My dog ​​does not want to eat Tricks to motivate him!

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dog does not eat

We have a special affection for our pets, they are part of our family and we love them like a son or brother. That is why when we notice something strange, all our alarms go off right away and in most cases, we do not even worry excessively. This time we are going to see the main reasons why a dog stops eating and their solutions.

Do not expect a magic guide that tells you what to do and everything is solved in five minutes, we will need to assess certain things and see what results we get from our tests. In general, it is always something as simple as that our dog is bored of always eating the same feed, but we will also see some other possible reasons.

Index of contents

  • 1 Reasons why a dog stops eating
  • 2 Some tricks to make your dog enjoy the feed can be:
  • 3 Have you tried healthy food?

Reasons why a dog stops eating

The first thing we must do is analyze the situation, since there may be several reasons why our beloved dog does not want to eat. We will review the most common reasons and we recommend that you take a moment to think about each of them, many times we take for granted things that perhaps are the key.

  • Stress: If our dog is stressed, it is normal that he does not want to eat. If we have changed our house, or we are traveling, our pet may be reluctant to eat until it knows its environment better. Give it a few days and you will see how everything returns to normal. Others stress reasons They can be a “fist” or “mistreatment”, something that we totally discourage and condemn from this website. If you have included a new member in the family (another puppy), or a family member who had contact with the dog has died, they may also be reasons to be stressed.
  • Operation or consumption of medications: If our dog has recently undergone any operation or is taking medication, it can be a great reason for his appetite to decrease. Do not give it more importance and you will see how in a short time it recovers its appetite.
  • Knock: If our dog has had an accident and has suffered a blow to the body or the head, that may be the reason why he does not eat. If he doesn’t eat for the next few days, take him to a vet for an in-depth examination.
  • Old age: Adult dogs, in a state of old age, have less appetite than young dogs. It is normal that as they grow and getting old, your daily physical exercise state decreases and with it your appetite. Perhaps your dog no longer wants to eat two or three times a day and once a day is enough.
  • Zeal: The dogs in heat they only think about one thing … about finding a mate to mate with, so many times their appetites disappear. Just let it be, you will see how in a few days they eat normally again.
  • Obstruction: This may be the worst cause of all, although the least common. If your dog has swallowed a ball, a sock, or a piece of big stick, for example, he may have it “stuck” in his stomach or intestine. If so, it will be obstructing the normal transit of food or feces, so you should urgently take it to a vet for examination.
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how to make a dog eat

The most common cause for a dog to stop eating is boredom. Like humans, if we ate the same thing every day, we would end up disgusted and stop eating. The same happens with dogs, after weeks, months or even years eating the same feed, it is completely normal for them to get bored of it and its taste.

The solution is very simple, buy a feed that has a different smell and taste. If the feed you give is based on lamb, for example, buy a feed based on chicken, fish or a bird. Buy a small amount to give it a try, if you like, you can start buying normal amounts of feed and gradually give it to them mixed with the old feed. Remember that we must change little by little the feed to our dogs, so that they do not suffer from stomach problems.

Some tricks to make your dog enjoy the feed can be:

  • Add the oil from the Tuna cans or the tuna itself, mix it and serve it, you will see how it likes it.
  • put a raw egg without shell on the feed of your dog and remove it, it will drive you crazy.
  • Buy salmon oil at your vet and add a tablespoon to your dog’s feed, in all their meals, they will face them.
  • Buy a can of wet dog food, once in a while it’s a big prize and they love it.

Have you tried healthy food?

Perhaps your dog is tired of eating I always think dry, imagine if you were always given to eat dry kibble … it would be torture.

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You may have heard of the BARF or ACBA Diet, a type of healthy, natural dog food. It consists of feeding our pets healthy, untreated, completely raw food. Although aesthetically it is sometimes a little “disgusting”, the reality is that it is the best food that we can offer our dogs, by far.

The I think for dogs It is made from meat remains, that is, all parts of the animal that cannot be used for human consumption are used. They are burned literally and with their ashes they make what we know as dog food. By cons, the BARF diet provides our dogs with completely healthy food, full of fresh, natural proteins, vitamins and minerals.

Remember to always make fresh and clean water available to your dog, especially if he eats dry feed, it is essential. Never feed your dog after exercising, you have to wait at least half an hour or an hour for him to calm down.