Akita Inu – Character and necessary care

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Akita Inu dog

The Akita Inu is a large and powerful dog with a noble and elegant presence. It was originally used to protect families from aristocrats in feudal Japan, although it was also for centuries a fantastic sniffer dog, widely used for hunting deer and wild boar.

Its name comes from the Akita prefecture, northern Japan, where it originates from, while the word “inu” means dog.

True guardian of his family, the Akita Inu does not back down from challenges and is not easily scared. However, it is also a loving, respectful and fun dog when properly trained and socialized.

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Index of contents

  • 1 Akita Inu breed character
  • 2 Akita dog physical characteristics
  • 3 How to educate an Akita Inu?
  • 4 Care needed for an Akita Inu

Akita Inu breed character

The Akita Inu is a bold and willful dog, naturally mistrustful in the presence of strangers but extremely loyal to his family. Always alert, it is an intelligent and brave dog although with a tendency to be aggressive with other dogs, especially with those of the same sex.

Due to its character, the Akita Inu feels more comfortable in a home where it does not have to share space with another dog. Instead, he is loving and affectionate to the family, enjoys their company, and always wants to participate in daily activities. In short, for our Akita to be happy we have to make him feel like another member of the family.

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It is a dog that can be quite loud, although more likely to growl than to bark. You need a lot of exercise to avoid falling into boredom and destructive behaviors. On the other hand, keep in mind that this breed is stubborn, so we will need a good dose of patience to train it and teach it good dog manners.

Although it is known that adults must always supervise interactions between dogs and children, in the case of this breed it is necessary to be even more vigilant. No child could dream of having a better guardian and playmate than an Akita, but it is very important to teach the little ones of the house to be respectful and kind towards their furry companion, thus avoiding causing dangerous reactions in him.

Akita Inu in the snow

Akita dog physical characteristics

The Akita Inu is a large dog that reaches 67 cm in height at the withers (slightly less in females) and weighs around 35 kg.

Its body has a compact and solid structure, with strong limbs and a thick tail. The stamp of an Akita Inu in a guard position is impressive, transmitting authority and security in equal parts.

The head is round and quite large with respect to the rest of the body. Its eyes are almond-shaped, although in the case of the American Akita, that is, the variant of this breed bred in the United States, they have a curious triangular shape. His ears, always raised, are small and rounded at the tips.

The coat has two well differentiated layers: the outer one, smooth and hard, and the inner one, with very abundant hair and a very fine texture. The variety of colors is quite wide and ranges from white and gray to tabby fur, although in Japan white and red predominate.

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With proper care and food, the Akita Inu can live for more than 12 years.

How to educate an Akita Inu?

Proper training is essential for any kind of dog, but it is especially important in this particular case. The training must always be directed by ourselves, since the Akita’s sense of loyalty is so developed that the bond between the owner and the dog could be broken if we leave the task in the hands of a professional trainer.

Generally speaking, the Akita does not respond well to harsh training methods. Respect is required and above all, a lot of patience, because the character of this dog is incredibly stubborn, so much so that sometimes it can get us desperate.

However, given his intelligence and his fondness for spending time with family, it pays to invest time and effort in proper training that will pay off in the long run: an intelligent and loving partner with unwavering loyalty.

Akita Inu puppy

Care needed for an Akita Inu

Although it is not a hyperactive breed, the Akita needs daily exercise. About two to three hours of walking a day is usually enough, as long as they are brisk walks that include jumping and running. Taking our Akita to a dog park is not a good idea, given his aggressive tendency towards other dogs.

At home the Akita needs to have a well-fenced patio, both for his own safety and for that of strangers who may enter his territory by mistake and get a good scare. In any case, in the presence of their owners, they are not usually aggressive towards visitors. Otherwise, the Akita will be governed by his guardian instinct and will act against everything he perceives as a threat.

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Another important care is daily brushing, given the abundant coat of hair so characteristic of Akita.

Special care must be taken to breed an Akita puppy. These dogs grow very quickly between four and seven months, so they need a high-quality, protein-rich diet.

We should also prevent them from jumping hard or jogging on hard surfaces until they reach at least a year and a half of life and their joints are fully formed.