Can a dog smile?

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It is very curious to see how many puppies are able to imitate the human smile, either slightly lifting the back of their mouth or simply showing their teeth a little, while slightly raising their upper lip.

To the question of whether or not a dog can smile, the answer is yes and no. We are going to explain how it is possible that a dog can and cannot laugh or smile, since not everything is always what it seems at first glance.

dog smiling

Are dogs humorous?

Before knowing whether a dog can smile or not, we must be aware that dogs do not possess a sense of humor. They can love, hate, idolize, fear…. but sadly they can’t laugh, simply because dogs don’t have that ability called humor.

When a dog is naughty and steals our shoes so we can run after it, it simply means that the dog wants to play, but not that it makes him laugh or laugh that he stole the shoe to see us run.

You have to know how to differentiate between the emotions of a dog, which can perceive our state of mind with a simple glance. But humor is not something they understand or exercise.

pit bull smiling

If my dog ​​can’t laugh …… isn’t he happy?

Laughter has nothing to do with happiness, within the canine world. Dogs have many other signs that show their mood, whether they are happy or scared. The movement of a dog’s tail You can tell us if you are being happy at the moment, if you are excited or if you are afraid, for example, the position of your ears or even your own hair, they can also show your mood.

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To make a dog happy you don’t have to tell jokes, you just have to take care of it, pamper it, love it, feed it well and take it out for a walk so that it exercises. A dog also needs to run and play with other dogs, it just needs to be a dog (you don’t have to humanize them).

Now that we know that dogs don’t really smile, we can analyze the meaning of their smile when we see them with that funny gesture that we like so much.