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The dream world represents on many occasions our longings, concerns, desires, fears, interests and other sensations that we are often unable to recognize awake. In addition, they are also known for being predictions of what the future holds for us.

Whether in the form of a pleasant dream or a nightmare, dogs are one of the animals that appear most often in people’s dreams. However, although they normally represent loyalty, kindness and affection, this is not always the case.

Depending on the context in which a dog appears, the dream can have a huge variety of meanings. We show you all the meanings they can have. Ready @?

Index of contents

  • 1 What does it mean to dream about dogs?
  • 2 Meanings of dreams with dogs
    • 2.1 Dream about a white dog
    • 2.2 Dream about a black dog
    • 2.3 Dream about small dogs
    • 2.4 Dream about a dead dog
    • 2.5 Dream about a dog that chases you
    • 2.6 Dream about a dog that attacks or bites
    • 2.7 Dream about barking dogs
    • 2.8 Dream about many dogs
  • 3 More dog dream interpretations

What does it mean to dream about dogs?

Although we do not have a dog as a pet, nor a special interest in them, dreaming of dogs is very common, since they are present in the daily life of society. We see them on the street, on television, we have them as stuffed animals, we hear the neighbor’s dog barking, etc.

But when one of those dogs appears in our dream world it is interpreted as a representation of specific aspects of our personality, feelings, moods and behaviors that we are not normally able to consciously perceive.

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To begin evaluating the meaning of these dreams, we must consider what dogs individually symbolize in our lives and what they make us feel. Similarly, we must consider both the dog’s reaction in the dream and our own feeling when seeing it.

These factors will determine, together with the types of dreams with dogs that we will describe below, the concrete meaning of the dream, although the dream interpretation is complicated and does not always conform to reality.

Meanings of dreams with dogs

In addition to logical and specific causes such as hearing a dog bark before falling asleep or having seen a movie with a ferocious dog, dreams with recurring canids and without clear references usually have a specific meaning.

Here is a list of the most common types of dog dreams. Depending on the context we describe, the interpretation of dreams with dogs will be pleasant, friendly and close, or, on the contrary, negative and fearful.

Dream about a white dog

In this first case, the representative color of purity and peace reveals a completely positive and pleasant meaning for the dreamy subject.

It is usually related to prosperity and vitality or, more specifically, with the appearance of new opportunities in the life of the dreamer or a close marriage.

Dream about a black dog

Although in reality a black dog, like a black cat, is just as loyal, affectionate and good as one of any other color, black represents bad omens in the dream world.

This appearance of negative connotation may be related to a period of discouragement of the author, a bad streak, mistrust, etc. However, if the black dog moves away from you, the representation is completely different, as it is interpreted as good luck.

Dream about small dogs

Although it seems that small dogs cannot represent anything negative, because they are tender and harmless, in this case they can represent unpleasant aspects, such as the lack of identity and character in certain situations.

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The subject who experiences this type of dream needs to put his head and feelings in order and consider changes in his life to achieve happiness and fulfillment.

Finally, this dream can also symbolize new feelings that are being born in the dreamer and the need to become economically and familiarly independent.


Dream about a dead dog

As you can guess, the image of a dead dog in a dream does not reveal good feelings. The unpleasant image is also associated with bad omens or the betrayal of a loved one.

Let’s not forget that dogs represent loyalty and fidelity, so the death of this symbol and its representation may reflect the feeling that the subject has for having been betrayed or having lost a friend.

Dream about a dog that chases you

This dream is very common and is related to fear of risks, coping with problems and the feeling of anxiety and restlessness. In fact, it is a metaphor of the subconscious that reflects the subject’s attitude towards an uncomfortable situation from which he cannot flee.

Dream about a dog that attacks or bites

Dreaming of an attacking dog or dogs reveals the impossibility felt by the author of the dream to achieve a specific goal and the anxiety he conceives due to the complexity of this. It can also be associated with financial problems or loss of friends.

In addition, if the dog manages to bite you, the dream becomes the guilt that the dreamer feels for some act that causes a great emotional charge and does not leave his conscience clear.

In this case there is also a second interpretation, related to loyalty. Great care to whom we offer our trust.

Dream about barking dogs

There are several opposing interpretations for this dream. On the one hand, if the bark is far away, it announces bad news. If the bark is close and joyful, it is associated with a full and active social life.

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Finally, if it is a continuous bark, the unconscious tries to alert of a bad attitude on the part of the subject that annoys another person or an uncontrollable desire on the part of the dreamer to control the acts of others.

Dream about many dogs

According to some psychologists, the fact that several dogs appear in your dream m
ay be linked to the need to attract attention from the dreamy subject. The unconscious claims the subject’s need to feel the center of attention.

Other interpretations suggest that this type of dream is related to the satisfaction and support that the subject feels for his friends. In this case, the feeling of the dreamer would be pleasant.

On the contrary, if dogs bark and negativity is seen in the dream environment, the meaning denotes that the subject feels intimidated by his friends and even doubts about their loyalty.

Finally, the fact that many dogs appear may also mean the same as if only one appears. The important thing in this case would be the situation in which these dogs appear, equally valued as in the case of a single dog.

More dog dream interpretations

The world of dream interpretation is very wide, so the possibilities are numerous:

  • Puppies: illusion and happiness in front of a new project.
  • Growling Dog: inner worries, lack of trust or betrayal.
  • Can abandoned: selfless support from someone close and friendship.
  • Dreamer’s Dog Death: feeling of loneliness, lack of support and infidelity.
  • The dreamer is a dog: feeling of introspection and loneliness.
  • Adoption of a dog: lack of self-esteem and search for support.
  • Dogs fighting: family or friendly problems, polluted social environment and rejection.