How to Brush a Dog’s Hair – Explained Step by Step

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Understanding how to brush your dog’s hair will allow you to learn to do it correctly and frequently at home. Thanks to this, you will avoid the appearance of knots, the accumulation of dirt and the problem of dead hair scattered in your home.

This home grooming is important, but it does not replace a regular visit to the dog groomer (in breeds that require it). Next, I will show you how to brush your dog’s hair correctly and the basic care it requires.

Index of contents

  • 1 Why is it important to brush a dog?
  • 2 How often do you have to brush a dog?
  • 3 Recommended brushes for brushing dogs
  • 4 Tips for brushing a dog
  • 5 Other care for canine hair
  • 6 How to remove knots from a dog’s hair?

Why is it important to brush a dog?

Brushing our pet’s hair does not have a simple aesthetic purpose. Frequent brushing will contribute to:

  • Reduce the amount of loose hair in the house.
  • Prevent and detect the presence of external parasites.
  • Control the appearance of knots.
  • Remove dead hair.

Brushing should become a routine. The appropriate frequency and products depend on the each dog’s hair type.

How often do you have to brush a dog?

The canine coat can be short, medium or semi-long and long, as well as smooth, hard, curly or hairy. Brushing frequency should be:

  • Twice a week in short-haired dogs.
  • Three brushed for weeks on medium-haired dogs.
  • Brush daily or every other day in long-haired dogs.
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These recommendations can be adapted to the needs of your dog. For example, two breeds of short hair do not shed the same amount of hair, if you notice that yours goes well with a weekly brushing, or that it needs three, do not hesitate to do so.

Recommended brushes for brushing dogs

In addition to establishing a routine, acquiring the right products to take care of your hair is essential. The minimum we should have is a comb or brush according to the type of hair. They are generally sold in veterinary clinics and / or pet stores:

  • How to brush a short-haired dog: choose brushes or rubber gloves. The teeth are shorter and will be like a massage on the dog’s skin.
  • How to brush a medium-haired dog: depending on whether it is straight or curly, get a metal brush with rounded tips or a long but flexible bristle brush.
  • How to brush a long-haired dog: it is the most complicated, it acquires a pin brush and a metal one, both with rounded tips. Use them carefully, to avoid skin tugs.


Tips for brushing a dog

If you are constant, brushing your dog’s hair will not take more than 5 or 6 minutes at a time.

How to comb a dog that is not left? At first, especially if it is an adult dog not used to brushing, it will be uncomfortable and may try to run away. If you are using the right brush, you should get the dog used to talking to him with soft words, petting him and offering some reward when he behaves well.

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Follow these steps:

  • Sit the dog on your lap or put it on a chair, the idea is that you have access to both the head and its legs.
  • Start with a few strokes to reassure him.
  • Take the appropriate brush or comb.
  • Brush following the natural growth direction of the coat.
  • Brushing should be like a massage, don’t go too hard or pull your hair when you notice a knot.

Other care for canine hair

Brushing must be complemented with:

  • Bathrooms: The frequency will depend on the physical activity of your dog and the time he spends outdoors.
  • Remove knots: Knots can be annoying and even dangerous for your dog, remove them with suitable products.
  • Haircut: Consult with a dog groomer about the ideal time to do it according to your dog’s breed.
  • Deworming: Following the deworming schedule will protect your dog against external parasites and the diseases they transmit.


How to remove knots from a dog’s hair?

Knots are the biggest problem in long-haired dogs. Knowing how to untangle these knots is essential, although the most difficult ones should be taken care of by your vet or canine stylist.

Follow these steps:

  1. If you spot the knot while brushing your dog’s fur, try undoing it with a fine comb.
  2. Help yourself with your fingers and a little spray to detangle hair. In this way, you will soften the strand.
  3. Be patient and continue combing and separating each hair with the help of the fingers and the comb.
  4. Never pull the knot, you will only hurt your dog.
  5. Continue brushing for a couple of minutes, and then move on to another knot. Otherwise, the skin will become irritated in the area if you insist too much.
  6. In case it is impossible to untie the knot, look for a blunt tip scissors and cut the affected hair.
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If the coat has many knots, refrain from cutting them and go to the hairdresser.