Sunscreen for dogs Which is the most recommended?

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Humans are not the only ones who can suffer burns as a result of sun exposure. Dogs, although somewhat better prepared for this, can also suffer the consequences of a long sunny day on the street.

Faced with this problem, today since I’m a dog We want you to know the importance of protecting the skin of your best friend. If you want to know what are the best sunscreens for dogs, give us a minute!

Index of contents

  • 1 Dogs must also protect themselves from the sun
    • 1.1 Sun protection according to race and physical characteristics
  • 2 Sunscreens for dogs
    • 2.1 Menforsan
    • 2.2 Dermoscent Sunfree
    • 2.3 Pet Sunscreen
    • 2.4 Polishing Mist
  • 3 Can I use human sunscreen on a dog?
  • 4 How to apply sunscreen to a dog

Dogs must also protect themselves from the sun

To start, it is vitally important to remember that dog hair not only protects them from the cold, as many people believe, but also does it against high sun exposures and other weather adversities.

For this reason it is very important not to shave dogs when temperatures rise. It is a mistake to think that this way they will be more “fresh” Rather, we will only manage to expose their skin to direct sunlight and to serious burns.

In addition, although thanks to their fur dogs already have extra protection from the sun that we lack, there are certain parts of their bodies that do not have this “protective barrier”. We refer to areas such as the muzzle, ears or lips.

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These sensitive parts are always exposed to the sun, so the chances of burns are very high. Therefore, it is vitally important to have sunscreens that help us avoid dermatological injuries and even serious problems, such as skin cancer.

Sun protection according to race and physical characteristics

It should be noted that some breeds are more sensitive to the sun than others, so care for these should be more necessary. We are talking about species like Dalmatian, Boxer, Pit Bull, Bull Terrier, Staffordshire, Whippet and of course Albino dogs.

In addition to race, there are other characteristics that must be taken into account when talking about sun protection. Dogs with light or pink fur and short, soft white fur are more delicate. In contrast, dark-haired and long-haired dogs are more resistant to sun exposure.


Sunscreens for dogs

Before starting to number sunscreens for dogs, it is necessary to clarify that the best protection is caution. Avoid going for a walk in the hottest hours of the day and take into account the temperature of the ground when you walk or the temperature of the sand when you go to the beach.

  • Can my dog ​​burn the paw pads?

Sunscreen for dogs must have a protection factor equal to or greater than 30, and if the dog is going to get into the beach or pool, it should also be waterproof. In addition, you will find several formats according to your taste: lotion, gel or spray.

Next, we are going to present the products that are most used to protect dogs from the sun. They may not be well known to dog owners, but they are very useful and not especially expensive. Get one of them to protect your best friend!

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This highly cosmetic sunscreen for cats and dogs is one of the most famous on the market and its price is around € 10 for 50 ml. It is a 30 protection sun milk that, in addition to protecting the sensitive parts from UVA and UVB radiation, hydrates your skin and hair.

Thus, you can also use it after outdoor activity to hydrate. Further, is hypoallergenic, waterproof, fragrance-free and specially designed for dogs and cats with dermatitis or postoperative problems. Highly recommended!

Dermoscent Sunfree

Dermoscent Sunfree has a 30+ protection factor that guarantees the protection of sensitive, vulnerable and / or weakened fur of cats and dogs. Its price ranges from € 15, in a container with 30 ml.

It also offers the possibility of hydrating your pet’s skin while protecting it from UVA and UVB rays. Finally, it is important to note that it is waterproof and its texture is not sticky or greasy.

Pet Sunscreen

Another very economical option is this sun milk of about € 10 per 50 ml. It is especially indicated for dogs with short white hair. In addition, this option is also factor 30, waterproof, fragrance-free, easy to apply and with a filter against UVA and UVB radiation.

Polishing Mist

This spray of around € 30 in a 118 ml bottle is also a good product. However, it is only useful to protect your pet’s fur. Of course, the spray system makes everything more comfortable and allows you to reach all areas of the dog’s body.


Can I use human sunscreen on a dog?

Although the market offers a wide variety of products to protect your dog from the sun, if you choose to apply sun protection to people, remember that it must be a factor equal to or greater than 30, hypoallergenic, no fragrances and no artificial colors.

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You must carefully read the ingredients to verify that do not contain zinc oxide, octyl salicylate or paraaminobenzoic acid since these ingredients are harmful to dogs. You should also not warn about the danger of ingestion, since your dog will probably lick.

How to apply sunscreen to a dog

First of all, we must take into account the sensitive areas that we mentioned above. Apply the cream to the nose, the tips of the ears, the groin and the belly with a gentle massage, trying not to lick it and trying to absorb it.

If the dog’s hair has been cut, or worse, shaved, apply cream to the areas exposed to the sun, even if this means applying cream to the entire body. The same must be done with those dogs that suffer hair loss due to allergies, pathologies or have had recent surgeries.

Many dogs love lying in the sun, but this It could be dangerous. In addition to risking having a heatstroke, they can also suffer burns, since, although we apply the protector at the beginning, it loses its effect over time, just as it happens with humans.

Avoid letting your dog spend too much time in the sun, refresh it with water and refill the cream every 1 or 2 hours. Finally, if unfortunately
we are late and your dog is already burned, do not wait any longer and take the vet to him to put appropriate remedies.