Pomeranian Toy breed guide with photos and videos!

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Believe it or not, this breed of dog pulled sleds in its origins, the Pomeranian Lulu was the favorite dog in countries such as Iceland or Lapland for work, due to its great strength. It was with the passing of the years and with a lot of selective breeding work that its size was reduced to levels never imagined, reaching the current Toy.

The Pomeranian toy dog ​​has become very famous worldwide thanks to Boo, a Pomeranian adopted by a facebook employee who has more than twelve million followers spread around the world.

But not only Boo has, It is a breed that is in high demand due to its fabulous characteristics, character and appearance. We will explain everything you need to know about this breed, from its essential care and qualities to its price.

Index of contents

  • 1 Physical characteristics of the Pomeranian breed
  • 2 Pomeranian mini dog behavior
    • 2.1 How do you behave with children?
  • 3 What care does a Pomeranian dog need?
  • 4 How are Pomeranian puppies?
  • 5 How do I know if my Pomeranian is pure?
    • 5.1 How much does a Pomeranian Toy cost?
    • 5.2 Pomeranian, Pomeranian Toy, Mini, Spitz, or Lulu?
  • 6 Conclusions

Physical characteristics of the Pomeranian breed

Although in antiquity it was a medium-sized dog with great bulk, nowadays breeders have only followed the breeding line of the Pomeranian mini, also known as the Pomeranian Toy or the Dwarf Spitz.

The Pomeranian Toy or mini must have a weight of between one and three kilos, a height of between sixteen and thirty centimeters and a long fluffy hair, very similar to that of a stuffed animal. The range of colors can vary greatly, the white Lulu Pomeriana is the most demanded so it is also the one with the most expensive price, economically speaking.

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However, the most widespread is the brown Pomeriana toy, with or without black accents on its fur. Full brown or mix of brown and white, it should be noted that all colors are admitted in the pedigree record of this breed without being a mark of difference between original and purity.

Due to its small size and excellent character, it can adapt perfectly to an urban life living in a small-sized mound as well as to a country life on a large farm. We could say that it is an all-terrain race, with an average life expectancy of about fifteen years. Some specimens live many more years due to a healthy life and a healthy diet.


Pomeranian mini dog behavior

If this breed stands out for something besides its beautiful physical appearance, it is for its enviable friendly character. The character of the Pomeriana mini It is characterized by being a peaceful, happy, playful and very intelligent dog.

It is also outgoing and social with other dogs, people and animals (like other pets), ideal for homes with children since it will play and respect them, while protecting them from strangers. It is not an aggressive dog but it will alert us with its barking if it observes something strange.

As a defect, we could say that if it is not educated correctly it can become a dog that barks excessively, with the inconveniences that this implies (noise). Something that has an easy solution by following these tips :

  • How to prevent a dog from barking excessively

Although at general levels, the Pomeranian toy is a practically perfect small dog, rooted in its family and capable of making the best of our smiles, a love.

How do you behave with children?

The character of the Lulu Pomeranian with children is enviable, very social, playful and respectful. So we must make sure to educate the children so that they don’t hurt them if they want to, with the games, since it is small.

If you were wondering if your kids and the dog would get along, the answer is yes. The Pomerania mini is a very familiar dog that adapts very easily to any environment.

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pomeranian lulu dogs

What care does a Pomeranian dog need?

Although the Pomeranian is a dog that can boast of good health at a general level, it will be necessary to carry out a series of basic cares. This breed has a long and pompous coat, which will require three to four brushings per week, being recommended if it is possible to brush it once a day.

THE Pomeranian with short hair does not require so much care, but do not be fooled as it does not exist. The Short-Haired Pomeranian is a normal Pomeranian who has been through a good hairdressing session, nothing more. Thanks to its coat of hair and the help of a good hairdresser, we can give it that much-demanded look of panda or lion.

The weak point of this breed is its eyes, which can acquire simple infections to treat and cure like conjunctivitis. Something that should not worry us excessively if we carry out the recommended veterinary reviews for any breed. You can learn more about this type of infection from:

  • Symptoms of conjunctivitis in dogs

On a physical level the Pomeranian does not require great care, with several walks a day so that you can relieve yourself and play with other dogs or let off steam running outdoors will be more than enough. Never force this breed to exercise as it is not prepared for it despite their ancestors.

How are Pomeranian puppies?

Puppies of the Pomeranian breed are really small, so we must be extremely careful with them. They must remain with their mother until weaning, that is to say up to three months of age at least.

This breed of dog, due to its small size, only have one, two or three puppies at most per litter. Pomeriana puppies are like little stuffed animals, eager to play and have a good time.

They hardly reach a kilo of weight when they are three months old, so we must be very careful with them and avoid that children can harm them by accident. They are very sensitive even as adults, but especially when they are so young.

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pomeranian puppy

How do I know if my Pomeranian is pure?

You can look at various characteristics of the physique to determine the purity of the breed, but it will be the pedigree certificate that guarantees the originality of the dog. And knowing that it is a crime to falsify it, no breeder will offer certificates of dubious origin.

However, if
in addition to the pedigree you want to check your Pomeranian toy to see if it is pure, you can look at these qualities and characteristics:

  • Its weight should not exceed three kilos (more in overweight specimens).
  • It should not be large, at most thirty centimeters at the withers.
  • Its head is assimilated to that of a lion and its hair is long, fine and silky, very pompous.

How much does a Pomeranian Toy cost?

Depending on the dog breeder you go to and the area where you live, its price can vary greatly. In Spain, in the community of Madrid you can find Pomeranian Toy hatcheries whose price ranges over five hundred euros, as an example.

We recommend adopting a Pomeranian mini in any animal protector, since we do not promote breeding, buying or selling. So we ask that before making a decision, you visit the protector of your city and see all the dogs of small breeds.

Pomeranian, Pomeranian Toy, Mini, Spitz, or Lulu?

Actually the original name of the breed is Pomeranian, although depending on the region where it is consulted, it can derive in Lulu Pomerania, Spitz or Pomeranian Toy – Mini. But they are all the same race, under different names. The Terrier denomination is not correct in this breed.


If you are looking for a small dog with a happy, loving and playful character, then without a doubt the Pomeranian is an excellent candidate. Suitable for any size home with or without small children.

It does not require great care and its maintenance is economical, however it is highly recommended to give it a high quality diet to avoid possible health problems typical in poorly fed dogs.