American Pitbull terrier – Complete Breed Information

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american pitbull

The Amecican Pitbull terrier known colloquially as Pitbull or APBT, is considered by many people as the quintessential dog breed. Whether for its qualities as a watchdog, as a family dog, a working dog or for its hunting skills.

Index of contents

  • 1 Pitbull breed history
  • 2 American Pitbull terrier character
    • 2.1 Instinct as a hunter of great prey
  • 3 Is the American Pitbull Terrier a family dog?
  • 4 A breed that stands out for its energy
  • 5 The education of the American Pitbull terrier
  • 6 The Pitbull, a very intelligent dog
    • 6.1 Pitbull’s protective instinct
    • 6.2 A medium-sized but very powerful dog
    • 6.3 Tips to avoid Pitbull domination
  • 7 The breeding of the American Pitbull terrier
    • 7.1 Selection of Pitbull parents
    • 7.2 Advice and care during breeding
  • 8 Life expectancy of a Pitbull terrier
  • 9 The Pedigree Certificate
  • 10 Recommended feeding for a Pitbull
  • 11 General characteristics of an American Pitbull terrier

Pitbull breed history

Although it is mistakenly believed to be a race originating in the United States, the truth is that it descends directly the great molossian dogs that the Romans used in Europe.

This type of dog was used for hunting large prey and also as a fighting dog, since at that time the dogs fights they were the order of the day (back in the 13th century).

American Pitbull terrier walking with its owner

The Pitbull is the result of many crossbreeds of dogs, mainly large molosses with medium-sized terriers when it was wanted to derive the breed towards the hunting and care of cattle.

It was the English emigrants when in search of a new life in the Americas, they transferred the race to the new continent. That’s where the breed was stabilized and registered in the American Dog Breeders Association and at the United Kennel Club.

American Pitbull terrier is the name that sets its history, American for being a stabilized, registered and bred breed in America. Pitbull because originally they were dogs used to deal with bulls, cattle. And terrier for the mix of blood and genetics with this line of dog work.

American Pitbull terrier character

Among the great characteristics that define and distinguish a Pitbull breed dog, it is worth highlighting its marked character, which despite being affectionate and protective, it is also dominant.

It is a breed with a strong character, so it is not recommended for people with no experience in the canine world or with a weak personality.

The American Pitbull terrier is an intelligent, affectionate, attentive, strong, protective and stubborn dog. At general levels gets along well with other dogs and animals, as long as you receive a correct education and socialization.

As a companion dog he is respectful and loving, as a watchdog he is attentive and powerful, as a hunting dog he is a tireless off-roader. We must not be carried away by prejudice or false urban legends Pitbull is a great dog.

Instinct as a hunter of great prey

We must not forget that it is a hunting dog that is guided by its strong instincts, this added to its weight, force and resistance They make it a real danger if it gets out of control.

Education and socialization is essential to avoid problems in the future, especially with other animals that may identify how possible prey.

pitbull dog watching

Since it was a breed originally created for the beef treaty … large animals should concern us more than small ones.

This does not mean that if we adopt or buy a Pit Bull it will be dangerous because of its hunting instinct, but it does mean that we must know and be able to master it in case it is necessary.

Is the American Pitbull Terrier a family dog?

Yes and no, depending on how our family is. Pitbull dogs are colloquially known as babysitter dogs, for their delicacy and care for the children in our home.

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It is a breed that creates strong emotional ties with the little ones, dedicating all their affection, care and protection. We highlight protection because this can be a problem.

In families where there is no experience with dogs, it is preferable to choose other breeds. As Pitbulls are very dominant dogs that if they do not receive an adequate education, they can acquire the role of pack / family leaders.

So what can be a positive thing like that a Pitbull well educated and socialized Be protective of children, it can also be dangerous if you perceive someone as a threat and we do not know how to control it.

In family settings without young children too it works well, being a loving and playful dog at home, with all the members.

We must remember that it is considered a potentially dangerous breed of dog in some countries like Spain, where it is absolutely necessary to acquire a prior license.

A breed that stands out for its energy

If something dazzles in this breed is its power and energy, the Pitbull is a dog that practically surpasses all other breeds in terms of energy, it’s almost tireless.

Since they are puppies they stand out from the rest of the breeds, they are very energetic dogs that constantly play as puppies and require a lot of exercise when they are adults.

To prevent excess energy from concentrating, something that could result very negative in behavior and health of the Pitbull, it is necessary to perform intense exercise daily.

