How to Train a Puppy – Complete Beginner’s Guide

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Undoubtedly a puppy will be the joy of our home but will it be necessary to train him? Not really literally, but we must start little by little to get used to it.

Training a puppy is not about teaching him to obey and learn some tricks, but rather starting his education and socialization progressively. If you spend a couple of minutes with us, we will show you how to do it 😉

Index of contents

  • 1 Puppy Training When to start?
  • 2 Training to avoid biting
  • 3 Train a puppy to urinate off the floor
  • 4 How to train him to get strong?

Puppy Training When to start?

Surely you are already thinking of going for a run with your puppy, teaching him to sit, lie down, pee off the floor, etc…. Well, do not get too excited hehe, there is still a lot.

A puppy is like a human baby, we cannot start teaching him things until he grows up and is aware. And when he does, we must teach him little by little.

The same goes for our puppy !! Until he is four months old he will only want to play, eat and sleep (something totally natural). So just focus on enjoying yourself a lot.

It is from four months when we can begin to teach him things, but very little by little, without haste and always using the positive reinforcement. It is essential that we do so to learn well.

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When he is one year old (Yes, 12 tables !!) is when we can start to get a little more serious in his training and training. Meanwhile, you just have to enjoy with it.

Training to avoid biting

It is totally normal for our puppy to bite us, because when they are so young they just want to explore everything and chew on everything. Also due to the teething period, they often suffer gum pain.

And if… oddly biting things, it relieves that pain. So it is normal that they bite our shoes, our furniture and even that they bite us. But just because it’s normal doesn’t mean we should allow it.

For teach our puppy not to bite usWe must start scolding him from the first moment he does it. EYE!! With a simple “Shhh” or “No!” it’s enough, never use force.


When we scold our dog for biting us, we will give him a teether (a puppy teether toy) and encourage him to bite him. So that he learns that he can bite him and we cannot.

It is a matter of a few weeks (sometimes months, be patient) that they learn this lesson, they simply must know how to differentiate between what they can and cannot bite.

Train a puppy to urinate off the floor

Yes, I know perfectly how annoying it is when our puppy is peeing and pooping indoors, everywhere…. so it is important that you start teaching him as soon as you get all the shots.

To do this, we must do some scheduled exit routines. For example, one departure at 8.00 in the morning, another at 11.00, others at 15.00, another at 19.00 and another at 23.00.

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Don’t worry, over time you will be able to reduce the number of departures to four daily (morning, noon, afternoon and night). You must leave at the same time always, every day.

When the dog pees or poops in the street, when we finish we will congratulate him a lot, we will pet him and we will be very happy (so that he perceives it). We will also give you a prize, a dog biscuit for example.

When you pee at home, we will not scold you, we will simply ignore you. In this way you will learn in a few weeks that if you pee outside, you receive a prize, while if you do it inside, you receive nothing.

stroking puppy

How to train him to get strong?

Forget about this completely, seriously. A puppy should not get strong because until it is almost 18-24 months old, its body does not begin to widen.

From birth and up to fourteen or sixteen months of life, our puppy will dedicate all his energy to playing, seeing the world and developing. But you shouldn’t force him to exercise to build more muscle, that will come much later.

Until he is four months old you should not take long walks with him, it is more advisable to be in a park or pip and that he plays and runs as much as he wants, at his own pace at all times.

From the age of four months you can start taking walks with him, but never force or force him, do not make him run out. Better to run out playing with other dogs than walking.

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And from 18/24 months, you can let him go jogging or cycling, without tiring him excessively and always on cool days, never with heat. Don’t force him, let him set the pace.