Andalusian Bodeguero Mouser puppies

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The Andalusian Ratonero Bodeguero is one of the most popular breeds and extended from Spain, where it originates from. The puppies from Bodeguero Andaluz are very funny and smart, so that in a few months they will become adorable dogs capable of performing a multitude of jobs.

If you are meditating on acquire or adopt a pup of Andalusian Ratonero Bodeguero You must have free time to dedicate to their games, care and education. In addition to a lot of ability to laugh and feel happy, because they are tremendously happy.

If you are going to get a baby from Bodeguero Andaluz, we encourage you to review these valuable tips.

Index of contents

  • 1 It is an active and very happy breed of dog
  • 2 It will help you stay in shape
  • 3 The Andalusian Bodeguero Ratonero puppies need to play and socialize
  • 4 An Andalusian Bodeguero puppy is a very playful dog
  • 5 Playful, but they are dogs that need care
  • 6 How to breed a Ratonero Bodeguero puppy?
  • 7 Where to get your Andalusian Bodeguero puppy?
    • 7.1 How to find a Andalusian Bodeguero Ratonero puppy?
    • 7.2 Tips for choosing a puppy from Bodeguero Andaluz
    • 7.3 Observe the colors of the coat of the Andalusian Bodeguero puppy
  • 8 How to integrate your new Andalusian Bodeguero puppy into his new home?
  • 9 How to feed and educate an Andalusian Bodeguero Ratonero puppy
    • 9.1 The education and training of a young Bodeguero Andaluz
  • 10 Is a Bodeguero Andaluz puppy the right dog for you?

It is an active and very happy breed of dog

The Andalusian Bodeguero is a dog with a lot of vitality and energy, which can sometimes seem nervous. He loves to play. run and explore every corner of the home while having fun with its lively character.

Andalusian buzzard puppy

Even if this breed is specialized in hunting small prey as rodents and / or rabbits, he will act as a great companion in life, having fun with his cheerful humor and the desire to play.

It has become an excellent family dog ​​thanks to these positive qualities, the Andalusian Bodeguero Mouser cub will conquer us from the first day reaching the depths of our hearts thanks to its character and tenderness.

It will help you stay in shape

Starting at three months of age and once you have your required vaccinations on, the puppy will Andalusian winemaker It will cheer you up and in a way force you to go for a walk and play with other dogs.

Thanks to his great almost inexhaustible energy we will be forced to go for a walk with him several times a day, an act that will help us to socialize them with the owners of other dogs and to get out of our sedentary routine.

We will not be flattered by the owners of other puppies to see our adorable and friendly buzzard puppy winemaker. He will make himself loved by everyone and will be the star at all times.

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The Andalusian Bodeguero Ratonero puppies need to play and socialize

One of the most important functions in the education of a dog is socializing, which consists in knowing, interact and play with other dogs, animals and people. For this reason it is important that as a puppy we take our Andalusian Bodeguero out for a daily walk.

We will try to go to areas where more people with dogs gather, such as the well-known dog parks. We must let our little Andalusian Bodeguero Mouser puppy make friends on his own, and even be scolded if he goes too far.

Socialization is the way dogs have to learn to respect to other dogs, animals and people. So it is essential to let our puppy play and socialize openly.

Andalusian winemaker puppy

An Andalusian Bodeguero puppy is a very playful dog

You will quickly appreciate that your Puppy Ratonero Bodeguero is a friend of most dogs in the area, and that he loves to play and have a good time while chasing or chasing him, since running is one of his passions.

Even when we are at home we will appreciate how he brings us some of his toys so that we can have a good time with him, playing to take it off or simply throwing it so that he can pick it up and bring it to us.

If your Andalusian Bodeguero calf is apathetic, you should start worrying and perhaps go to a vet to make a review, since at general levels they are possibly the most playful dogs in the world, along with the Boxers.

Playful, but they are dogs that need care

If you really want to have a Bodeguero Andaluz puppy, you must make it part of your daily life and routines, you must include it in your family environment and consider it as one more member of the family.

The Cellar Ratonero needs certain care like the rest of the breeds, so you must have time, resources and energy to dedicate to it on a daily basis.

How to breed a Ratonero Bodeguero puppy?

Due to its friendly nature, raising a pup from Bodeguero Andaluz will be an odyssey full of laughter, joys and positive emotions. However, as responsible adults that we are, we must care and take care of it in every way.

Raise a Cellar Ratonero puppy can be a financial outlay between five hundred and one thousand euros per year, where we include veterinary expenses, food and utensils necessary for their daily life.

We must pay speci
al attention to your needs, at each stage of your life. From the three months of life that is when you can go for a walk once have your vaccines onUp to six or eight months old, you will simply want to see the world.

For this there is nothing better than go for a daily walk with him and meet more dogs, places and people. Socialize it with our environment and even get it used to traveling by car, from time to time.

We should not force him to exercise or force him to run, we should simply let him have fun at his own pace, either playing with other dogs or chasing the ball that we throw at him.

From six months of life We can begin to educate him by teaching him some simple tricks, how to screw up, sit or lie down at our command. Training exercises should not take more than half an hour daily.

It is from the year of life, when we can get a little heavier in terms of education, as long as we want that, since with his mere company it will be more than enough to make us happy.

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Where to get your Andalusian Bodeguero puppy?

