Types of Chihuahua: Apple and Deer Head

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types of chihuahua

One of the smallest known dog breeds is that of the famous Chihuahua, a small dog in size but with a big heart. And despite their small stature, they are very brave and fearless.

Originally from the state of Chihuahua in Mexico, it receives the name of the Mexican state where it was discovered. In the update this breed is distributed throughout the world, thanks to the great fame acquired.

From Dogsis we show you everything about Chihuahua dogs, the existing types, their characteristics and of course the necessary care so that they live healthy and happy.

Index of contents

  • 1 Chihuahua dog breed data sheet
  • 2 How is the character of a Chihuahua breed dog?
  • 3 Characteristics of the Chihuahua breed dog
  • 4 Types of Chihuahua breed dog and their qualities
  • 5 Recommended care for a Chihuahua dog

Chihuahua dog breed data sheet


Height between 15 and 22 cm in males and females


Weight of between 1.5 and 3 kg in males and females


Short, fine and soft hair. Black, white, brown, cream or stained


Brave, cheerful, fun and playful character


Strong yet delicate health with temperature changes


Estimated life expectancy between 13 and 20 years

How is the character of a Chihuahua breed dog?

Chihuahua dogs are excellent as life companions, they adapt perfectly to all kinds of environments, from small flats to large houses. From small families to families with children, they are a delight.

The character of the Chihuahua is highly affectionate and cheerful., very attached to his family and an excellent playmate for children. Although due to its size we must warn our children about how cared they should be.

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This breed is very attentive, especially in the presence of strangers. Too she is very brave and willful No one will enter our home without being barked by our Chihuahua.

In contrast, the Chihuahua dog is somewhat nervous and can sometimes bark excessively, so we must educate him as a puppy so that he does not bark much. If we humanize it, it can acquire a jealous character, so it should be remembered that it is a dog.

Characteristics of the Chihuahua breed dog

It is one of the dog breeds that does not grow much, the adult specimens being quite small compared to other types of dogs. The Chihuahua can reach a height at the withers of about twenty centimeters with about two kilos of weight in his adulthood.

The main characteristic of this breed is its reduced size and weight, which give it unusual qualities in dogs, such as a low maintenance price or the low need to walk or exercise it.

  • Eyes: Rounded but slightly torn, generally dark in color and very shiny. With a tender and observant look at the same time.
  • Ears: Large and separate, always upright with an inclination of forty-five degrees.
  • Snout: The snout of the Chihuahua is rather short and fine, with a small light or dark nose as nose. Dogs with black truffles are more in demand.
  • Body: Compact but well defined, longer than tall. Thin front legs and muscular rear legs, not very long. Little feet that should have their toes wide apart.
  • Tail: Medium in size and fine build, with or without hair depending on the type of Chihuahua. Slightly curved or tilted to one side.
  • Hair: All colors are supported, from white to brown or black. There are two types of Chihuahuas, those with long hair and those with short hair.
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types of chihuahua dog

Chihuahuas dogs present these physical characteristics in a very marked way, so if you are wondering how to know if a Chihuahua is a pure breed, you should simply check that it meets these specifications.

Types of Chihuahua breed dog and their qualities

If you want to know everything about this breed, you should start by learning to differentiate the different types of Chihuahua dogs that exist. Don’t be fooled by false Chihuahua breeders who have spent a generation selecting the smallest specimens for breeding.

Chihuahua toy or pocket Chihuahuas are not purebred dogs, they are not even accepted as Chihuahua dogs. They are dogs handled and selected to obtain a size smaller than the average of the Chihuahua, reason why they are not considered dogs of breed in reality.

There are only two types of official Chihuahua dogs, the Apple-headed Chihuahua and the Deer-headed Chihuahua. Within these types, they can be long-haired or short-haired.

  • Apple-headed Chihuahua: It receives this name for the shape of its skull, very similar to that of an apple. Apple-headed Chihuahua have a broad forehead relative to the rest of their head. Its skull is wider than its jaw, creating this peculiar shape.
  • Deer head chihuahua: All Chihuahua dogs that are not classified as apple heads automatically become deer heads. The deer head Chihuahua has a sloping forehead and a smaller, elongated head.

Both classes can have long hair or short hair, since that does not influence the purity of the breed. The long-haired Chihuahua is more recommended for cold climates while the short-haired Chihuahua for
tropical climates.

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dressed chihuahuas

Remember that the Hairless Chihuahua also known as the Hairless Chihuahua is not considered as a dog of this breed, since it is a genetic manipulation. The same happens with the Toy or pocket or mini Chihuahuas are not accepted in the breed.

Recommended care for a Chihuahua dog

We must be especially careful with Chihuahua puppies, due to their small size. If the adults are already small by themselves … imagine the size of a puppy with just two or three months.

Despite its size, the Chihuahua is a robust and resistant dog that rarely presents health problems. You don’t need to take long walks nor is it advisable to exercise it, since it could suffer an attack.

It adapts to any type of floor for living and it will be enough to give it the recommended vaccinations and brush it daily to keep it healthy and clean. As a curiosity, it is a dog that sometimes suffers from toothache, so it is advisable to buy a teether adapted to the size of its jaw.

We must be careful with the feeding of our Chihuahua, we should not give him more than he can digest or we will cause a digestive problem. Your daily ration may seem small, but compared to its size it is more than enough.

In the photos of Chihuahuas that you can see in this publication, the two existing types appear, with their different hair sizes. These images of Chihuahuas can help you get an idea of ​​how delicate this breed is, since they are very, very small.