How to Control a Pitbull’s Bite

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Pitbull dogs are adorable, loving, and very funny when well behaved and in the company of their owner. However, they are also very strong and energetic dogs that have a large bite, which we must know how to control in case an emergency arises.

There are many rumors that indicate that when an American Pitbull Terrier bites a prey, its jaw is paralyzed and until the dog dies, it does not release its prey. All of this is false myths and legends about Pitbull without any scientific basis.

pitbull puppy biting hand

However, it is true that they are prey dogs, that is, they are dogs used to keeping their prey bitten until it falls. This is because this breed was and is used for hunting large pieces, such as wild boar or cattle. That is, it is a breed of prey dogs.

From Dogsis we are going to explain everything we need to know about a Pitbull’s bite, how to control the bite and, of course, how to teach our dog to control its intensity by inhibiting it.

Index of contents

  • 1 What is a Pitbull Bite Inhibition?
  • 2 Exercises to educate the bite of an American Pitbull
  • 3 How to teach a Pitbull dog to drop or not bite, at your command

What is a Pitbull Bite Inhibition?

The word itself indicates its meaning, inhibit. The inhibition of the bite consists of teaching our dog to what extent it can get to squeeze during the bite not to do harm.

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It’s fundamental teach this technique to our Pitbull when he is still a puppy, since when they learn it best it is in the period that goes from four weeks to sixteen weeks of life.

To teach our puppy Pit bull To inhibit his bite, what we must do is play with him manually, using our hands to provoke him a little and bite us.

Remember that at that age his teeth are fine and sharp like little needles so be very careful during the game. When your Pitbull squeezes you by biting, you should yell and withdraw your hand immediately, stopping the game.

In this way he will understand that he hurt you and will learn to control the energy he uses to bite. This is what is known as bite inhibition and it is essential to do it only with puppies, since an adult could seriously hurt your hand.

pitbull learning the bite

Exercises to educate the bite of an American Pitbull

If for some strange reason you are thinking that here you are going to learn how to teach your Pit Bull to be more aggressive and to bite at your command, you can already turn around and leave.

What we recommend is to never teach a Pit Bull to bite, because you will be promoting his hunting instinct and prey bite.

For this, we leave you some important tips that you must carry out:

  • Never play tug-of-war games with your Pitbull, this promotes prey bite and is just what we want to avoid.
  • Never allow your Pit Bull to play with toys with sound, especially those that sound a thin beep. The dog will think the prey is screeching and will become more excited to continue to tighten the bite.
  • Never try to teach your dog commands such as “Attack”, “Bite” or “Defend”. If that’s what you’re looking for in your Pitbull, you may not be ready to have a dog. A Pit Bull is not a dog that you must teach to fight.
  • Forget any game that incites or stimulates the aggressiveness of your Pitbull, do not provoke something that you surely will not know how to control.
  • If you need your dog to learn an intimidation order for security reasons, you should go to a professional dog trainer accredited. Never try to teach him on your own.
  • Never use violence with your dog, or in the presence of your dog. They learn from what they see.
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american pitbull terrier dog

How to teach a Pitbull dog to drop or not bite, at your command

This, however, is very important for you to learn, because at any time in your life you can find yourself involved in a committed situation in which your dog has bitten another dog or person and you need him to release it.

Pitbulls by mere instinct will not release their prey, so it is essential that you teach him as a puppy to let go when you order it. To do this, you only need a little food (small pieces of sausage), a biting toy and a lot of patience.

Give your adult Pitbull or Pitbull puppy the teether to play with a bit, let him enjoy it. When he is biting him, put a piece of sausage in front of his nose and give him the “drop” command.

If he releases the teether and takes the sausage, congratulate him a lot and pat him, even give him another piece of sausage. If he picks up the teether again, scold him with “No!” tall and resounding.

After a few minutes, repeat the play. Give him the teether and when he is biting him show him a piece of sausage and give him the order to release, when he releases the teether give him the sausage and congratulate him again with enthusiasm.

The purpose of this game is let the dog loose whatever is biting your order, without returning later to continue biting it. It is not something you will get in a day or a week, but with patience and dedication your dog will learn it correctly.

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And this is it, to control the bite of your Pitbull you must teach him to inhibit himself and to let go of your order. With these well-learned lessons your dog will be much safer for you and for others.