Dog names: The 100 most original and beautiful!

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Depending on whether you live in Spain or in Mexico, the most used names for dogs can vary a lot. That is why we have created this ranking with the best original names for your dog, we help you choose a nice name for your new companion.

Remember that when choosing a suitable name you must keep in mind some important details such as that it be a short name and easy to pronounce, that there is no one else in the same house with the same name and that your dog can understand it.

Puppies better assimilate short and clear names, learn them more easily and can distinguish them if there is a lot of noise or more voices in the environment. Remember that it is recommended that you always use the same name for your dog. From we wish you luck with your choice and a happy start to a new life with your dog.

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Index of contents

  • 1 Original names for small dogs
  • 2 Original names for colored dogs
  • 3 Names for original dogs

Original names for small dogs

Smaller female dogs tend to have more affectionate and close names, possibly due to the protective responsibility we have towards them. The names for Chihuahuas dogsdoggies Yorkshire or dogs of any breed but small in size, are the most fun and the most original, which we have added to our particular selection that we have made for you:

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Akilah Ameli Bastet Carol
Cloti Coffe Daphne Daira
Nala Mini Peke Chiki
Tita Baby Babby Zara
Coli Yoshi Sassy Kiti
Dasha Donna Eve Gale
Hanny Ikatz Isabella Jade
Mileena Mileena Nicole Saira
Tuli Fifi Nesa Gucci
Chimera Samba Sassy Shakira
Sheina Shirka Sunya Sunya


yorkshire puppy

Original names for colored dogs

Many female dogs stand out for their color or their set of colors, especially when they form small shapes on their bodies. If our dog is one color and has its legs in another color, we can call it “socks” for example.

The names for white, brown or black dogs are the most popular among all the existing ones. Here is a collection of original names for dogs that stand out for their colors:

Cinnamon White Snow Spots
Choco Milka Candy Sand
Bold font Socks Huellitas Chipirona
Cielito Cloud land Tiznaja
Amber Babú Freckles Storm


original puppies

Names for original dogs

We often try to find original names for our little dog, names that have not been heard much in our area and are completely new and fun. We must remember that the original names are the most demanded as this will prevent another dog with the same name from being confused, if necessary.

If you are looking for the most original name in the world for your dog, we have prepared a list of the funniest, most beautiful but least known. For you to enjoy exclusively:


Catty Paris Chaska Coke
Zury Aloha Lola Fu Fu
Dyne Sheila Enya Foxy
Girl Sun Tete Rosette
Iza Dune Syra Hena
Jessy Laika Tris Chispy
Read Dakota Kenya Lúa
Xira She-wolf Kitty Cuki
Kika Lili Muki Shadow
Golfa Ita Nana Kyra
Triska hot Uma Vicky
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We hope you liked our private selection of names for original dogs, if you have chosen one of these names for your dog send us his photo and we will publish it in our face dogs album.