or less fits the natural or ecological stereotype.

We always recommend doing a lot of research and requesting information from the manufacturer, remembering that honest feed manufacturers have nothing to hide and will gladly answer your questions.

On the other hand, you can create your dog’s diet with totally organic products, thus making possible a real organic diet that will bring incredible benefits to its health.

We talked about how it could not be otherwise than known BARF Diet for dogs, which consists of feeding them with fresh and natural, ecological products if we buy them that way. This type of feeding is the best for any dog, the results support the tests.