Border Collie – Temperament and necessary care of the breed

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border collie

The Border Collie breed, originating from the green hillside region that stretches between England and Scotland, was specifically created to control flocks of sheep and help herders with the most diverse tasks.

It is a dog of unlimited energy, with a lot of resistance and push, characteristics that make it an excellent herding dog, although its intelligence and ability make it also excel in various canine sports.

For all this, the Border Collie is the ideal companion for people who enjoy the outdoors and nature, as well as long walks, hiking, daily exercise …

Index of contents

  • 1 How is the character of a Boder Collie?
  • 2 Physical characteristics of the Border Collie breed
  • 3 Tips for Training a Border Collie Dog
  • 4 Recommended care
      • 4.0.1 Care for a Border Collie puppy

How is the character of a Boder Collie?

The Border Collie breed is considered one of the smartest on the planet, dogs endowed with a great instinct to work alongside humans, always ready and willing to obey any order given to them.

The fact that it is a breed that has been raised in a pack is deeply rooted in its DNA, hence the uncontrollable impulse that Border Collies feel and that launches them to chase and corner anything that moves, not necessarily to attack it, but simply to satisfy your need for control.

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To be happy, these dogs need to be working or doing an activity almost all the time, so they are not the best option for people who are home or have an inactive lifestyle.

The character of the Boder Collie is active, energetic and even playful, hard-working and very attached to his family. He is loving and will always appreciate our displays of affection towards him.

border collie lying down

Physical characteristics of the Border Collie breed

It is a medium-sized breed of dog, about 20 kg in weight and 53 cm in height at the withers in adulthood, somewhat less in the case of females.

As a good sheepdog that works with its head down, it has a long neck that allows it to maintain balance. Its legs are long and the thorax wide, with a lot of space for the lungs, very important physical aspects for speed and endurance.

Its coat, smooth and soft, is perfectly adapted to the type of tasks that Border Collies usually perform.

The morphology of its head is the classic wedge-shaped type, while the ears can be raised, bent, or just horizontal. The eyes are generally brown, although there are many specimens with blue eyes.

The most common coat color combination is black and white, with the latter predominating, although there are many three-color Border Collies, with different shades of brown and “merle” blue.

Tips for Training a Border Collie Dog

Border Collie training should begin at the earliest possible age. It is a dog that all canine trainers love for its responsiveness and high learning ability.

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They respond incredibly well to positive reinforcement, as long as their training is consistent and correct. Regarding the coexistence with other companions, it is important that the dog understands his place in the group and which is the “alpha dog”. Socialize A Border Collie from a young age is essential.

However, all these virtues can become a problem, since in the same way that they quickly learn good habits they can do the same with bad ones.

If they are left alone or locked up at home for long periods of time, boredom takes their toll on them and they end up looking for their own forms of entertainment, such as chasing and barking at cars or destroying furniture in the house, making a living for us. very difficult home.

In any case, within a suitable environment and with a good education, the Border Collie can become the best furry companion you can dream of.

border collie running

Recommended care

Border Collies only thrive in an environment where there is plenty of room to run and exercise. Only adult dogs that reach a certain age and need less daily exercise are suitable for apartment and apartment living, but still need a lot of mental stimulation to be truly happy dogs.

It is a healthy and robust breed. With good care and a proper diet, Border Collies usually live between 10 and 14 years. Among the health problems that affect them most, it is necessary to highlight a hereditary pathology known as Collie Eye Anomaly, which affects their ability to see and for which there is no treatment.

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Monitoring your weight is essential, especially if you have been sterilized or castrated or when they reach a certain degree of maturity and stop exercising as much as before. In any case, it is important to adjust the calorie intake of these dogs to the amount of daily exercise they develop.

We must brush the dog’s hair once a week to keep its coat in good condition. Like other breeds, they tend to lose hair in the spring and fall. Since Border Collies can be allergic to fleas, regular brushing is the best method to detect them and thus apply an anti-parasite treatment that prevents further illnesses.

Care for a Border Collie puppy

Before having a Border Collie puppy at home, it is necessary to prepare the environment in which it will live well, both indoors and in the garden. Puppies, who are curious by nature, will put everything they find in their mouths, from toys to electrical cables. Furthermore, your education must begin immediately. It is important to establish rules and limits so that puppies understand what is expected of them.