Greek and Egyptian names for dogs Mythological!

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egyptian mythology

If you are looking for a name for your dog or dog, in this article we give you a complete list of options from the Egyptian and Greek mythology, also explaining their meanings, so you can choose the one that best suits your dog’s personality.

Index of contents

  • 1 Mythological names of Egyptian gods
    • 1.1 Egyptian goddess names for female dogs
    • 1.2 Egyptian gods names for males
  • 2 Mythological names of Greek gods
    • 2.1 Greek goddess names for female dogs
    • 2.2 Greek gods names for males

Mythological names of Egyptian gods

We hope you enjoy choosing an Egyptian god name for your puppy, find the one that most resembles it and try calling it to see how it reacts.

egyptian mythology

Egyptian goddess names for female dogs

  1. Anat : Goddess of War.
  2. Bastet : cat-headed goddess.
  3. Hathor : goddess of the arts. It is represented as a cow, a woman with a cow’s head or with two horns.
  4. Ishtar : goddess of love, fertility and power. It is related to Venus.
  5. Isis : Horus’s mother, she is considered the creator of the first mummy with the body of Osiris, her husband, whom she resurrects, so she is considered the goddess of life and healing. Queen of goddesses and motherhood.
  6. Keket : goddess of darkness that is represented as a snake or a woman with a snake’s head.
  7. Mut : the mother, the origin of everything that exists.
  8. Nephthys : goddess of darkness.
  9. Neith : warrior goddess with bow and shield.
  10. Nekhbet : protector of childbirth.
  11. Nunet : goddess of water.
  12. Nut : symbolizes heaven.
  13. Satis : goddess of the falls and the waters of the Nile river.
  14. Sekhmet : goddess of war with the meaning of “powerful”.
  15. Selkis : Scorpio goddess protector of magic.
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Egyptian gods names for males

  1. Amheh : god of the underworld represented as a man with a dog’s head.
  2. Amun : god of the city of Thebes who represented the sun.
  3. Anubis : is depicted as a jackal-headed man. Protector of the dead.
  4. Atum : god who created himself.
  5. Geb : It is represented as a man with a goose on his head. Symbol of fertility, it caused earthquakes with its laughter.
  6. Hapi : God of the Nile River. It is represented as a man with a headdress of aquatic plants.
  7. Horus : there are doubts as to its representation. He was the protector of kings.
  8. Jonsu : god of the sick.
  9. Kek : Keket’s husband, represented with a frog’s head.
  10. Khepri : depicted as a beetle-headed man. Renaissance symbol.
  11. Khonsu : means “traveler”. He is considered the god of the moon.
  12. Koket : means “the dark”.
  13. Min : god of fertility, crops and roads.
  14. Nun : primordial god from which the rest are born.
  15. Osiris : first king of Egypt. He becomes god of the underworld and of resurrection when his wife Isis brings him back to life.
  16. Ra : God of the sun. Its representation is a falcon-headed man.
  17. Seth : Osiris’s brother, whom he kills. God of darkness and chaos, depicted as an anteater-headed man. Horus kills him.
  18. Shu : god of air and sunlight.
  19. Sobek : crocodile god, creates the Nile river from his sweat.
  20. Thot : god of writing and calculation.

Mythological names of Greek gods

If the Egyptian gods have not given you convincing ideas to name your puppy or dog, do not miss this guide with the best names of Greek gods. Which you can use to baptize your furry.

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Greek goddess names for female dogs

  1. Aphrodite : goddess of love and beauty.
  2. Sagebrush : goddess of the hunt.
  3. Athena : goddess of wisdom and weapons.
  4. Demeter : protector of crops.
  5. Gea : it is the Mother Earth or universal mother.
  6. Hera : goddess of women and domestic work.
  7. Hestia : home protector.
  8. Metis : Prudence, Zeus’ aunt.
  9. Night : oldest goddess and respected by all subsequent gods.
  10. Pandora : means “all gifts”. Woman created by the gods and sent to earth to release all the misfortunes on men, keeping only hope.
  11. Rea : Chronos’s sister who marries him.
  12. Thetis : Nereid that frees Zeus. Achilles’ mother.

Greek gods names for males

  1. Apollo : god of arts and health.
  2. Achilles : the strongest warrior in Greece.
  3. Ares : God of War.
  4. Cadmus : brother of Europe, Phoenician princess kidnapped by Zeus. Invent writing.
  5. Chronos : Time, is the youngest of the Titans and who led the rebellion against his father and killed him.
  6. Hades : Zeus’s brother and holder of a helmet that makes him invisible. God of the kingdom of the dead.
  7. Hermes : god of commerce.
  8. Jason : son of king Esón, is made with the golden fleece.
  9. Orpheus : musician who descends into hell to look for his wife.
  10. Oto : monstrous son of Gea, twin of Efialto.
  11. Bread : shepherd god.
  12. Theseus : son of the Aegean king who kills the Minotaur.
  13. Typhoon : son of Gea with a hundred heads.
  14. Titan : Cronos’s older brother who disputes power.
  15. Uranus : Gea’s first creation, Heaven. Lock up your children, the Titans, so they don’t take power away from you.
  16. Zeus : son of Rea and Cronos that this puts in safe in Crete to avoid that Cronos swallows it. Growing up, he manages to free his swallowed brothers and, along with them, defeat his father.
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