My dog ​​drinks a lot of water. Is he sick?

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dog drinking water

If our dog drinks a lot of water, we should not be alerted, since there are numerous reasons why it can increase its daily water intake without this being a health problem.

However, it is true that there are several diseases whose symptoms involve increased thirst in the dog, increased urine or other disorders such as vomiting, tremors or fever. Therefore we must know how to analyze the situation, to know if it is necessary to go to the vet or not.

We will explain the reasons why a dog drinks more water than usual and also what are the diseases related to it. So you can identify if it is a real problem or not.

Index of contents

  • 1 Natural reasons why a dog drinks a lot of water
  • 2 Diseases that cause a dog to drink a lot of water
  • 3 Why does my dog ​​drink a lot of water and then vomit?

Natural reasons why a dog drinks a lot of water

A dog can drink more water than usual if for example have been exercising or are returning from a long walk, if you have been playing with other dogs or if it is simply hotter.

We should not worry at all if the reason is any of the above, since it is something completely normal. Dogs hydrate by drinking water just as we humans do, water is a fundamental element for their body.

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dog drinking water

The feeding of our dog also plays an important role in the amount of water it can drink. A dog that feeds on fresh products such as fresh meat, fruits, etc … will drink much less water than a dog that feeds on dog food.

The dog food is very dry and is also compact. Once inside the dog’s stomach, the feed is softened and needs a lot of water to be digested. You will have seen more than once your dog take big gulps of water after eating feed, it’s totally normal.

Dogs that have been in kennels or protectors of animals also usually drink more water than usual, because in many kennels they do not always have water at their disposal and think, in a way, that they should hydrate quickly because we will remove the water. As time goes by, don’t worry.

Diseases that cause a dog to drink a lot of water

Some diseases have as a symptom, or at least as some of their symptoms, what is known as polydipsia in veterinary terms. Polydipsia means that the dog drinks more water than usual.

To determine that a dog has polydipsia, the amount of water it drinks per day must be measured. If the total exceeds more than one hundred milliliters per kilogram of daily weight, the dog suffers from polydipsia. For example, if a ten-pound dog drinks more than a liter a day, it is considered polydipsia (ten kilos of weight per hundred milliliters equal to one liter).

The most common illnesses that cause a dog to drink more water than usual are:

  • Renal disease (usually accompanied by excess urine)
  • Cushing’s syndrome
  • Diabetes
  • Excess calcium in the blood
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Other illnesses at the psychic level how in canine obsessive disorder (OCD) They can also affect daily water consumption in a dog. Poisoning after eating spoiled or toxic food for a dog is also a cause of polydipsia.

Dogs with diarrhea also drink more water than normal It is due to incontinence and that a lot of fluids are lost. In these cases, treating diarrhea is usually enough for the dog to stop drinking excess water.

puppy drinking water

If you suspect that your dog may suffer from any of these diseases, you should go to a veterinary center so that they can carry out the corresponding tests and verify the diagnosis, as well as indicate the treatment.

Why does my dog ​​drink a lot of water and then vomit?

Dogs that exercise a lot or are very thirsty and suddenly drink a lot of water, they can vomit due to excess water in a short period of time. If your dog vomits after drinking, you should help him learn to drink.

Give him water but little by little, do not let him drink half a liter at once because it will feel bad. Let him drink a little and force him to rest for a minute, let him drink another little and again force him to rest, etc … it is the best way to drink slowly.

You should also watch the temperature of the water you drink, the water should never be hot and it shouldn’t be too cold either. Never give your dog fresh water from the refrigerator. The water should be cool, but not too cold.

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If your dog drinks too much water, don’t let him run again. Try to get him to rest a little to avoid feeling bad and vomiting. Dogs … always want to play and run, it is our responsibility to take care of them.

Remember that it is super important that your dog always has clean and fresh water available, regardless of the amount he drinks.