The quietest dogs for a home

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relaxed dog

If you have come this far it is because you probably have in mind to expand your family with the incorporation of a dog and you are looking for a breed that is calm, in terms of activity or energy.

Getting a dog to be calm is something that is generally obtained with a good education, although the truth is that there are some breeds of dog that by mere genetics are calmer. Let’s see what are the calmest breeds and their characteristics.


Greyhounds are very affectionate and calm dogs, unlike what many people think. They love to be with the family and are very stable, it is undoubtedly a medium-sized breed highly recommended for people looking for quiet dogs. With your daily walks and some games with other dogs from time to time it will be enough to keep you in shape. It also has the advantage of being one of those races that don’t pull hair.

maltese bichon

Maltese Bichon

The Maltese Bichon It is also characterized by its small size and its great tranquility. It is a very familiar dog that does not need great outings, very calm and affectionate. If you are looking for a friendly and calm puppy this is an excellent option.

Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard

The Saint Bernard It is part of large dogs, imposing on many occasions. Despite what we may think, it is a very, very calm dog, which does not like physical exercise at all. It is an excellent option if we are looking for a calm dog, although we must always take into account its size (it is a happy dog ​​living in freedom, it needs its space).

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great dane

Great dane

This breed of dog should be cataloged as being enormous in size, these are dogs of a gigantic size compared to the average. Although despite what we may think due to its size, the great dane is a dog super loving, friendly, respectful and calm. You need to take daily walks and socialize well, but it doesn’t require great exercise activities. An excellent option if we are looking for a very large and calm dog, although you should bear in mind that you are going to need a lot of space for it.


The Chihuahua

Chihuahuas are small dogs and very calm at general levels. Great lovers of home life, they always want to be with their owners. They are dogs that do not require physical activity, so a few simple walks will be enough to keep them in shape.



Crossbreed dogs can be as calm as any of the aforementioned, simply observe their character and study their genetic origins if possible. Try to avoid sheepdog crossbreeds, hunter crossbreeds, etc … A good trick if you are going to choose a puppy from a litter, is to stay with them for at least half an hour without doing anything, just by observing. In a short time you will know from their behavior which are the calmest and which are the most active.

quiet dog resting

Why choose a breed of dog that is calm?

Many people have young children at home and may prefer to adopt dogs that are calm, the same is true for people of a certain age who are no longer for many hustles.

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Even people who have never had a dog may prefer to have their first experience with a breed that is calm, something that is not only fully understandable but also recommended.

The difference between a calm and a more active dog is the amount of energy he has and that he needs to burn daily. Sheepdogs, collectors, etc… They are very active and need a level of daily physical exercise that I notice the world can bring. That is why if we have the option of being able to choose, perhaps a calm breed is more indicated for the examples previously exposed.