Benefits of having a small dog

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Sharing life with a dog is always an experience full of satisfactions, whatever its size, characteristics or age. But if the dog that comes to our home also belongs to a small breed, we will have a series of added advantages.

Food, transport or even veterinary care are essential aspects of our dog’s routine that will be conditioned by its size. Below we explain why.

Index of contents

  • 1 What is a small size breed?
  • 2 Why is having a small dog beneficial?
  • 3 Small dogs and public spaces
  • 4 Small dogs at home
  • 5 Feeding small dogs
  • 6 At the veterinary clinic
  • 7 Traveling with small dogs

What is a small size breed?

As a general rule we can refer to small dogs as those weighing less than 10 kg. But the truth is that, for many caregivers, small breeds are reduced to those that do not exceed about 5 kg of weight or even less, about 2-3. In short, they would be the typical dogs that can be carried easily.

Some examples of small dog breeds can be:

  • French bulldog
  • Chihuahua
  • Chinese crested
  • Toy poodle

Why is having a small dog beneficial?

Living with any dog ​​gives us a whole series of benefits that science continues to study. It is proven that taking care of a dog improves people’s self-esteem, self-confidence and even personal evaluation, that is, the image that each individual builds. Benefits have also been demonstrated on a physical level.

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For example, people living with dogs have lower blood pressure, which is associated with a reduced risk of having a heart attack. In fact, only the act of petting a dog reduces that pressure. Therefore, in general, living with a dog improves the physical and psychological state of human beings.

A large part of the benefits are related to the changes in life habits that a dog owns, since it involves going outside, exercising, interacting with other people, relaxing and, very importantly, feeling loved and needed. for someone. Below we will detail the extra benefits of this dog being small.


Small dogs and public spaces

The first and most visible advantage of having a small dog is the greater ease we will have to be able to go with him everywhere. As it is possible to transport it in the arms, these dogs are usually well received in spaces such as shops or cafes, which would be more difficult for a large dog.

His harmless and, we could say, eternal puppy appearance, generally arouses the sympathies of other people. This makes increase general tolerance towards your presence anywhere because they are not perceived as dangerous or aggressive.

Small dogs at home

At home we will benefit from a small dog because we can accommodate it in almost any space and adapt it to our rhythm of life, if we change our homes relatively frequently. Thus, it is possible that we live with one of these dogs even if our house is small or lacks a garden.

In addition, all its accessories such as straps, necklaces, feeders or, if applicable, clothing items, will be cheaper, since prices usually depend precisely on size. Products such as shampoos will be the same as for a large dog, but since they will last longer because they require less quantity, they will also be cheaper.

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Feeding small dogs

In line with what was discussed in the previous section, small dogs will consume less food, since the daily ration is also calculated based on weight. For this reason, the cost of food, whatever type we choose, will be less. This will allow us to decide on a higher quality feeding.

At the veterinary clinic

In addition to accessories or food, in veterinary centers we can also find advantages of living with a small dog. This is so because many products for veterinary use are classified according to the weight of the animal and their price depends on that weight, being smaller the smaller the size.

And not just products like dewormers. Operations as habitual and recommended as sterilizations are divided according to sections that will depend on the weight of both males and females. In general, these types of surgeries will be cheaper for animals weighing less than 10 kg.


Traveling with small dogs

Lastly, if it was very comfortable for our proximity trips that our dog was small to be able to always carry it with us, this benefit is also maintained on longer distance trips.

Smaller dogs can be transported in cars, trains or planes inside a carrier, which facilitates its handling. Although this depends on the company, the possibility of using a carrier makes this type of dog are admitted on buses or taxis considering that this way they cannot disturb or stain the vehicle.