Before throw yourself to buy a puppy Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz in a pet store or through a breeder or online store, you need to investigate its origin and request its pedigree.

In this way you will avoid being scammed with dogs that are not of this breed but look alike when they are puppies, or with dogs that carry hereditary genetic diseases such as hip dysplasia.

How to find a Andalusian Bodeguero Ratonero puppy?

The easiest way to find a puppy from Bodeguero Andaluz It is through the Internet, where you will find a multitude of breeders and animal protectors where you can adopt it.

We always recommend adoption versus purchase, as there are thousands of dogs of all ages waiting for a home. But obviously it’s a very personal decision that only you should take.

Locating a good breeder can be a good idea to get an idea of ​​the prices and characteristics of a Ratonero Bodeguero breed. Trusted breeders are usually registered with the Spanish Cynological Federation (F.C.E. ) or at the Royal Canine Society of Spain (R.S.C.E.).

A good breeder of the Andalusian Ratonero Bodeguero will have no problem showing you the pedigree certificates of the parents of the litter, or in facilitating the pedigree of the puppy itself.

They should also inform you about the behavior and character of each puppy in particular, since some are calmer than others. Quality breeders They know each of their puppies perfectly.

Tips for choosing a puppy from Bodeguero Andaluz

When you go to buy or adopt a puppy from Bodeguero Andaluz you will fall in love with all the ones that exist, so you must follow some simple ones to choose the most suitable puppy for you.

Avoid any puppy that has symptoms of being mistreated or injured by other dogs, as they may have some trauma or illness. Ask the breeder to check the place where they live and the conditions in which they breed.

Choose a puppy that approaches you and wants to play with you, not show excessive anxiety and have a healthy appearance. If a puppy does not come close or does not want to play with you, you may not be made for each other.

Observe the colors of the coat of the Andalusian Bodeguero puppy

The Andalusian Bodeguero Ratonero puppies must have the colors white, black and brown. Normally being the white body with the occasional black spot or brown and the black head with brown or white tones.

The most valued puppies are those with a completely white body, the black face with brown features over the eyes and on the muzzle. Although the color of a puppy does not guarantee that it will remain spotless over time, but that color spots may appear on its coat.

Get to know the different lines of Cellar Ratoneros.

cellar buzzard puppies playing

How to integrate your new Andalusian Bodeguero puppy into his new home?

Ideally, the puppy should be asleep on the way to his new home, which will obviously be your home. Thus will remain calmer and it will mean less trauma for him.

It is important to take our puppy to the vet so that he can pass his first check-up, even if he has already passed it in the center where we have acquired it, either a breeder or a protector.

Once at home, we must leave him in his bed and wait for him to browse every corner. The usual thing is that start sniffing all your new surroundings and even peeing and pooping in various areas.

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You must keep in mind that your Andalusian Bodeguero puppy will pee inside the house, since the pups urinate practically every two hours more or less. We should never scold him, although we can congratulate him if he does it on the place that we have destined for it (newspapers or soaking).

Cuddling and caresses should be part of his first days at home, so that you feel loved and accepted by the whole family. In this way he will understand that you are now his new family and that he can trust you.

If you have more dogs at home, you should let them sniff and know him before leaving him on the floor, always under your supervision to avoid jealousy or unnecessary attacks. The same happens if you have a cat.

Andalusian buzzard calf

How to feed and educate an Andalusian Bodeguero Ratonero puppy

It is important to remember that dogs less than three months old should exclusively feed on breast milk provided by the mother through the breasts. If our puppy is an orphan, then we must feed it with special milk for puppies.

We should never give our puppy cow’s milk, because lactose is very harmful For him and will cause intestinal parasites and severe diarrhea that can end his life, puppies are very sensitive.

From three months of age we can begin to feed our cub from Bodeguero Andaluz with a special feed for puppies of small breeds. If possible, we will moisten the feed making a kind of porridge the first few times, so that it is easier to feed.

We must respect the daily amounts recommended by each manufacturer and divide the daily total between the three or four feedings that we will give our puppy throughout the day.

The best way to teach him to eat is leaving food at your disposal, along with fresh, clean water, for fifteen minutes. After that time we will remove the food leaving only the water the rest of the day.

Whether you have eaten or not, we should not give you anything else until the next shot is due. Many times we sin of good and we feed them in excess, causing them empachos.

The education and training of a young Bodeguero Andaluz

We should not be obsessed with train our Andalusian winemaker since his hunting instinct inherits it genetically, that is to say, he will be a born hunter if we want him to accompany us in the batidas.

It will also be an excellent guardian of our home against rats and mice, since this breed is used in best wineries in the world to keep them free of this type of rodents.

However, if we can educate him in practical exercises, how to attend our call to order, sit down, release the prey, etc … Exercises that we must teach him always using positive reinforcement.

Positive reinforcement is to congratulate our dog a lot and give him a prize (dog biscuit) when he does something right and to ignore it, without punishment, when he ignores us or does something wrong.

Is a Bodeguero Andaluz puppy the right dog for you?

If you have free time and the means to take care of this little rogue, the Bodeguero Andaluz puppy will make you a better person. Happier, happier and more entertaining thanks to his enviable character.

When he is an adult he will be a social dog, active and wanting to play and have fun. Are you ready to have a puppy of this breed? You will not regret.