Can a dog eat raw meat?

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There are many opinions about whether or not it is advisable to feed a dog with raw meat, if it can be a problem for its health or even if it can affect its behavior.

From Dogsis we are going to clarify what the benefits of raw meat for dogs and what are the possible disadvantages, so that you are the one who values ​​how to feed your dog.

Index of contents

  • 1 Dogs are animals, carnivores?
  • 2 Is raw meat bad for a dog?
  • 3 What type of meat can a dog eat?
    • 3.1 Recommended care
  • 4 Dangers of feeding a dog raw meat
  • 5 Benefits of feeding a dog fresh meat
  • 6 Where to buy meat for my dog?
  • 7 Can I cook some meat before feeding it to my dog?

Dogs are animals, carnivores?

A dog’s digestive system is fully adapted to eating raw, unprocessed food. Your intestinal system has not developed to feed on vegetables, but on meat.

On the other hand the teeth of dogs it’s totally carnivorous, without molars and prepared to catch and tear meat with sharp butcher teeth.

So without a doubt, the dog is a totally carnivorous animal, which with the evolution of the years has gone adapting little by little to the pre-made food known as I think / balanced / croquettes.

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However, this adaptation does not mean that he has become omnivorous, far from it.

meat in pieces

Is raw meat bad for a dog?

Not at all. Your digestive system is designed to eat meat, from beginning to end. So feeding it with fresh products is synonymous with feeding it with quality products.

Raw meat is used in all Barf diet recipes existing, and if it is removed is to replace it with raw fish. It is a source of essential protein of the highest quality.

However, the meat must be of quality, it must be meat intended for human consumption. The meat we eat goes through many analyzes that force you to have a high quality. Do not feed your dog with spoiled or unhealthy meat.

What type of meat can a dog eat?

Dogs can eat practically all types of meat without cooking, obviously including chicken meat, veal meat, foal meat, lamb meat, etc….

Under European law, an animal cannot eat meat of the same species, to avoid what happened to the well-known “crazy cows”. So no, a dog should not eat dog meat.

Recommended care

If our dog is used to feeding on pre-made food, known as kibbles, balanced or I think, we must be careful when introducing a diet based on raw food.

You have to chop the meat and balance its proportion in fat, we can even chop it. If we use raw bones These must be fleshy and adapted to the size of the dog.

To avoid some types of parasites, some people freeze the meat for several days. A technique that is even recommended, remembering defrost meat completely before serving it to the dog (it must be at room temperature).

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Dangers of feeding a dog raw meat

In reality, they are not dangers derived from a diet based on raw meat, but rather dangers present in any action of eating untreated products.

Parasites are the main danger when it comes to giving our dog raw meat to eat, and although most meats for human consumption are totally free of parasites, there is always the risk (freezing is a great option).

Choking is another danger present by necessity, if we give our dog too big pieces of meat, maybe have anxiety and try to eat them too fast … it is highly recommended to chop or even chop the meat, depending on the size of our dog.

And no, our dog will not become more aggressive from eating raw meat. Nor will it attempt to attack or devour us, these are just urban legends without any scientific basis.


Benefits of feeding a dog fresh meat

Fresh meat contains very high-quality proteins and essential amino acids, which can never be compared to those contained in ready-made food. This is a great benefit to your health.

Dogs fed fresh meat and natural products show many benefits compared to those fed pre-made food, even if it is of the highest quality.

The most notable benefits are:

  • Decrease your anxiety about food, learn to enjoy it
  • Stop eating feces and food on walks (usually)
  • It is calmer, balanced
  • Improves the condition of your skin and hair
  • Your stools are much smaller and smell less.
  • His health condition improves a lot, his defenses are stronger
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Where to buy meat for my dog?

We insist on the need to feed our dog with fresh but quality meat, which is intended for human consumption. Therefore, we can buy meat in any market, hypermarket, butcher …

We can even ask the grocer that we want meat for our dog and he will advise us with the cheapest, or with seasonal meat. Remember, the ideal is to buy and freeze for avoid parasites So we must be farsighted.

If for such everyday reasons as the lack of time for work or studies, the lack of means to prepare fresh food for our dog or whatever reason … we can always buy packaged meat, in dehydrated format, especially for dogs.

Naku is a company dedicated to developing BARF recipes, which include dehydrated fresh meat suitable for human consumption. So you only have to serve it and your dog will enjoy all its benefits.

Butcher shop

Can I cook some meat before feeding it to my dog?

How to power, obviously you can, although it is not the most recommended. If we decide to cook the meat previously, we must do it grilled or steamed (cooked). In no case should we use dressings, spices, salt, or the like.

We should never under any circumstances cook the bones. If the meat contains bones, we must separate them previously. Since cooked bones chip very easily and are not well digested.

Whether or not we cook meat, we must always serve it at room temperature, neither hot nor cold.

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