And we are not referring to taking two or three walks a day, but to jogging with us, canicross or riding a bike, skates or the like. We must exercise our Pitbull daily, without exception.

Playing with other dogs is also a good option for him to release energy, even throwing the ball to run fo
r it. All exercise is always little for a Pitbull breed dog terrier.

The education of the American Pitbull terrier

If a strong and powerful dog is not properly educated, it may pose a potential danger to other dogs and people. Pit bulls are dogs super strong and powerful, so they require a strict and intense education.

We must begin with the training of a Pitbull from puppy, at the same time that we begin its socialization. Must focus on obedience and in control, reviewing what has been learned daily.

American Pitbull playing before training

It is useless for our Pitbull to know how to turn around on the ground making the croquette, if he does not listen to us when a dangerous situation or tension arises. Can you imagine a powerful PItbull out of control? It is better not to imagine it.

Therefore we must emphasize from puppies on obedience, control and socializing with other dogs, animals and people. An obedient Pit Bull in any situation, even if it is tense, is a well-educated Pit Bull.

The Pitbull, a very intelligent dog

We must not miss another of the qualities of this great race, its great intelligence. The American Pitbull terrier is one of the smarter dog breeds of the planet.

Something very beneficial because it will help us to educate it more easily, although always constant since intelligence does not remove the stubbornness. When it comes to learning, it is a very accessible breed.

For work exercises it is also very positive, especially if you compete with a Pit Bull at a professional level and memorizing the execution of certain circuits is essential.

Pitbull’s protective instinct

It is a dog with a very reckless protective instinct, since it is not a breed that is characterized by its patience, but by its instinctive features.

The character of the Amercian Pitbull terrier is very protective with the whole family and very territorial with his home, or what he considers to be his property. This added to its impulsiveness, can lead to unnecessary dangerous situations.

That is why it is essential to properly educate our Pitbull, because we need him to be a fully obedient dog to avoid attacks and life-threatening bites.

pitbull dog playing on the beach

A medium-sized but very powerful dog

The Pitbull does not usually weigh more than thirty kilos or exceed fifty centimeters in height, being the usual that they are smaller and less heavy than indicated, so it is considered a medium-sized breed.

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Within races of this same size, it is without a doubt the most powerful race of all. Thanks to its great agility and strength, given by a great athletic body, the Pitbull is unrivaled.

We should not be fooled by his slim body, which will acquire muscles as it exercises and matures. Since it is much more agile than we could imagine.

Tips to avoid Pitbull domination

Just as you share the positive characteristics of the breed, we must also be aware of the negative qualities. The Amercian Pitbull terrier is a very territorial and dominant dog.

To prevent our dog from getting confused and trying to adopt the role of alpha male or leader, we must follow a series of very practical advice (in addition to insisting on a strict education).

  • Don’t humanize it, a dog is a dog. This does not mean that we should not care for them, simply that we should not treat them as humans.
  • Prevent you from climbing on the couch and in bed, he must have his own bed and resting place, the sofa and the bed is for humans, who have a higher rank than him (this is how he should see it). You must wait before entering and leaving the house, humans enter or leave first and then they. It does not matter if friends, family or strangers come … humans always first and they later, both to enter and to leave.
  • Do not eat until our order We must teach him to remain seated and without eating the food that we have put in the trough until we give him the order for it. We will give the order when you ask us for permission, once you are seated, you must seek our gaze with yours, then we will give you permission.
  • Socializing is a great help, since it learns from the behavior of other dogs in packs, in addition to respect for other animals and humans.

American Pitbull Terrier puppy

The breeding of the American Pitbull terrier

A healthy Pitbull female will have an average of one or two annual heat cycles, a moment that we can take advantage of to mate with a Pitbull male, if we want have puppies.

But before crossing it we must bear in mind several things, how to know if the puppies are for sale or if they are for us or friends / family. We must find family to the cubs even before they are born.

Selection of Pitbull parents

It is very important to select two good specimens for breeding, avoiding any Pit Bulls that have genetic diseases or malformations. The important thing when play pitbulls is to select healthy and pure parents.

To know if a Pit Bull is pure, we must request its pedigree certificate so determine. This guarantees us that a dog’s genetics comes from a line of pure crosses for many generations.

The similarity between the parents must be appreciable, it is not recommended to cross a small and physically poorly muscled Pit Bull with a huge and athletic Pit Bull, it is advisable that they be more or less similar, with the obvious differences between male and female in terms of weight and size.

