10 gestures that indicate that your dog loves you

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dog loves you

We all know that the dog is man’s best friend and that at general levels they are faithful and protective, but what not everyone knows is that there are a series of gestures that indicate that your dog loves you madly.

From Dogsis we are going to explain what are the signs of canine language that express a dog’s love for its human. If your dog performs any of these gestures or movements, it is because he loves you, without a doubt.

Index of contents

  • 1 He receives you with great joy
  • 2 It sits on your feet
  • 3 He brings you his favorite toy
  • 4 Show nonchalance when you leave
  • 5 Lick your hands and your face
  • 6 Chases you all over the house
  • 7 He loves sleeping next to you
  • 8 Yawn next to you
  • 9 Looks you in the eye
  • 10 Accompany you when you are not well

He receives you with great joy

When you get home, if your puppy is waiting for you at the door, moving his tail quickly and walking from one side to the other in search of your caresses, it is because without a doubt he loves you.

There are many different signs that show a dog’s love for its owner, however this is the most common and obvious. Dogs don’t have the same perception of time as humans and a couple of hours for them can be an eternity.

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So when we are away from home even if it is only a short time, it is a lot for them and when they see us, they explode with joy.

It sits on your feet

This gesture is very curious and many people do not fully understand why their dog sits on his feet or lies next to them. It is a form of canine communication that expresses its sentimental bond with you.

You may think that this is possession just as some experts mistakenly think, suggesting that the dog shows others that you are their property. They are simply urban legends that we should not take seriously.

A dog that sits on your feet is a dog that feels emotionally attached to you and therefore lies down or feels closest to you, it is their way of expressing that they want to be with you.

dog with toy

He brings you his favorite toy

It is true that this behavior indicates that the dog wants to play, but if he always brings his favorite toy to play with you, it is because he really feels very comfortable playing with you.

He trusts you and therefore he asks you to play with him, it is undoubtedly a sign that your dog enjoys your company and doing things with you, that he loves you.

Show nonchalance when you leave

A dog that is nervous and sad when you leave is a dog that suffers separation anxiety, stress. These dogs have a really hard time, but not because they love us very much, but because they have not been taught to be alone.

However, if a dog shows indifference when you leave, it is not because he is apathetic or does not value you, quite the contrary, it is because he knows that you will return, he trusts you and of course he loves you.

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Lick your hands and your face

Possibly it is one of the most affective gestures of a dog, to lick its human as much as possible and without rest. It is a show of great affection that means he loves you very much.

However, we must be careful with licks on the face since if they touch our lips, which can be considered a kiss, we can contract various bacteria that are not beneficial to humans. More info at Is it wrong for my dog ​​to kiss me?

Chases you all over the house

If your dog follows you wherever you go, it is because he considers you the leader of the pack and believes that he should do everything you say and of course follow you wherever you go. It is not a bad sign, much less, quite the opposite.

Dogs that chase their human everywhere, even if they are a little heavy at times, is because they love their human. For them it is respectful and exemplary behavior, so pamper it.

Dog sleeping

He loves sleeping next to you

It is no secret that dogs love to sleep, but it is one thing to sleep in their bed away from all human contact and another very different thing is to sleep next to you.

When a dog sleeps with his human it is because he loves him very much, because he feels very comfortable with him and in a way, because he can protect you and you can protect him, they are primary herd instincts.

Yawn next to you

Yawns are always contagious but are they also contagious with dogs? The answer is yes. A dog yawning in front of you is clearly showing you that he is calm and confident, that he knows there is no danger.

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When a dog yawns in your presence or catches your yawn, it is because he loves you and has complete confidence in you. Do not disappoint him, you are his family.

Looks you in the eye

Staring into a dog’s eyes is not a good habit because in canine language between dogs it is a sign of challenge. But if your dog looks you in the eye if it is a good sign, since it is admiring you.

It is common for dogs to stare at their humans when they feel very comfortable with them, it is a way to admire them and show their affection for you.

Accompany you when you are not well

Some say that dogs cannot have more senses than humans, but we firmly believe that dogs have a sixth sense that allows them to understand our emotions.

That is why it is very common that when you feel bad, either emotionally or for health reasons, your dog huddles next to you waiting for you to get better or simply, keeping you company.

They know when you are not well, they can feel it in the same way that they can notice when you are nervous and put themselves in a protective way against other people or animals. They have a sixth sense, no doubt.

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