All about the Goldendoodle breed Photos and Video!

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If you like the gentle character of the Golden Retriever but prefer a dog that doesn’t shed as much hair, the Goldendoodle is your ideal companion. For this reason it is ideal for all those who have allergies.

They are usually chosen as companion dogs in homes where there are children, since they are very affectionate, although they are also suitable to help people with some type of visual impairment. They are also very intelligent, they learn orders with little effort.

They come in different sizes: large, medium and mini. This variable will depend largely on the weight of their parents, although we should not be guided solely and exclusively by it. If you want to know the main characteristics of the Goldendoodle be sure to read this article.

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Index of contents

  • 1 Goldendoodle’s character and behavior
  • 2 What are its physical characteristics?
  • 3 Necessary care for a Goldendoodle
  • 4 How to educate a Goldendoodle
  • 5 Know the origins of this breed

Goldendoodle’s character and behavior

This breed of dog is especially sociable, sweet and affectionate. They love being around people and even other animals, which is why they’re not exactly good guard dogs: they will make friends with thieves instead of driving them away.

They often present behavioral problems if their owners leave them alone for a long time. They are also faithful, loyal, and obedient, making them easy to train dogs if they are well trained.

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Goldendoodles tend to gnaw everything they find on their way, so it will be necessary to train them correctly to remove this mania. Too they have a great nose, so we can play with them to hide certain objects for them to find.

goldendoodle dog

What are its physical characteristics?

We can find Goldendoodles of different colors: black, beige and chocolate, although the most common are cream and gold. Her hair is long, thick and curly, therefore we must constantly brush it, in this way we will avoid tangling and forming knots.

As mentioned above, their size can vary: the largest weigh between twenty and thirty kilos, the medium ones weigh between fourteen and twenty kilos, and the minis can weigh up to six kilos. The females they are usually five centimeters smaller than males.

They are dogs that have a lot of energy, so we must give them great walks or even go running with them. Some Goldendoodles love to swim. This ability can only be developed with good training.

Necessary care for a Goldendoodle

Their life expectancy is around fifteen years and during all that time they tend to be in good health, although we must be especially vigilant when our dog reaches an advanced age, since it can suffer dysplasia Hip. You also have to be careful with your eyes and ears. The Goldendoodles are prone to disease in these areas Therefore, it is essential to keep them very clean to avoid any type of infection.

Adult Goldendoodles have to eat a few times a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. Their food must be high in protein, so we make sure they receive all the energy they need, and they must rest after meals to avoid stomach twist.

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Our dog must eat special feed for puppies until the first year of age, from there we can introduce adult food. Obviously we will have to have a container full of water to avoid dehydration, especially during the summer.


How to educate a Goldendoodle

Although he is a very intelligent dog, and therefore easy to train, we must be patient and reward him every time he correctly carries out the order that we have given him. We can reward him with special dog trims, in this way he will associate both things.

It is better to stimulate your dog through rewards than to punish him when he does not obey an order. Although this last method seems effective, the only thing we will achieve is that our furry partner is afraid of us. Furthermore, physical punishment can cause the dog suffers from episodes of anxiety by suppressing their anger, which could lead to aggressive behavior in the future.

Consistency is the key to any workout. Do not throw in the towel if your dog ignores you for the first few days, some will find it more difficult than others, but if you are persevering and insist you will surely get good results.

Know the origins of this breed

Its origins date back to 1992, at which time the races were crossed Golden retriever and Poodle with the aim of obtaining guide dogs capable of helping blind people.

This beautiful puppy was conceived in the United States and Australia. His elegant demeanor led him to be called “the designer dog” by the English. The sociable character of this friendly animal later made it the ideal companion for young and old.