Things dogs do to get attention

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dog with toy

Surely you know perfectly the usual behavior of your dog and his daily habits. His behavior when he wants to urinate or when he wants to go for a walk, among many others.

But … Do you really know all the things dogs are capable of doing to get attention and get away with it? You will be surprised to know all the things they can do to serve you.

In this Dogsis article we will show you the most common and curious canine behaviors that our furry four-legged friends usually use. If your dog does any of them … you know what it means!

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Index of contents

  • 1 Bring your toys while they nibble on them
  • 2 Approach to lick us or hit the leg
  • 3 Cry, growl, bark and whine
  • 4 Run all over the house
  • 5 What to do if my dog ​​attracts attention?

Bring your toys while they nibble on them

This is probably the most common behavior when it comes to attracting attention, seeing how our dog is done with his favorite toy and brings it to us while nibbling and wagging his tail.

Do not be fooled, it means what it means, your dog wants you to leave what you are doing playing with it for a while, either to throw the toy so that it runs towards it or to try to take it off, a kind of sokatira.

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Should you play with it? Yes and no, you should pay attention when he looks for you and play, but not always, he should not get used to the fact that you should play whenever he wants. In balance, there is the secret.

dog with teether

Approach to lick us or hit the leg

Our dog is not stupid and knows perfectly how to get our full attention. He knows that if he licks us we will interpret it as a sign of affection and we will pamper him a little, showing our appreciation.

In the same way that you know that if you come and hit us, we will laugh and ask you what you want. It is a very common way of attracting attention in dogs, since it usually works.

If he licks us we can caress him a little so that he knows that we have understood him and continue with what we were doing, if we want, or in default, play a little with him. But if you hit us with the little leg, it is advisable to always pay attention to it.

Cry, growl, bark and whine

Barking is a tremendously common act in dogs since it is one of the sound ways they have to communicate, warn or claim. It is totally normal for a bark dog And you will not always be attracting attention, as you may simply be expressing yourself.

However, if our dog does not look or comes to us just to bark at us, it is very likely that it wants to get our attention. Although this time, not necessarily to play.

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There are many cases in which a dog has barked at people until they have followed him, to indicate that his son had fallen or had problems. Even to warn of a fire or the presence of strangers at home.

When our dog barks at us in order to get our attention, we must always pay attention to him, without exception.

running dog draws attention

Run all over the house

In addition to playing to release energy, dogs also use this curious technique for us to serve them. Running from one side to another like crazy or between our legs is a common act when they want us to listen to them.

It will be enough to congratulate him a little while we give him a few caresses so that he understands that he has achieved his goal and we are paying attention to him. We can even play run around with him around the house and hide to find us, have you never tried it? you will laugh a lot

Some people believe that when a dog makes repetitive movements like trying to bite its tail, they also try to get our attention. However, this is not the case, it is a problem of anxiety, stress or canine obsessive compulsive disorder.

What to do if my dog ​​attracts attention?

At general levels we must always pay attention to them, since it is the form of communication that they use with us. Among dogs they use their own canine language and to be honest … most people don’t know how to interpret it.

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So for something they learn from us … the best without a doubt, is to serve them when they want us to serve them. Although as we have seen, on some occasions it will suffice simply to pay them a little attention and on others, all our attention.