Choose the best doghouse with these tips

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If you are thinking of buying an outdoor kennel so that your dog can rest or shelter from adverse weather conditions, let us advise you wisely on the best kennel for your puppy.

There are several types of dog kennels, from the old metal kennels to the comfortable wooden kennels without forgetting the increasingly common plastic kennels. All of them fulfill their function but are they really efficient?

We are going to explain what are all the advantages and disadvantages of each one, how you should choose its size and where you should place it so that your dog is as comfortable as possible. Prepared? Let’s go there!

Index of contents

  • 1 Plastic dog kennels
  • 2 Wooden dog houses
  • 3 Metal dog kennels
  • 4 Doghouse size and model
  • 5 How and where to place the doghouse
  • 6 Should a dog live in a doghouse?

Plastic dog kennels

They are increasingly common due to their low price, although this does not mean that they are the best option, as much as manufacturers try to convince us, plastic is still by far the worst insulating material for a house.

Another of the advantages that the plastic sheds have is their ease to be cleaned, since it is not a porous material, a simple damp cloth will suffice to clean it both outside and inside.

plastic doghouse

Plastic seems to be one of the most attractive materials for a dog when it comes to breaking things. The low resistance of the plastic kennels and the ease with which dogs gnaw on them, make it an inadvisable option.

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If you live in an area where winters are very cold or summers very hot, plastic sheds are not your best option by far. They are more suitable for places where the climate is constantly temperate.

Advantage Disadvantages
  • Economic price
  • Easy cleaning
  • Poor insulation from cold and heat
  • Little resistant

Wooden dog houses

Without a doubt, they are the most elegant kennels that exist within the range of dog houses. And if they are made with high-quality woods like Cedro’s, they will undoubtedly be very resistant and cozy booths.

Properly treated outdoor wood is undoubtedly the best material our doghouse can be made of. It is an excellent insulator from both cold and heat and provides the comfort that our dog needs.

Wooden doghouse

The noble woods are really hard and with the appropriate treatment by the manufacturer they will be very durable, even to the possible nibbling attempts of our dog.

In contrast, wooden sheds are somewhat more complex to clean than, for example, plastic sheds, since more waste accumulates between the joints. In addition, its price is usually higher than that of plastic.

Advantage Disadvantages
  • Better insulation against cold and heat
  • More comfortable and resistant
  • Highest price
  • Cleaning difficulty

Metal dog kennels

These are without a doubt the least recommended kennels for a dog. Do not torture your dog by buying a metal house since the only advantage they have is that they are more resistant.

Otherwise, they are all inconveniences:

  • They do not insulate from cold or heat
  • They accumulate more dirt
  • They tend to rust / corrode
  • If they splinter they can seriously injure the dog
  • The sounds emit very annoying vibrations inside
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If you really value your dog, please don’t buy him a metal kennel. Make a little effort and choose for it a comfortable wooden house well adapted to its size and weather conditions in your area.

Doghouse size and model

There are as many models of doghouse as there are different dog breeds, so choosing the right one is sometimes somewhat more complex than it may seem at first glance.

The first thing we must take into account is the size we need for our dog, we must choose a kennel whose size allows the dog to turn around inside. A house that is too big will cause the heat to not be kept inside in winter, while a house that is too small will overwhelm our dog.

We must assess the size of our adult dog, if it is a puppy … remember that they grow very fast. Once we have a correct idea about the size, we must move on to the design.

There are booths with gabled roofs, smooth roofs and even doghouses with porches. If you live in a cold area or where it rains a lot, remember to choose a doghouse with a gable roof.

If, on the other hand, you live in an area where it is always very hot, a house with a flat roof can help you. If the house also has a porch or a double roof that shades the house, the shade will help prevent it from overheating.

outdoor doghouse

How and where to place the doghouse

Remember that the house will be located outside, either in your garden in an area of ​​your property. This means that when it rains, mud and even a puddle will form near it.

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The best thing we can do before placing our doghouse is to cement the area where it will be located, so that no humidity is created at the bottom of the house that could harm the dog. Also by preventing mud from forming around it, it will always stay cleaner.

If we are not going to cement the area where the house will be, we must isolate the part of the floor where we will place the house. Either with asphalt or gravel, we must prevent moisture from forming under the doghouse.

The orientation of the house is also essential, we must orient the opening to the south so that during the winter the cold north air does not enter through the opening. If we live in a hot situation, we will orient the house to the north so that it is cooler.

Should a dog live in a doghouse?

Dogs are animals used to living in packs, together with their family. This means that the best thing for them is to live and sleep with you, their family. Inside the house obviously.

But if for various reasons your dog goes to sleep outside, without a doubt the best option is to sleep inside a good wooden house, which has a bowl of fresh and clean water next to it and the house is located next to it. to your house.

Do not make the mistake of leaving a dog on a leash all day next to its kennel, that is not life for a dog or for any animal. If you can’t have a dog, don’t have it, but if you do, don’t give it a bad life.