Can I give sardines or fish to my dog?

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chopping fish for dog

The ignorance in which we find ourselves submerged thanks to the immense and deceptive advertising campaigns of many manufacturers of dog food is sometimes overwhelming. It is curious to see how many people doubt whether giving sardines to a dog is healthy or not, sardines or any other fish that does not pose a danger due to its bones.

Most dogs love to eat fish, sardines are an excellent option because we can find them canned in olive or sunflower oil, so we can store them without spoiling until we decide to give them to our dog.

From we are going to review all the details we need to know about how to give fish to our dog and what benefits it has for its health. Also the precautions that we must have with other types of fish larger than a sardine.

dog eating fish

What type of fish can a dog eat?

Practically all kinds of fish, as long as there are obviously no fish intolerances or allergies. Dogs love to eat raw or slightly cooked fish (grilled or cooked) and it is also a very high quality food for them.

At general levels dogs are often given tuna, fresh or preserved in oil or natural, canned or fresh sardines, anchovies, salmon, etc … We simply have to be careful that the fish is boneless.

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The scraping of a medium or small anchovy / anchovy or sardine does not pose a danger to dogs if they are not cooked. However, it is advisable to remove the rasp if the dog is small since it could choke, in the same way it is convenient to chop the fish a little before giving it to him.

chopping fish for dog

What benefits do sardines bring to a dog?

Both sardines and other fish provide an excellent amount of top-quality protein, a high content of beneficial fatty oils such as Omega 3 and Omega 6 and many minerals, in addition to vitamins.

Each type of fish has different properties, for example sardines provide a large amount of iron and B vitamins, essential for our dog. They will provide an extra energy level to the dog in addition to helping to improve its health, its skin and its hair.

The proteins of the fish are highly assimilable and of very high quality, which will help the muscular development of our dog. In addition, its beneficial fatty acids will help reduce the cholesterol level of any dog.

There are many security forces that use sardines in the diet of their working and / or rescue dogs, thanks to the high energy power they provide. Correctly managed they are a perfect complement.

dog trying to catch a fish

How should I give sardines or other fish to my dog?

We recommend the use of sardines preserved in oil for their ease and for their safety, since they are not for parasites and are of high quality for human consumption. We all know that dog food is subjected to very low levels of quality … sometimes non-existent. But canned sardines, being for human consumption, must pass rigorous quality controls.

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If our dog is not allergic to fish we can begin to include sardines in his diet little by little, depending on his size we will give him more or less quantity. As an example, if our dog weighs more than thirty kilos, we can give him a can once a week, spread over two days or just one.

If our dog is small and weighs less than five kilos, as an example we can give him a fifth of the can once a week. Always removing the rasp from the sardines and pre-mincing them, to avoid choking on large pieces.

Although the philosophy of the BARF diet indicates that they can be given alone without the need for other foods, we recommend mixing them with your usual food. We can also add a little of the canning oil to the dog’s food, so that everything acquires an irresistible smell and taste for our puppy.

If our dog has never eaten sardines, it is advisable not to abuse it on the first feeding, incorporate them into his diet little by little so that his digestive system adapts. Remember not to abuse them and you will see how your dog goes crazy with joy every time he has to eat them.

Can I feed my dog ​​raw fish?

Yes, of course you can but always following some simple safety tips to avoid possible problems. Fish, like any other live animal, can contain parasites that will pass to the dog if it is eaten raw.

To prevent our dog from catching these parasites, we must freeze the fish for at least thirty days. In this way we will ensure that all parasites die. Then just defrost the fish, remove the scrap and bones and cut it to a size suitable for the dog.

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If we do not want to freeze the raw fish, we can cook it a little or steam it or grill it, in this way we will also eliminate any possible parasite and our dog will be able to eat it safely. Although equally, we must eliminate the scratch and thorns that may pose a danger.