My dog ​​does not want to eat I think What to do?

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dog does not eat

There are many dogs that flatly refuse to eat feed, giving rise to the despair of the human who tries to feed them with all his good will. However, a dog does not want to eat his feed is something totally normal and much more common than you think.

It should be noted that what we know how to think in Spain, in Mexico and other countries is known as balanced for dogs. Although the correct term would be to call it premade dog food.

We will explain what are the reasons why a dog stops eating I think and how we can fix it, we will even discuss some home remedies that will make it easier for the dog to eat everything.

Index of contents

  • 1 My dog ​​refuses to eat, I think. Why?
  • 2 Tricks and home remedies for dogs that do not eat their feed
  • 3 My dog ​​still does not eat I think despite everything

My dog ​​refuses to eat, I think. Why?

There are several factors why a dog does not eat feed, although the most common is simply that the dog has already bored of the smell and / or taste of that feed and therefore, it is not attracted to eating it.

Imagine for a moment that you are the dog and they put you to eat the same feed day after day, month after month and sometimes year after year … it is completely normal that the dog does not want to eat I think, possibly he is fed up with always eating the same .

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It may also be that he simply thinks that you have bought him with such enthusiasm, he does not like it. Dogs are like humans … not all of us like to eat the same, there are even very selective ones that only eat certain things.

Many dogs hate fishy-smelling or flavored feed, and others love it to such an extent that they just want to eat this type of feed. You have to prove until you find the feed that not only feels good, but also likes.

However, other factors can be worrisome, such as being sick or having stomach pain or burning, something very common in dogs that are fed with this type of poor quality pre-made diet.

Although to diagnose this problem we must go to a vet, if our dog is sick we will notice it because of its mood or energy. If you have digestive problems or burning, chances are that our dog vomit frequently.

The frequency with which our dog takes his feed can also be a key factor, in the same way that puppies need to eat four or five times a day and young dogs three times, adult dogs often only want / need to eat. a couple of times a day, dividing the portion between breakfast and dinner.

Tricks and home remedies for dogs that do not eat their feed

Despite the fact that our dog may refuse to eat his feed, we can apply a series of tricks that seldom fail to try to trick him a little and eat him without problems.

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most of dogs eat tuna canned from time to time, remembering that it must be in oil or natural. If we put a little of the tuna oil and a little chopped tuna on our dog’s feed, he will eat it all thinking it is tuna.

The same happens with canned sardines, we can chop them and use them as bait to trick the dog’s nose and eat all the feed. Or we can even put an omelette or a raw egg, depending on the size of the dog (if it is small, medium).

Although these home remedies work very well, we cannot give them sardines or tuna every day … The best thing we can do is find a good quality food for our dog and try its different ranges, of meat and fish, to see which one you like best.

If, for example, we see that you like the range of lamb or veal, we can give you that feed for two or three months and then change for another chicken or duck, for example. We can also rotate with some fish, the important thing is to change the flavors of your food every two or three months to avoid boredom.

dog waiting to eat I think

My dog ​​still does not eat I think despite everything

It is possible that your dog is sick or not that the feed does not sit well and therefore refuses to eat it. You should go to a veterinaryn to rule out any disease or digestive problem, since if the dog is sick the first thing to do is to cure it so that it can eat well.

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If our dog is healthy but still refuses to eat, I think, even with the tricks mentioned, we can move on to natural dog food known as the Barf Diet. The Barf Diet consists of feeding dogs the same food that we humans use, raw or undercooked.

Not all food serves, we must inform ourselves about what foods it is recommended to give them and which ones are not, so our dog will eat happier than ever since all dogs love to eat fresh food. We encourage you to look for more information about the Barf Diet on our website or on Google and to assess for yourself.