The sixth sense of dogs

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Although many people are reluctant to think that anyone can have a sixth sense, the truth is that many animals have it. Dogs’ sixth sense is capable of predicting something as complex as a natural catastrophe or something as simple as a woman’s pregnancy.

Many animals, including of course the dog, have the ability to predict things that humans cannot predict naturally or cream. While not to be overlooked, they are also able to predict many other things simply by developing some of their senses, such as smell.

Since we are going to review some of the most curious cases and give them an explanation, as well as some real cases of that sixth sense that they possess.

Index of contents

  • 1 Dogs’ Sixth Sense: Predicting Natural Disasters
  • 2 Dogs’ Sixth Sense: Pregnancy and Childbirth
  • 3 Dogs’ Sixth Sense: Death

Dogs’ Sixth Sense: Predicting Natural Disasters

Call it intuition, call it genetic inheritance or call it sixth sense, but whatever you call it, the truth is that it is really incredible to see how dogs, and many other animals, are capable of predicting earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions or other natural catastrophes.

There are dogs capable of detecting a major earthquake even days before it occurs. We will notice our dog more nervous, excited and trying to get our attention to get out of the house. They will naturally and intuitively flee to a high place, usually some mountain.

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dog with pregnant

Dogs’ sixth sense also alerts them to major storms and even when they’re just thunderstorms. The same thing happens when a volcano is going to erupt, our dog is without a doubt the best alarm.

Although we cannot say that this sixth sense is exclusive to dogs, the vast majority of animals can perceive these catastrophes. Curiously, humans do not, it is seen that being smarter is sometimes also being more foolish.

Dogs’ Sixth Sense: Pregnancy and Childbirth

Did you know that your dog can know if you are pregnant long before you? Surprise!! It is not yet really known whether it is thanks to his sixth sense or thanks to his excellent sense of smell. Pregnant women have a very different hormonal set than other women, it is possible that our dog can simply smell these hormones and thus know that we are on tape.

Most dogs, especially if they are puppies, begin to show more protection when we are pregnant. It is a natural behavior that we simply must watch so that they do not exceed protectors.

In the same way when the day of delivery approaches, our dog will also know it long before we do. They can either predict it in a natural way or smell the different hormones that indicate that the moment of labor is near. Remember that it is highly recommended to prepare our puppy for the arrival of the new baby: How to educate our dog before the arrival of a baby.

Even if during pregnancy a problem arises that may be damaging our baby, without us being aware. Our dog will alert us to this by being more nervous and agitated, it is really incredible what our dog can help us.

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dog face that is predicting something

Dogs’ Sixth Sense: Death

This time there is no explanation for the intuition of dogs, since some are able to predict the death of their humans even days in advance. Humans do not generate any hormones days before dying…. even sometimes we don’t die of old age but of accidents and even then, there is a dog that already knew it.

This is where we can firmly affirm that dogs have a sixth sense, totally unknown to humans.

Obviously there are dogs that are able to smell tumors, so they can tell us that something is wrong (cancer). In these cases the sixth sense is nothing other than the use of its developed sense of smell, but this is not something comparable to the prediction of natural or accidental deaths.

So as you see, there are many situations in which what we create a “sixth sense” is simply the use of one of their senses (much more developed than those of humans). But at other times, there is no logical explanation for what is obviously a born instinct that they possess but we do not. A sixth sense.

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