Shiba Inu – Character, care and food

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Shiba Inu

Of the six genuine dog breeds in Japan, Shiba Inu is the smallest in size, the word shiba se uses in Japanese to designate the term “small”, although its enormous qualities make this dog a true giant.

ANDnérgicor, Agile as a cat, wide awake and always wanting to work and please, the Shiba Inu was originally an especially effective hunting dog in mountainous and rugged terrain.

Today, however, it is a very appreciated and loved companion dog, with physical features very similar to those of the Akita Inu and famous for hiss unmistakable erect ears.

Index of contents

  • 1 Shiba Inu behavior
  • 2 Physical characteristics of the breed
  • 3 How to educate a Shiba Inu?
  • 4 Recommended care

Behavior of the Shiba Inu

A Shiba Inu Well-bred is one of the best companion dogs we can imagine. His temperament is docile and absolutely reliable, but at the same time he is a strong and bold dog, always on the alert. Often stubborn and proves to have your own ideas about things, which is only a consequence of his strong personality and intelligence.

With the family the Shiba Inu is always loyal and affectionate. Instead, he is naturally suspicious of strangers. Tiene a strong tendency to to protect zealously their space, their food and their toys, sometimes even in shape aggressive, and he doesn’t always get along with other dogs.

In addition, como good hunter What is it, does not hesitate to pursue to all kinds of small animals that he considers a possible dam. Syour movements are incredibly fast and agile.

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In Japanese culture three terms are used to define the character of the Shiba Inu: kaani-i (audacity), ryosei (good nature) and soboku (alertness), which help us to draw a good summary of the personality of this dog.

Shiba Inu

Physical characteristics of the breed

ANDl Shiba Inu is a small dog, strong and full of energy. Its height at the withers is between 35 and 45 cm and its weight in adulthood is around 10-12 kg. These figures are usually slightly more reduced in the case of females.

Its appearance can remind us of that of the wolf or even that of a fox, when it comes to specimens of red hair. It shares many physical characteristics with the Akita Inu, with which it is related, although its size is much smaller.

Like the Akita, it possesses strong limbs and a thick tail coiled. its head is round and quite large compared to the rest of the body, although finer. Its eyes are almond-shaped and its ears have a very characteristic pointed shape.

ANDexcept in the queue, eThe coat of the Shiba Inu is short and rough to the touch, though it has a softer, thicker undercoat. Its appearance may seem like a stuffed animal. The most common colors are red, white (not recognized for dog shows and competitions) and red and black.

The Shiba Inu coat should exhibit a special color characteristic called urajiro consisting of a series of tufts of white hair on the face, chest, belly, tail and front of the legs.

shiba breed dog

¿How to educate a Shiba Inu?

Due to his stubborn and possessive temperament, it is not always easy to train a Shiba Inu. It is best to start this task when you are still a puppy, start it from the first day in basic obedience, and spend a lot of time socialization process . We must uuser forever positive reinforcement. Usually, a Shiba Inu reacts very badly to violence and abuse, being able to become a scary dog and even coming to bite and attack to their owners.

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POn the other hand, being a very intelligent dog, the training sessions can be daily and last approximately 10-15 minutes. It is important to understand the “freethinking” nature typical of this breed why not let’s get frustrated during your training: andl Shiba Inu You will almost always understand what we want to tell you, but you will not always want to do it.

However, we should not be discouraged if our Shiba Inu reveals himself as a stubborn and difficult apprentice, because
that is precisely his nature. More than a problem, you have to think of this as a challenge.
There are those who say that being the owner of an Shiba Inu involves more than just having a dog, it’s A lifestyle.

Recommended care

It is essential to have a patio or garden for your Shiba Inu, as it is a dog that loves to run, jump and always be on the move. Of course, it must be a fenced space to prevent it from escaping.

You need daily exercise and go for a walk several times a day in sessions of about 20 or 30 minutes. He hates being on a leash or feeling tethered, but it’s important not to let him loose as we walk or run alongside him, because his instinct will propel him into the chase of dogs, cats, and anything that is moving near him.

ANDl Shiba Inu is a dog from nature cleanto and without odors. When shedding hair practically throughout the year, it is necessary to brush it daily and bathe it from time to timebut not too often already that excessive bathing will end drying her skin and hair.

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ANDhe life span of the Shiba Inu It is around 12-14 years, although with good care you can live much longer.