Advice and care during breeding

One of the best tips we can give to get good pitbull puppies is to avoid inbreeding completely when crossing Pitbulls, that is, that the parents are not family, not even distant cousins.

We will completely prevent the pregnant female from exercising excessively, being it advisable to walk often and let her be the one mark your own limits, when you want to play more or when you want to rest.

Feeding is also very important, to ensure that puppies receive all the necessary nutrients. Both during pregnancy and during lactation. In addition to the corresponding veterinary reviews.

pitbull bitch

Life expectancy of a Pitbull terrier

Despite being a medium-sized breed, its life expectancy is somewhat shorter than usual in breeds of this same size. an American Pitbull terrier has a average life expectancy between eight and fifteen years old.

Yes, we know that it is a lot of difference … but it is reality, always talking about healthy and well cared for specimens. There are Pitbulls that live eight years and others that live fourteen or fifteen, even if they receive the same care.

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Needless to say, the better their quality of life (daily routines, diet, exercise, veterinary visits), more probabilities we have to reach at least the maximum on average, that is, a minimum of eight years.

The Pedigree Certificate

The pedigree certificate of a Pitbull is really important, since it guarantees the purity of the breed and with it, the absence of hereditary diseases such as dysplasia.

There are many types of Pedigree certificates, yes, this is as incredible as it may seem … Each country has several issuers, so imagine how many certificates can exist … So let’s focus on the important ones:

  • A.D.B.A. (USA) It has been issuing certificates of this breed for more than a hundred years, so it can be considered as the oldest and most prestigious entity when it comes to obtaining a pedigree in a Pitbull.
  • F.C.E. The Spanish cynological federation has been issuing pedigree certificates to the Pitbull breed for some years, however, it can also issue them to crossbreeds with pedigree breeds. It’s a fairly common certificate, but not as valuable as ADBA’s.
  • Others: As we have commented, there are many entities that can issue Pedigree certificates, however … many are less useful than a square wheel.

american pitbull terrier eating a raw bone

Recommended feeding for a Pitbull

We should not make the mistake of thinking that feeding of an American Pitbull it’s like any other dog of a different breed. Pitbulls are dogs very energetic and active, so they require a specific diet.

The feeding of a Pitbull varies in three phases, puppy, young-adult and senior. Puppies require a very nutritious and balanced diet that allows them to grow healthy and strong.

It may sound clichéd .. but it is that most of dog food They are really bad in terms of quality, so we must be persistent and always recommend a high quality diet.

During the young to adult stage, that is, from fourteen months of life to six or seven years, their diet should be rich in high-quality animal proteins. Completely necessary to develop your characteristic musculature.

In the senior phase, we must opt ​​for a softer diet, with less fat, carbohydrates and even with less protein. In this way we will avoid being overweight and keep our Pitbull well fed.

pit bull dog running

General characteristics of an American Pitbull terrier

Every breed has its registered physical characteristics, this means that if it does not comply, it cannot be officially considered a dog of that breed. However, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad dog or something similar … simply, you cannot qualify for a pedigree.

In order for a dog to be officially named American Pitbull terrier, it must come from the crossing of two pitbulls and also adapt to the following physical characteristics:

  • Weight: Total set should be between 15 and 30 kilos in males, 12 to 25 kilos in females.
  • Height: Copies between 35 and 50 centimeters at the withers are allowed.
  • Head: Rectangular in shape and medium in size, wide skull and ears implanted on top.
  • Snout: Scissor closure with prominent jaws, medium in size and square in appearance.
  • Eyes: Generally dark in color although all colors are admitted, located in the lower position of the frontal part of the skull.
  • Ears: Medium in size and poorly provided with hair, remembering that it is a crime to cut / amputate them.
  • Truffle: The Pitbull’s nose should be wide and clear, light or dark in color (all are allowed).
  • Hair and color: The Pitbull’s coat should be short, shiny and coarse to the touch. All colors are supported and even the combination between them.
  • Tail: Medium insertion and not very thick. Its size should be medium without dragging or amputated.
  • Body: Wide chest with marked ribs, athletic and developed body.

If your Pitbull meets these qualities, congratulations, it has a dog that meets the breed standard. If it doesn’t, don’t worry, you still have a big dog but you simply cannot qualify for work or beauty contests as a pedigree dog. Don’t worry, you can present it without a pedigree and still win.

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