How to train a dog Bodeguero Andaluz

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El Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz It is considered by many as one of the best hunter dog breeds in history, for small prey such as rodents, rabbits and hares among many.

As a companion dog he is also excellent, so his education must include training techniques for coexistence and also for hunting.

Index of contents

  • 1 How will you train an Andalusian Bodeguero Mouser?
  • 2 The importance of positive reinforcement for training
  • 3 Training techniques for an Andalusian winemaker
    • 3.1 How to teach him to sit
    • 3.2 How to teach him to lie down
    • 3.3 How to train him to answer the call
    • 3.4 How to Train Him to Learn to Follow Traces

How will you train an Andalusian Bodeguero Mouser?

For properly educate an Andalusian winemaker We must wait until it is at least six months old, since during its first months of life it will only want to eat, sleep and play, like puppies of any other breed.

From six months of life we can begin to teach our Andalusian Bodeguero some tricks, always very patiently and without losing your nerves. It is not really until they are one year old that their training should begin.


When we want to start train our Winemaker Mouser we must do it after he has walked and played, this way there will be spent their excess energy and it will be easier for you to concentrate.

The ideal is to educate him in a quiet area where he is not distracted by the presence of other dogs, animals or people. Always using positive reinforcement and not exceeding thirty minutes of daily training.

If we want to increase the training time We must divide it into two classes, half an hour in the morning and half an hour in the afternoon.

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The importance of positive reinforcement for training

Positive reinforcement is the training technique most commonly used by professional educators from all over the planet, because it is the one that offers the best results when training a dog or Andalusian Bodeguero Mouser cub.

Positive reinforcement It consists of rewarding our dog with many pampering, compliments and caresses as well as a cookie, when he does something well, such as for example fulfilling the order we have given him.

In this technique there are no punishments, scolding or reproach, that is, we will reward our dog when he does it well, but when he does it badly we will simply ignore it completely. Without reward, without flattery but also without punishment.

The use of force such as assault on a dog, screaming or the like will only cause the dog have trauma that sooner or later will erupt with bad behavior or aggressiveness. Thus should be avoided entirely and without exception, all physical punishment.

Training techniques for an Andalusian winemaker

Although there are thousands of canine training techniques for educate our Andalusian Bodeguero Mouser These are the most frequent and generally used. We can always teach our dog new tricks once we know how it should be taught.

Remember that patience is the best gift of the trainer, and that the Andalusian Bodeguero can be a little stubborn at times. Patience, perseverance and good rewards It is everything you need so that your Winemaker Mouser learns in a few weeks.

How to teach him to sit

Train a Andalusian winemaker It is very simple if we know how to do it, so the first thing will be to find a quiet place to start teaching this simple trick to our dog.


We will call our dog by name and then we will give you the order to sit down, for example “Trufo, sit down”. Obviously the dog will not know what to do, since it is we who must teach it.

So very gently we will press the back of his back, which is attached to the tail, to make it sit. When you do, we will congratulate you and we will give you an award making use of positive reinforcement.

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The technique consists of repeat this exercise several times for several weeks, dogs learn by repetition so it’s just matter of time I learn to sit in order without having to press his back.

How to teach him to lie down

Once our Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz has learned to sit correctly to order, we can start to teach you the lie down technique. We should not start with this technique until you know how to sit properly to order.

To teach our Bodeguero dog to lie down, we will first give him the order to sit “Rufo, sit down” and when he sits down, instead of giving him a prize we will give you another new order, that of lying “Rufo, lie down”.

So that he learns to lie down we can move his front legs forward with the help of our hand, or show him the prize (dog biscuit) and put it in front of your nose and push it away progressively to lie down unconsciously.

Once you lie down, we will congratulate you and give you the prize. With repetition you will learn this technique in a few days.


How to train him to answer the call

This is one of the simplest techniques to teach our Andalusian Winemaker to come to our call, in her we will simply use the food. We can use dog biscuits or small pieces of sausage, which they love.

We will show our dog the prize and we will call you by name followed by order “Rufo, here.” Then we will give the prize to our dog so that he can taste it and eat it.

We will start walking and when our dog walks away a little, we will get a new award and we will show it to him at the same time that we call him “Rufo, here”. When you come to us for your biscuit or sausage piece, we will congratulate you and give you the prize.

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We will repeat this exercise whenever it is necessary to call our dog, in this way will link our flame to an award and will always come without thinking. There is nothing that dogs like more than eating.

How to Train Him to Learn to Follow Traces

Developing the sense of smel
of our Andalusian Wine Cellar is very simple with this training technique, perfect to teach follow trails while hunting or just to have a good time with him.

We will ask our dog to sit down with the correct order “Rufus, sit down” and when he does, we will get a prize and we will show it to you. He must remain seated at all times, meanwhile we will place various awards behind the legs of home furniture, under the sofa, behind the table, etc….

He must see how we hide the prizes, and when we have finished we will give him the order to search and eat “Rufus, go ahead”. The will start searching the prizes and to eat them, making use of their sense of smell.

Then we will repeat the play but we will color prizes only in some places, in others we will pretend to leave a prize but without leaving it, so that he thinks that there is a prize there.

When we give the order, the will make use of your sense of smell and it will begin to look for the prizes in the places where it has seen us that we put our hand. In some you will find your reward and in others not.

We must repeat this technique for weeks, and then hide the premises in a room without him seeing us do it and when we take him and give him the order, know that you should look for your awards hidden.

With this we will develop your sense of smell a higher level. We can practice these training techniques also on the street, hiding prizes behind trees or bushes.