Why does my dog ​​bite me while playing? Find out!

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Imagine the following: You are enjoying a fun day with your dog, but suddenly it takes a few bites towards your hands or feet. If this has happened to you, surely you asked yourself, why does my dog ​​bite me while playing?

Bite behavior is normal in puppies, but it may hide more than just one phase of growth. Discover below the main reasons.

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Index of contents

  • 1 Importance of playing with your dog
  • 2 Aggressiveness in bitches
  • 3 Nibbles out of fear
  • 4 Biting by hunter instinct
  • 5 Bites from pain or illness
  • 6 Sense of possession
  • 7 Stress bites
  • 8 Puppy bites

Importance of playing with your dog

Playing with your dog is not only fun for both of you, it also has other benefits. Through play, your dog develops his intelligence, as he learns rules of conduct and discovers how to relate to his environment. Plus, you exercise as you gain physical skills and abilities.

The game also allows your dog to socialize with either humans or other pets. In this way, he orients his instincts in a positive way, releases energy and makes new friends. To all this, we must add that the bond between you and your dog becomes stronger when they spend time together and have fun.

These moments of entertainment are affected if you constantly receive bites. What leads your dog to behave like this? There are several reasons: stress, pain or illness, fear, misguided instincts, among others.

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Aggressiveness in bitches

If your dog has just given birth, she may be aggressive at first, even with family members. The maternal instinct leads her to want to protect her puppies, and this triggers nervousness and anxiety.

This behavior disappears after a few weeks. Make sure that the bitch has everything she needs and avoid taking the puppies or approaching her nest for a long time. Further, ensure that the canine family is located in a comfortable place in the house, away from the constant passage of people and annoying noises. Similarly, keep unknown people away during this stage.

In case you need to get close to check on the puppies, convince your dog to walk away using edible treats she likes, like chicken or her favorite food.

Nibbles out of fear

A fearful dog will bite at any stimulus that triggers his anxiety. This behavior is usually common if you have just adopted it, especially if it was a stray dog, as they often suffer abuse.

The character of your adopted dog should change after a few days, when you give him the time to feel safe and know his surroundings.

Another reason for fear is annoying noises, such as Fireworks or loud music. Aggression from fear is unleashed in these cases, even when you try to calm your dog down with games.

How to correct a dog that bites for fear? Identify what triggers your reaction. You may feel insecure when you make sudden gestures, put your hand over your head, or use a toy that makes a particular sound. Avoiding the stimulus and choosing more friendly gestures for your dog will make him feel safe.

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Biting by hunter instinct

Despite being domesticated, many dogs retain typical hunting behaviors, which can even manifest themselves in gestures such as raise the leg. If your dog is a hunting breed, it is very likely that it will bite into predatory aggressiveness.

Does your dog winnow for no apparent reason on cars, people and dogs? So you need to modify this behavior immediately. Start by training him, either on your own or by hiring a canine specialist; this way, it will be easier to control your instinct.

Help him drain his impulses through search games and physical activity. As a precaution, wear a leash and harness when walking.

Bites from pain or illness

If you have wondered “why does my dog ​​bite me while playing?” On more than one occasion, go to your vet to rule out that he is sick or injured.

In case of injury, the violent reaction will be unleashed when you touch a certain area of ​​the body, while a sick dog could bite you to get away from him. Don’t disturb your dog and make an appointment with the doctor as soon as possible.

Sense of possession

Some dogs are very aggressive when other pets or people try to grab their belongings, such as toys, or use their beds and food containers. Biting or barking is one way to keep the “invader” away and can become a problem at home.

This conduct is called resource protection and requires special training from a professional.

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Stress bites

Stress can wreak havoc on your dog’s personality. Nervousness, destructive behaviors, separation anxiety, among other problems, are some of the consequences.

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If your dog does not receive the correct stimulation during the day and develops stress, it will try to drain all its energy, this is the reason why you ask yourself “why does my dog ​​bite me while playing?”. Other reasons for stress are exposure to situations that you cannot control or cause fear, such as contact with other dogs, annoying noises, etc.

The first thing you should do is detect what unleashes stress in your dog. Avoid stimuli that make him nervous, allow him to exercise and provide a pleasant environment where he can feel calm.

If you don’t know how to manage stress, go to a vet and a professional canine trainer.

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Puppy bites

Puppies use bite as a way to explore the world, it is about healthy and normal behavior. In addition, it allows you to relieve the pain generated by the appearance of teeth. However, from the third week of birth it is necessary to control this behavior to prevent it from becoming a problem.

Get teethers, put them within reach and congratulate him every time you use them. When he bites you during the game, don’t scold him. Mak
e an exaggerated screech and walk away
; Repeat this as many times as necessary so that the dog relates its bite to the end of the game.

It stimulates your interest in outdoor activities and allows you to explore safely, always in the company of your biting toys.