Why does my puppy eat feces? Causes and solutions

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Nobody likes to see how their dog starts to eat feces from other animals or even their own, since in addition to being disgusting, it can be very harmful to their health.

Puppies are the most prone to this bad habit, because due to their curiosity or the lack of any nutrient, they may end up trying this strange delicacy and what is worse, liking it. Let’s see how to act.

Index of contents

  • 1 My puppy eats his own poop. Why?
  • 2 My puppy eats the poo of other dogs. Why?
  • 3 My puppy eats the poo of other animals and also human feces. Why?

My puppy eats his own poop. Why?

This is something that normally occurs in puppies, suddenly and without notice, the day you least expect it you see him eating his own excrement … what happened ?. The solution is very simple, he sees you collecting his feces to leave the house clean, or he sees you collecting his poop on the street and think pooping is wrong. It is simple and pure logic, he sees that you pick them up so he thinks that pooping and leaving it there is wrong.

There is no need to give more importance, just correct your mistake. When you see him eating his poop, never after, much less before, but at the same time, scold him. There is no need to hit or shout at him (never be cruel to your colleagues, it is not fair), just scold, joke or say in a loud and resounding tone of voice “No”.

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Try as much as possible, so that he does not see you collecting his excrement, in this way and scolding him when he eats his poop in a short time will understand that he does not have to eat it and will stop doing it. Remember that hitting a dog, even if it is a loose cheek, it’s a big mistake, It is a technique with which nothing is taught, only violence and fear are enhanced. To correct the misconduct of our dogs such as eating their own poo, scolding them is more than enough.

dog eating a poop

My puppy eats the poo of other dogs. Why?

Here we have a very important factor to consider, is mineral malnutrition. Do not think that to give your dog the best feed in the world is enough, throughout the life of our beloved companions, mainly during their development from puppy to adult, our companions require minerals and vitamins in large quantities, which are not they are covered by the food we offer them. During times of transition such as fall or spring, where our pets change their coat or accumulate more fat They are also in high demand for minerals and vitamins.

Although we feed them the best feed in the world, or the best BARF / YUM diet, our pets may not have all the nutrients they need at that time and that is why they begin to eat feces from other dogs. In this way they acquire more minerals and vitamins, yes … it is filthy … but they do not see a poop, they see a lot of minerals, vitamins and fiber.

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The solution is not to give him more food or change to a different one, since stabilizing the level of minerals and vitamins does not happen overnight. The solution to this problem is to buy a complete vitamin complex and administer it together with meals for a minimum of one month. In this way and only when a month or month and a half has elapsed, you will observe how your dear companions stop eating poop from other dogs.

reasons a dog eats poop

My puppy eats the poo of other animals and also human feces. Why?

This is not a problem, it is an instinct. Our dogs have an extremely developed sense of smell, they are able to smell the compounds in a poop and not the bad smell that it leaves. Most dogs love to eat human or cow, goat, horse poop…. The reason is very simple, they like how it smells and they like how it tastes. It is not due to a nutritional problem or bad behavior, it is simply due to its animal instinct.

Obviously if we scold them when we see them doing it, over time they will learn not to. But they will always be attracted to the smell of this type of stool. It should not be given more importance, although it gives us a lot of disgust.

A good trick that I usually carry out on a personal level, is to always carry with me a piece of sausage (cookies or dog treats can also be worth it), and when I see that he approaches a goat poop to eat it, I call him with the piece sausage in hand and completely forgets about goat poop. If we mislead them with any game, chuche or the like, their head will quickly forget their intention to eat the animal poop continuing with their walk.

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Remember that patience is the mother of all sciences, be patient with your partner and teach him what is right. Never give him a bad look, or physically punish him, because that is the wrong way. Be kind to him, be patient and give him all your love, because it is the same as he does with you.