What does my dog ​​do when he is home alone?

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dog alone at home

Due to daily routines such as going to study or work, going out to carry out tasks such as shopping or simply going to a place where animals cannot enter, our dog ends up spending a few hours a day totally alone at home.

Have you ever wondered what he does when we are not around? Do you sleep all the time, play games or browse the house? When you see what it really does, you will be amazed.

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Index of contents

  • 1 They sleep a lot, but not always
  • 2 Snoop around the house and play
  • 3 Do evil and destroy
  • 4 Wait for our return by the door or window
  • 5 How can I watch my dog ​​when I’m not around?
    • 5.1 Wifi surveillance cameras
    • 5.2 Furbo, the revelation of the year

They sleep a lot, but not always

We all know that sleeping is a pleasure and even more so when we talk about dogs. Possibly they spend most of the day sleeping, something they certainly love.

Some even enjoy dreaming. Have you never seen your puppy move his legs as if he were running while sleeping? others even growl in dreams, perhaps because they dream that they are playing with other puppies or maybe because they get mad … who knows!

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Also, depending on the posture in which they sleep We will know if they are comfortable, cold, fearful or happy.

dog alone at home waiting lying down for its owner

Snoop around the house and play

Another of the great hobbies of our dogs is to take advantage when we are not there to sniff all those corners of the house that they do not normally access when we are present.

Even climb on the sofa or above the beds following our own scent. In reality, when we are not present, many times they take the opportunity to “be naughty” and gossip around all the rooms.

Playing is also one of the ways they spend their time when they stay. home alone, especially if they have biting toys or if they find a sock or slipper to their liking.

Do evil and destroy

While some sleep and others gossip and play, there are also some who simply dedicate themselves to making the biggest shenanigans we can imagine. Bite the walls, destroy the sofa, gnaw furniture or bark until all our neighbors get mad.

This type of behavior is often associated with stress or separation anxiety, that is, fear of loneliness or abandonment. However, many other times it is simply a way to release energy, when you have not received enough exercise.

Wait for our return by the door or window

This behavior is much more habitual than we can imagine. They know we will be back and they are not afraid, but they miss us so much that they simply they will wait sitting or lying near the door or leaning out the window, to see us arrive.

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Not that it is misbehaving, but it is certainly much better to work on relaxing so that they are not constantly waiting for us. Ideally, they sleep, play or gossip at will.


How can I watch my dog ​​when I’m not around?

It is not that they should be distrusted, but it is always a good idea to be able to observe them when they are alone at home, to see if they are well or if they are doing some prank.

For this and thanks to technology, we can count on several very comfortable options for us since they do not require any type of installation that has a significant impact on our economy, quite the contrary, there are very profitable and useful options.

Wifi surveillance cameras

Cameras with a good option to view every corner of our home from our mobile phone. We only need to connect them to the Wi-Fi network of our home and to an outlet, however we can only observe.

Furbo, the revelation of the year

This if that is a great idea applied to reality. Being able to see our dog when he is alone at home is amazing, but … What if we can also talk to him? It would be great to greet him and hear our voice, don’t you think?

Well that’s not all, because also, if you are behaving well We can also give you a cookie !! Amazing right? Furbo is the combination of a great idea and the latest technology, a perfect combination for us and for our dogs.

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An ideal gift for anyone who has a dog, with whom we can see, talk and give a prize to our puppy even if we are not at home. It has a Full HD camera and even with night vision, in case there is little light at home.

In addition, we can program it so that if Furbo hears our dog barking, he sends us a notification to the mobile so that we can calm him down or throw him a treat. As I say, this is simply the future.