Squeaky diet, healthy dog ​​food

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As we have already mentioned on many occasions, it is possibly the worst option when it comes to feeding our beloved dog. That is why for many years what has been practiced is called the BARF or ACBA diet, which is nothing but the healthiest way to feed our dogs, naturally.

The only problem of feeding our furry animals in this way is that in many occasions we do not have time to prepare the menus that we are going to provide them or buy the raw material that we are going to use with them. That is why there are equally healthy alternatives to the BARF diet, but already prepared to make it much easier for us.

We talk about the same thing, fresh meat (uncooked) to feed our pets, but this time they serve it to us frozen so that we only have to defrost and serve it. In order to facilitate its storage it is served as minced meat, frozen in packages of 500 grams, 1 kilo, 6 kilos or 12 kilos.

These are just some examples of the food they offer on their website. Speaking bluntly, it is one of the best ranges of dog food we’ve seen. In addition they also sell carnivorous supplements without mincing, as added to food. Trachea rings, cartilage, liver, bones, etc …

Squeaky offers everything that any lover of healthy natural food wants for his dog, diversity in meat, good preparation and a lot of quality in its products. In the following video we can see how food is made in the factory, without unwanted residues or chemical additives, only natural and quality food.

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As if this were not enough, they have boxes of greater capacity for breeders, as well as the option of choosing the composition of the menu ourselves and they prepare it for us à la carte.

More and more companies are betting on healthy food for our pets, those who really feel that our dogs deserve more than animal waste turned into dry kibbles and sold as quality dog ​​food …

If you really care about your dog, do some research on making dog food (I think) and you will understand why you should change your ideals and start using healthy and balanced food.

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