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Among all the options available to feed a dog, more and more people are using natural dog food. That consists of preparing its diet with fresh and natural ingredients, as if we were cooking for ourselves but adapting the ingredients and the way of cooking to the nutritional needs of the dog.

Contrary to what many people think, this type of feeding is not more expensive economically, than for example a good quality bag of feed. However, we will be feeding our dog with fresh products, a quality that no feed can offer.

Obviously, using a dog food is much more comfortable, since we do not have to buy the ingredients or prepare the recipes for feeding, but nowadays that excuse can no longer be applied. There are companies that are dedicated to preparing food for your dog in an artisanal way, using fresh and 100% natural ingredients, so that you do not have to. In addition they send it to your home by means of a special refrigerated transport, since the food comes frozen so that you can store it as long as you need, and you can use it as you need it (it comes in individual packages).

One of those companies, or at least the one that we like the most personally for its quality, is Naku. You can see their natural food recipes for dogs already prepared to use.

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Although if you have time and want to learn to prepare your dog’s food yourself, using fresh and natural ingredients, you can do it by following this complete guide: Initiation to the BARF diet for dogs

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Benefits of natural dog food

Strange as it may seem, the multiple benefits of natural dog food can be appreciated after two or three days. The change they make is so noticeable that they even seem to be more alive. It really is worth trying a good natural diet to improve your quality of life.

  • Our dog will eat happier than ever, the first days perhaps with a little anxiety due to the novelty it entails. But after a few days you will appreciate how you enjoy food like never before.
  • Your mood will improve a lot, you will be more cheerful because you feel better. Your immune system will be stronger, making you less sick.
  • Your hair will take on a much more natural, pleasant and soft color and shine.
  • Your feces (poop) will be much smaller, since your body will take advantage of many more nutrients than with feed. It will be hard and less fragrant, our dog will have less gas and his body odor will be much less intense. Even your breath will be so much better, the difference really is almost unbelievable.

Disadvantages of natural dog food

In fact, if we buy natural food already prepared as in the case of the aforementioned “Naku”, there is no danger since it comes perfectly balanced and prepared for our dog.

But if we choose to make natural food ourselves, we must strictly follow the indications of the BARF diet, and of the BARF diet recipes. Since otherwise, we could use some unsuitable ingredient or bone not recommended. The basic tips that apply at general levels are:

  • Freeze the meat for three days or steam / cook / grill it to eliminate possible parasites. Never cook bones.
  • If our dog is constipated, increase the amount of vegetables in his diet.
  • Use only the recommended bones and always raw.
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This type of feeding should be given alone, it should never be mixed in the same feed intake. If we want, we can use feed in one feed and natural food in another feed, even on the same day.

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